Best Toffee Brands in India [A Complete List]

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Best Toffee Brands in India [A Complete List]

Whether it’s chewy or caramelised, toffees are surely a sweet treat for a sour mood. No one can resist the magic of sweet and wonderful toffees. Probably that’s why there are plenty of toffee brands in India.

However, only a few have been able to please the crowds. Therefore, to tell you more about them, we present you 12 leading toffee brands in India:

1. Chocolairs

A true delight of chocolate encased in chewy golden caramel is what Chocolairs is all about. Chocolairs is exactly what pops into your head when someone says toffee. Chocolairs is one of the top toffee brands in India produced by Cadbury. Some of the best features of Chocolairs are its delicious taste and instant energy.

  • Price: Re.1 per piece
  • Ingredients: Cocoa mass, Glucose syrup, milk powder, skimmed milk, palm oil
  • Energy per sweet: 33 kcal

2. Pulse

Manufactured by Pass Pass, Pulse is one of the most unique toffee brands in India. Its noteworthy tangy flavour has made it a leading toffee brand. It has a hard coating with a surprise of tangy salt and amchoor on its inside. This hard-boiled toffee is of very good quality. The toffee was initially launched with the Kachcha Aam flavour and is now available in other delicious flavours like Orange, Guava, Pineapple, and Litchi.

  • Price: Re. 1 per piece
  • Ingredients: Food colouring, sugar, amchur, food additives
  • Energy per sweet: 15.6 kcal

3. Melody

"Melody itni chocolaty kyu hai?" Who doesn’t remember this tagline? It took the toffee industry by storm; the taste of melody justifies its tagline in every aspect since 1983. The dual caramel in this toffee, one on the inside that is creamy, chocolaty caramel, and the other on the outside as a coating, make Melody so special.

  • Price: Re. 1 per piece
  • Ingredients: Glucose, Sugar, Salt, Various flavours, edible vegetable oil
  • Energy per sweet: 16.9 kcal

4. Kismi

One of the oldest toffee brands in India, Kismi is an amalgamation of caramel and elaichi. Its unique red wrapping makes Parle’s Kismi a unique candy and one of the most cherished brands in the country. Moreover, it is available in delicious flavours like Kulfi, Metha Pan, Rose Milk, Rajbhog, and Elaichi. It is quite a balanced and snappy sweet treat. It is a perfect symbol of quality, class, nourishment, and taste.

  • Price: Rs.2 per piece
  • Ingredients: Sugar, Edible vegetable oil, Milk solids, Salt, added flavours, liquid glucose, emulsifier
  • Energy per sweet: 12.3 kcal

5. Mango Bite

Mango Bite is another tasty treat from Parle and is one of India’s oldest, modest, and most popular toffee. This toffee gives you a sweet and juicy mango taste in just one piece. Moreover, it let you experience the goodness mango brings with itself.

  • Price: Rs. 1 per piece
  • Ingredients: Sugar, acidulant, liquid glucose, mango solids, synthetic food colour
  • Energy per sweet: 11.3 kcal

6. Candyman Toffichoo

Candyman Toffichoo is another exclusive toffee brand in India manufactured by ITC. They offer their customers the flavours that a person from every age group can enjoy. All these flavours have a mouthwatering taste, including Orange Josh, Pineapple Punch, Cereme Lacto, Mango Delite, etc. Moreover, the sweet flavour delights your taste buds.

  • Price: Rs. 1 per piece
  • Ingredients: Sugar, liquid glucose, iodised salt, strawberry powder, emulsifiers, interesterified vegetable fat, milk solids, stabiliser and antioxidant, synthetic food colours, and added flavours
  • Energy per sweet: 10.7 kcal
Candies Wrapped in red paper on wood background

7. Alpenlibe Gold

Alpenlibe is considered one of the top five candy producers in the world. It is produced by Perfetti Van Melle. Alpenlibe is known to fill its customer’s hearts with joy through its super sweet and creamy flavour. It has a very nice packing, super-rich taste, and supreme quality. Moreover, its rich flavour and sleek design make it a premium toffee for everyone.

  • Price: Re. 1 per piece
  • Ingredients: Sugar, liquid glucose, sweetened condensed milk, hydrogenated vegetable oil, common edible salt, milk fat, dextrose cream, emulsifier, stabiliser, acidity regulators, added flavours
  • Energy per sweet: 15.7 kcal

8. Hajmola

Sweetness and tanginess all rolled in one create the delicious treat of Hajmola candy. It is made up of different kinds of herbs and spices that are scientifically tested. It is one of those toffee brands in India that provides immense health benefits to its customers. These benefits include a cure for indigestion, gastric issues, anorexia, constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome. The two loved flavours of Hajmola candy are Albela Aam and Chulbuli Imli.

  • Price: Re. 1 per piece
  • Ingredients: Black pepper, ginger, cumin seeds, black salt, and sugar base
  • Energy per sweet: 2 kcal

9. Pan Pasand

Pan Pasand is another leading name in the list of best toffee brands in India that has been successful for a very long time. Produced by Ravalgaon, the toffee is pan-flavoured and works perfectly as a mouth freshener. The best part is the real taste of paan with all the flavour, spice, and sweetness. So, this is perfect if you wish to freshen your mouth after having food. Further, it is produced with all-natural ingredients.

  • Price: Re. 1 per piece
  • Ingredients: Sugar, liquid glucose, food colour, and added flavours
  • Energy per sweet: 15.6 kcal

10. Coffy Bite

This is one of the best toffee brands in India if you wish to experience an exclusive taste of coffee. Lottie India Corporation Ltd. produces this toffee with high-quality chocolate and coffee with a mouthwatering taste. Moreover, it boasts irresistible texture, authentic taste, and good ingredients.

  • Price: Rs. 1 per piece
  • Ingredients: Sugar, liquid glucose, hydrogenated vegetable fat, butter, coffee extract, emulsifiers, milk solid, iodised salt, added flavours
  • Energy per sweet: 35 kcal

11. Londonderry

A hard-boiled toffee that lets you experience rich English-Irish culture within your own country is what Londonderry is all about. It has a creamy and exotic taste that helps you feel the freshness of milk and caramel in every bite.

  • Price: Re. 1 per toffee.
  • Ingredients: Sugar, liquid glucose, condensed milk, milk fat, malt extract, salt, emulsifier, artificial milk flavour, antioxidant
  • Energy per sweet: 18.5 kcal

12. Creamfills

Creamfills is another name in the list of the best toffee brands in India, which provides you with a rich experience of caramel and butter. It is a fun-filled candy that is suitable for anyone and everywhere and offers a taste that will keep you lingering for more.

  • Price: Re.1 per piece
  • Ingredients: Sugar, liquid glucose, hydrogenated vegetable oil, sweetened condensed milk, emulsifier, butterfat, common salt, cream, acidity regulators
  • Energy: 15.2 kcal

Toffee brands in India

Unique Features


  • Scrumptious taste

  • Instant energy provision

  • Chocolaty


  • Good quality

  • Sweet and tangy

  • Element of surprise


  • Dual Caramel

  • Chocolaty

  • Good quality


  • Elaichi-flavoured

  • Different flavors

  • Unique packing

Mango Bite

  • Good quality

  • Freshness of mango


  • Various flavors

  • Mouthwatering taste


  • Super-sweet 

  • Creamy and rich

  • Nice packing

  • Super-rich quality

  • Sleek design


  • Immense health benefits

  • Contains herbs and spices

  • Delicious

Pan Pasand

  • Real taste of paan

  • Mouth freshener

  • All natural ingredients

Coffy Bite

  • Exclusive taste of coffee

  • Irresistible texture

  • Authentic taste


  • Freshness of milk and caramel

  • Creamy and exotic taste


  • Rich experience 

  • Fun-filled candy

  • Filling of cream and butter


Whether you are a toffee lover or not, do taste the above toffee brands in India. You will surely be bowled over with their delicious taste on your taste buds forever and will cherish it for a lifetime.

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Ans. Some of the popular toffees and candies are:

  • Kismi
  • Swad
  • Hajmola
  • Rola Cola
  • Mango Mood
  • Fatafat
  • Satmola
  • Poppins
  • Satmola

Q. Why are toffees available at tapri joints?

Ans. Toffees are quite popular among kids who usually visit the tapri or roadside joints as they think of toffee as a mouth freshener.

Q. On what factors final texture of toffee depends?

Ans. The final texture of toffee depends on the temperature and sugar concentrations.

Q. What is the difference between making a hard toffee, a soft toffee, and a chewy toffee?

Ans. Hard toffees are made at hot temperatures, whereas soft ones are made at medium temperatures, and chewy ones are made at cool temperatures.

Q. What are toffees primarily made up of?

Ans. Toffees are primarily made up of sugar and other sweeteners.

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