Best Skimmed Milk Brands in India [Top 11 Brands]

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Best Skimmed Milk Brands in India [Top 11 Brands]

Skimmed milk is fat-free milk with no added ingredients. The skimmed milk is thinner and lighter. Consuming skimmed milk makes your stomach feel lighter than regular milk. If you are looking for the best brands of skimmed milk in India, check out this list.

Best Skimmed Milk Brands in India

  • Mangalam Milk India Private Limited.
  • Nestle Slim Milk
  • Amirthaa skimmed milk
  • Namaste India skimmed milk
  • Mother Dairy skimmed milk
  • Amul Slim n Trim Milk
  • Param skimmed milk
  • Heritage skimmed milk
  • Gagan UT Milk
  • Hatsun Skimmed milk
  • Ananda skimmed milk

1. Mangalam Milk India Private Limited.

Mangalam group is one of the top skimmed milk brands in India. They serve dairy products like Desi Ghee, skimmed milk powder, and other dairy products under the brand name “Savariya”. The best part about Mangalam dairy products is that here the food nutrition is prolonged at the initial level. The raw milk is processed first to check the bacterial counts. The brand uses the latest technology to ensure that no bacteria is served to the valuable customers of Mangalam milk India Private limited.

2. Nestle Slim Milk

Nestle Skimmed milk is also one of the best-skimmed milk brands in India. The Nestle skim milk gyrates full cream milk at a high speed. It consists of 90% less fat as compared to buffalo or cow milk. The best part about Nestle is that it offers the same goodness as regular milk with 95% less fat in comparison to regular milk. The UHT-treated skim milk has the power of adding the best of protein and calcium with no added preservatives. This milk is consumed directly from the tetra pack. The nestle skimmed milk undergoes sixty-one stringent quality checks before it reaches the consumer. The products come with 6-layer packaging.

3. Amirthaa skimmed milk

Amirthaa offers the best-skimmed milk powder, which has only 1% fat. It is an ideal milk product for those who are looking for the same taste as whole milk. The product offers a high solubility, which is mixed easily with warm water. The best part about Amirthaa skimmed milk powder is that it has a shelf life of 1 year. The popular offerings of Amirthaa dairy products are flavoured milk, skimmed milk powder, curd buttermilk, whole milk powder, dairy whitener, ghee, Khoya, and butter. It is one of the most renowned skimmed milk brands in India.

4. Namaste India skimmed milk

Namaste India Skimmed Milk is one of the best-skimmed milk products in India. This product has a greenish tinge and is free from lumps. It is also free from artificial colours, preservatives, and extraneous flavour. The main USP of Namaste India Skimmed milk products are rich in taste, it has fine consistency, and it doesn’t form lumps as most other skimmed milk products do. It offers a superior and pure quality. The Namaste skimmed milk powder is ideal for making tea, coffee, and other milk beverages.

5. Mother Dairy skimmed milk

When it comes to purchasing skimmed milk, Mother Dairy is one of the most popular skimmed milk brands in India. Mother dairy is a company owned by the National Development dairy board, established in 1974. The popular offerings of Mother Dairy are milk products, cultured products, ice-creams, edible oils, paneer, and a range of vegetables and fruits. The best part about Mother Dairy skimmed milk is that it ensures that the milk farmers and producers produce quality milk and other food products to consumers at a competitive price without compromising on the quality.

6. Amul Slim n Trim Milk

Amul is also one of the best-skimmed milk brands in India. It contains less fat as compared to whole milk. According to doctors and nutritionists, Amul Slim n Trim is one of the best choices for people who are looking for a product to lose weight. It contains zero fat and cholesterol, i.e., less than 0.1% total fat. The Amul slim n Trim milk remains fine for up to 2 days after opening. There are no added preservatives or sugar in Amul Slim n Trim milk. The Amul slim n trim milk is full of goodness.

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7. Param skimmed milk

The Param skimmed milk powder is ideal for preparing snacks, sweets, and many food items. This milk powder is good for health and easy to digest. It even works well for newborn babies. The company has gained appreciation from the clients for serving the best quality skimmed milk powder. It is light, healthy, and 99% fat-free. These skimmed milk product ingredients are extracted from hygienic dairy farms. The manufacturers ensure that the skimmed milk contains a protein content of 34% or above.

Skimmed milk powder can be a part of the following recipes

  • Cheese Macaroni
  • Soups
  • French toast
  • Rice Pudding
  • Pasta sauces
  • Cereal or muesli
  • Smoothies
  • Pancake
  • Lasagna

8. Heritage skimmed milk

The Heritage skimmed milk is prepared by using fresh pasteurised skimmed milk. It is prepared following the spray dry procedure. The main features of Heritage skimmed milk are: It is loaded with vitamins and energy, it has a pleasant taste, and it doesn’t have any added preservatives. The Heritage skimmed milk powder is 99% fat-free. It is a dried skimmed milk powder that is at par with the FSSAI and BIS standards. The shelf life of the Heritage skimmed milk is 12 months from the date of manufacturing if stored in a cool place. Heritage skimmed milk could be used in making tea, coffee, confectionery, etc.

9. Gagan UT Milk

It is also a skimmed milk brand that has gained popularity in the dairy product manufacturing industry. Gagan UT mainly offers skimmed, toned, and double-toned milk. It is available in poly packs that could be stored for up to one month.

10. Hatsun Skimmed milk

The Hatsun skimmed milk powder is a 99% fat-free product. It is ideal for health-conscious people and those who lead a hectic lifestyle and need a daily dose of milk. It is made from the purest farm-fresh milk.

11. Ananda skimmed milk

Gopaljee Ananda Skimmed milk is a healthy milk product. It is pasteurised and power-packed. It is fat-free milk offering all the required nutrients. Their milk is prepared using spray-drying fresh dairy ingredients. It is used in a number of preparations, such as culture milk, chocolate, recombined milk, and biscuits. It has excellent solubility with a clean flavour. All the young hearts prefer to drink Ananda Skimmed milk. The Gopaljee Ananda has more than 23 years of experience in serving the best of dairy products to Indians.

Bottom line

Skimmed milk is no doubt a source of getting essential nutrients, proteins, vitamins, and is free from fat. All the above-mentioned skimmed milk brands are the most trusted brands all over India.

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Q. Can children consume skimmed milk?

Ans. A child who is less than a year old can consume cow and buffalo milk. When the child reaches the age of 2 years,  he or she can consume semi-skimmed milk. Usually, after the age of 5 years, one can consume skimmed milk easily.

Q. Why is skimmed milk called skimmed milk?

Ans. The skimmed milk is prepared after removing the cream of the whole milk. Sometimes only half of the fat is removed, it is then known as semi-skimmed milk.

Q. What are all the additives used in skimmed milk?

Ans. The skimmed milk is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin D. Even the whole milk has all the vitamins and minerals,  but it is fat-soluble also. However, skimmed milk is 99% fat-free. Skimmed milk is one of the best sources of calcium – it offers almost 300 mg of calcium per cup.

Q. Is skimmed milk lactose-free?

Ans. The skimmed milk consists of 12-13 grams of lactose.

Q. What is the percentage of water in skimmed milk?

Ans. Skimmed milk consists of 87% water and 13% solids. The milk usually comes from buffalos.

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