How To Start Pani-Puri Business In India? Pani Puri Stall Cost.

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How To Start Pani-Puri Business In India? Pani Puri Stall Cost.

Table of Contents:

1. Golgappa Stall Culture In India

2. Pani Puri Stall Cost In India

FAQs On Pani Puri Stall

1. Golgappa Stall Culture In India

Panipuri is one of the most famous snacks in our country. Panipuri is also known by many other names, such as Golgappa, Phuchka, Phulki, etc. Almost all the people of this country love Panipuri and hence, it is traded all over the places across the country. Especially people belonging to the North of India prefer to eat Panipuri because of its great flavour .

Everybody’s mouth waters upon hearing the name of this spicy food. Trading of Panipuri can be started with minimum capital, and profit can be made in no time. If you do not want to set up a stall and only want to act as a whole-seller, you can trade it easily in this form of business. If you want to sell Panipuri, you can just go for it because Panipuri does not have a brand. If you maintain quality in your own way, it will sell very fast and make you a lot of money!!

2. Pani Puri Stall Cost In India

Below listed are the important components related to setting up a Panipuri business:

1. The raw material required for making Panipuri

To make Panipuri, you will need all-purpose flour, or what is called maida in common language and in addition to that, you will need water. You can easily buy these raw materials by going to your local market. If you want to buy in wholesale, you can contact a manufacturer or whole-seller—this will mean that you will get all-purpose flour or refined flour at a lower price. At present, the price of flour in the market is around rupees 20 to 30 per kilo, and maida is available at around rupees 60 to 70 per kilo. The rate may vary from region to region.

2. Machinery for making Panipuri

The machine used to make Panipuri is called Panipuri machine. Two machines are used to make Panipuri. One machine is a mixer machine to knead the dough, and the other one is required to make the Panipuri, which is dried.

3. The total cost of Panipuri making machine

The mixer machine used for making Panipuri is worth around Rs. 25,000 in the market and the other machine used for making Panipuri is priced in the market at a starting price of around Rs. 40,000. In total, this business can be started with machinery worth about Rs. 65,000.

4. Where to Buy a Machine?

You can buy this machine by contacting the wholesalers or retailers of the machine around your place or straight from the manufacturers of the machine. You can also visit the India-mart website, where you can find various machines listed on the website. You can even buy these machines from the website itself.

5. The Whole Process of Making Panipuri

Here is the process of making Panipuri in detail. You can make Panipuri through the same machine.

  • First of all, you have to put maida or flour in the mixer machine according to your requirement.
  • After that, turn on the machine. Add a little bit of water according to the requirement.
  • Now, let the flour and water that you put inside the machine mix well.
  • When the dough is well kneaded, take it out. Just make sure that you do not have to add any more water while kneading the dough.
  • Also, make sure that your kneaded dough is not too wet.
  • Pour the dough into the Panipuri making machine to make Panipuri.
  • From this machine, the Panipuri will come out in a round shape like a Puri.
  • After that, fry the Puri in oil and later take it out. In this way, the puris are prepared and are ready to be sold in the market.
How To Start Pani-Puri Business In India?

6. Need for Space to Make Panipuri

You will not need much space to run both of these machines. You can set both of these machines in a small room, i.e., the size of 10 X 15 sq feet. If you want to start this business on a large scale, you will need more space, and according to that you can manage and take another room in which you can keep your finished goods.

7. Packaging of Panipuri

You can pack and supply Panipuri in plastic polythene bags. You can pack it in small plastic polythene and sell it to the retailer. For consumers, you can serve it using a plate. If you want to supply the same to a wholesaler, you can use big plastic polythene bags and accordingly supply it to the wholesalers.

8. Production Time of Panipuri Using a Panipuri Machine

You can make around 100 to 105 Panipuris using a total of 1 kilo of maida or all-purpose flour, and around 4,000 Panipuris can be prepared in 1 hour. To make 4,000 Panipuris, you will need around 40 kilos of maida.

9. Total Cost for Starting a Panipuri Business

If you talk about the total cost to start this business, the mixer machine and Panipuri making machine together are around Rs. 65,000 and along with that, you will need to get the raw materials. Another added cost is attributed to electricity consumption. After considering all of the expenses, the total cost will come around Rs. 80,000 to 90,000. If you have a capital of around Rs. 1 lakh with you, you can easily start this business.

10. How Much Profit Can Be Made in the Panipuri Business?

By starting this business, you can earn around 700 to 750 rupees for every hour of work. In this way, if you work for an average of 8 hours, then you can earn around Rs. 5,000 to 6,000. This profit number is just an approximate value because the cost of production in every city, every village can vary, and profit margins can be more or less. Also, how much raw materials you put in the production of the Panipuris and how much you spent for buying the raw materials makes a lot of change in the profit values. If you work hard, you can earn even more money from this business.

11. Where to Sell Panipuris?

In order to do this business, you can set up a stall by yourself. By starting this business in a crowded area, you can make a lot of profit. To pursue this business for the long term and to make good profits from the business, you will need to choose the places where you can get more crowds. For example, you can set up your stall near bus stands, outside railway stations, outside schools or colleges, movie theatres, temples, etc. Panipuris are more likely to get sold in these places. In addition to this, you can also book it at weddings or any function, giving you a chance to get more profit.

12. License Required to Start a Panipuri Business

To start a Panipuri business, it is very important for you to first get a food license as it is a food item. Therefore, you have to get a food license, and besides this, you will also have to register your GST.

Indian Street Food Pani-puri Stall on Street
Pani Puri Stall Cost

13. Training for Making Panipuris

Whenever you want to start this business, you will need a machine for this. When you visit any machine manufacturer and purchase the machine, you will be given training there. You will be provided proper instructions on how much maida to be added in the mixer machine? How much water is needed? After kneading the dough, where do you put the dough in the Panipuri machine? How do you put the dough in the machine? The machine manufacturer tells all these things and instructions on how to take care of the machine and the requirements for its maintenance. You can take the information about all these things while buying the machine from the machine manufacturer.

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FAQs On Pani Puri Stall

Q. How To Start Pani-Puri Business In India?

Ans- To start a Panipuri business, it is very important for you to first get a food license as it is a food item. Therefore, you have to get a food license, and besides this, you will also have to register your GST.

Q. Which state is famous for Golgappa in India?

Ans- Pani Puri is mostly famous around Delhi and West Bengal and is known by many names all across India.

Q. Which city is famous for pani puri?

Ans- Mumbai is where you get to taste the famous Mumbai panipuri. The secret to Aamchi Mumbai's is their sweet and sour tangy Tamarind chutneys in their water.

Q. What is Golgappa called in English?

Ans- There is no special English name assigned for panipuri while some big hotels and restaurants occasionally call it Water Balls.

Q. Which city has the best Pani Puri in India?

Ans- Some of the best places to have Pani Puri in India are:

  • Kaylan Bhel, Pune
  • Elco Pani Puri Center, Mumbai
  • Swati Snacks, Mumbai
  • Tapri, Jaipur
  • Punjab Sweet House, Mumbai
  • Sea Lounge, Mumbai
  • Ram Shyam Bhelwala, Mumbai
  • Jaishankar Pani Puri, Pune

Q. What is the difference between Panipuri and Golgappa?

Ans- There is no difference between Panipuri and Golgappa and its other names in India are:

  1. Paani patashi (Madhya Pradesh)
  2. Pani Puri (Mumbai, Pune, Gujarat)
  3. Pani ke patashe (Uttar Pradesh)
  4. Golgappa (Chandigarh)
  5. Gol Gappay or Gol Gappa (Haryana, Delhi, Punjab, Pakistan)
  6. Puchka (West Bengal, Bangladesh)
  7. Gupchup (Vidarbha)