Sanitary Pads Manufacturers in India [Top 6 Companies]

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Sanitary Pads Manufacturers in India [Top 6 Companies]

India is home to approximately 1.38 billion people, 48.04% of whom are women. All women menstruate for around 40 years of their lives, but the availability of feminine hygiene products is not equitable across the country. Sanitary pads are a requirement for all women, yet a major section of society does not have access to them. This is due to the high rate of pink taxes that are associated with feminine products.

Most commercial brands of sanitary pads are expensive and can range from ₹30 to ₹150, depending on the brand. Popular commercial brands are unaffordable for daily wagers and people below the poverty line. Sanitary pads pose another problem: they are not biodegradable and thus end up in landfills, clog sewers, and cause acute land and water pollution.

Technically, the whole sanitary napkin situation in India is like a double-edged sword. Thus, to battle, both these issues, many sanitary pads manufacturers in India have come together to introduce green sanitary pads, which are biodegradable in nature, at affordable rates. The term ‘green pad’ refers to the fact that these products don’t hurt the environment.

Top Indian Manufacturers for Sanitary Pads

1. Jayashree Industries

  • Arunachalam Muruganantham is the brain behind all indigenously produced sanitary pads that made their global debut. It is the first sanitary pads manufacturer in India.
  • The sanitary pads manufacturer in India set up low-cost sanitary pad-making machines across 23 states, thereby making sanitary pads available to all women and girls.
  • The machines processed pinewood fibres to make the napkins, which are then sealed and sterilised by UV radiation. The cost of pads is as low as ₹10 per pack. This initiative has proved to be encouraging for progress in feminine hygiene among the rural population of India.
  • Affordability, Accessibility, and Awareness are the three A's that the company follows. This led the company to be among the top sanitary pads manufacturers in India.
  • The whole idea was so revolutionary that later it was represented in the feature film, Pad Man.

2. Nine

  • Nine is another celebrated sanitary pads manufacturer in India. The company started its journey with the aim to produce affordable sanitary pads for the second-highest menstrual population globally, with 35.5 crore female users.
  • Nine, which is among the top sanitary pads manufacturers in India, has a number of feminine hygiene products tailored for the population of India.
  • The double-perforated top sheets on the sanitary pads enable faster absorption, giving the users a dry and comfortable experience.
  • The fresh fragrance keeps the odour locked out, and the soft edges of the sanitary pads reduce the possibility of rashes and irritation.
  • At ₹28 per pack, the price of Nine sanitary pads is within the affordability limit of most of the population. The brand also offers a number of sizes for the best fit and requirement.

3. Saathi

  • Apart from the pollution, there is a great taboo about the usage of sanitary pads, especially in the rural parts of India.
  • To battle, these concerns, Kristin Kagetsu, Tarun Bothra, Amrita Saigal, and Grace Kane, who were graduates of MIT, Harvard, and Nirma University respectively, developed a plan to develop sustainable sanitary pads at a low price. They started with the aim of taking their company to the league of top sanitary pads manufacturers in India.
  • The sanitary pads are made of highly absorbent natural fibres, such as banana fibres, to reduce the resources used in making pads to help save the environment.
  • Saathi initiated sustainable production of sanitary pads, and the packaging used by the company also comes from recycled paper.
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4. Carmesi

  • Co-founder Tanvi Johri faced a lot of difficulties while using sanitary pads as they were not biodegradable and often caused rashes all over the skin.
  • Rashes, skin allergies, and skin lesions are common problems for all women who use sanitary pads; to battle this concern, Johri came up with soft sanitary pads, which are made of bamboo fibre and corn starch.
  • The fully biodegradable pads from Carmesi inspired many other companies to join the Green Sanitary Napkins Revolution. This led Carmesi to secure a spot among the top sanitary pads manufacturers in India

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5. Purganics

  • Sanitary pads tend to contain a lot of carcinogenic products, i.e. products that can cause cancer, and a significant number of the products are made of plastic, which never degrades.
  • Nisha Baina, the founder of Purganics, realised this issue and took up the responsibility of making organic sanitary napkins at affordable prices.
  • The sanitary pad is made of cotton as it is a naturally sustainable, hypoallergenic material with a pH that is compatible with delicate vaginal skin.
  • Purganics, which is a  sanitary pads manufacturer in India, uses products that are certified by GOTS and ICEA, which are global organic certifications.

6. Vivanion

  • When it comes to feminine hygiene, the Indian brand Vivanion deserves special mention.
  • Vivanion pads have anion strips, which suppress bacterial growth and odour, thus making them ideal for long hours of wear. It also improves blood circulation and maintains reproductive health.
  • Most women in India face urinary tract infections due to poor sanitary conditions and unsuitable sanitary pads. Vivanion infuses herbs in the pads, which not only prevent bacterial growth and infections but also protect the body from period cramps. These inventions led the company to secure a position among top sanitary pads manufacturers in India.

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Q. What is menstruation?

Ans. Menstruation is the most important process in a woman's body. Women experience menstruation for an average of 35 to 40 years of their lifetime. It lasts for three to five days every month. The sanitary pads manufacturers in India have made sanitary pads available at affordable prices.

Q. What causes menstruation?

Ans. The endometrium is the lining of the inner wall of the uterus. During the menstrual cycle, the body suffers an increase in its hormone levels, which results in the gradual thickening of the inner lining that measures almost one centimetre in thickness. This lining may appear to be a solid wall, but it is just the endometrium, a layer of tissues consisting of cells and capillaries and glands responsible for secretions. As the menstruation begins, the surface layer of the endometrium ruptures and peels off. This rupture of the endometrium causes bleeding and painful cramps. If you have a heavy flow, you may experience blood expelling in lumps, which happens because the body is unable to produce enough enzymes to keep the blood in liquid form.

Q. What is the length of an average period?

Ans. The period lasts for 3 to 5 days every month.

Q. How long is a menstrual cycle?

Ans. An average menstrual cycle is around 28 days, but the cycle varies depending on the lifestyle and metabolism of the person. The sanitary pads manufacturers in India have got you covered throughout.

Q. Are vaginal discharges normal?

Ans. Yes, these are perfectly normal. All women have vaginal discharge, which is not a cause for alarm. Vaginal discharge is a combination of vaginal secretions and cervical mucus. It is a vital function of the body as it keeps the vagina lubricated and prevents the build-up of bacteria and germs. Vaginal discharges are a self-cleansing mechanism of the vagina that keeps it healthy. The sanitary pads manufacturers in India have made their pads keeping all of these issues in mind.

Q. How do you know if your vaginal discharge is normal?

Ans. Usually, vaginal discharges are clear; sometimes they have a whitish or yellowish colour. The discharge may contain the usual vaginal smell or no smell at all. If it is normal, you will not experience any form of itchiness or discomfort while urinating or during intercourse. These are the signs of a healthy vagina and normal vaginal discharge. In case of irregularities such as grey or green discharge, a foul smell or pain or itchiness, please consult a gynaecologist immediately.

Q. How can you prevent rashes and itching during menstruation?

Ans. Choosing the right sanitary pad that is comfortable is the main criterion to prevent rashes and itching during menstruation. Changing pads frequently (once every three to four hours) is necessary to maintain proper hygiene during menstruation. The sanitary pads manufacturers in India have made it easier by lowering the cost of each pad as pads need to be changed frequently. Proper pads are important since using unsuitable pads or not changing pads for a long time can cause itchiness and infections that are painful and hard to treat. The body also remains under a lot of stress during this period, and thus sufficient rest and nutritious food are important for the body. Lack of care can cause problems since your body is more prone to diseases and rashes because the immunological system is weakened. If you take every precaution but still face discomfort, please consult a gynaecologist or a dermatologist for any skin-related problem.

Q. Why do you sometimes get rashes and itchiness during menstruation?

Ans. As the quality of sanitary pads keeps on improving, cases of itchiness have been found to decrease since ill-fitting pads typically cause discomfort and itching. Thus it is advised to use good quality pads that are devoid of toxic chemicals. Keep changing the pads frequently depending on your flow. If rashes and itchiness still persist, you may have sensitive skin.

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