Best Saree Manufacturers in India [Complete List]

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Best Saree Manufacturers in India [Complete List]

Saree is an Indian cultural icon. Sarees can be traced back to the Indus Valley Civilisation that flourished until 1800 BCE. Sarees have been worn in some form or the other for thousands of years. They have been worn in the current form for a few hundred years now.

Sarees come in diverse forms. We have the Tant sarees from West Bengal, Kasavu from Kerala, Bomkai from Odisha, Sambalpuri Sarees, and many more types of sarees. We have a plethora of saree manufacturers in India. Here are the best ones:

1. Kanchipuram Lakshaya Sarees, Tamil Nadu

This is one of the biggest manufacturers of Kanchipuram silk sarees. Located in Tamil Nadu, they have more than a thousand handloom weavers. The sarees are sold through dealers in Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, and various other places. This unit even exports sarees to Australia, the US, and the UK. They have an impressive and vast collection of silk sarees in wonderful colours. The range starts from Rs. 800 to Rs.1,00,000.

2. Artisan GI, Varanasi

They make the world-famous Banarasi sarees. They make authentic Banarasi Sarees and sell them directly at great prices. Artisan GI helps underprivileged weavers by generating work for them. Generally, in this business, the weavers sell their products to middlemen for pennies. The middlemen sell the products to dealers and wholesalers with a huge markup. This keeps the weavers trapped in a cycle of poverty. Artisan GI breaks this cycle by hiring weavers directly and paying them fair wages.

3. Ajmera Fashion, Gujarat

Ajmera Fashion is a popular and famous saree manufacturer in Surat. They export their products to more than 20 countries. They manufacture varieties of sarees like regular wear, expensive printed wear, designer sarees, to name a few. They have sarees made of different materials like silk sarees, cotton sarees, synthetic sarees, dyed matching sarees, etc. Set up in 1992, Ajmera Fashion is a stalwart in this field. They have a capacity of more than one million pieces per month.

4. Maheshwari Handloom Works, Madhya Pradesh

Maheshwari Handloom Works is located in Maheshwari, which is 100 KM from Indore. They are a certified manufacturer and exporter of Maheshwari Sarees, Maheshwari Dupatta, Printed Dupatta, etc. Madhya Pradesh is known for the beautiful and illustrious Maheswari Silk Cotton Sarees and Indori Silk Sarees. This manufacturer has products like Border sarees, printed sarees, Jari Checks Sarees, Tissue Sarees, and many more varieties. You can buy sarees for weddings, parties, daily wear, etc., from Maheshwari Handloom works.

5. Sakshi Handloom, Odisha

Sambalpuri sarees are world-renowned for their traditional motifs with religious symbolism inspired by Lord Jagannath. These sarees reflect the rich and colourful heritage of Odisha. They are usually made of Cotton and Silk. Sakshi Handloom is popular for Sambalpur sarees. They started in 1991 with only three looms making their saree designs. Now, they produce hundreds of varieties of Sambalpuri sarees. People who like the motifs of Sambalpuri sarees should see the collection of Sakshi Handloom. Their collection is vast and mesmerising. They have a vast array of cotton and silk sarees with attractive colours and saree designs.

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6. Apple Sarees Pvt. Ltd., Gujarat

They operate under different brands such as “Saree Shoppers” and “Saree Mall”. They started in the year 2004 and slowly expanded their business. They are now one of the best saree manufacturers in India. The impressive thing about Apple Sarees is the wide variety of sarees they manufacture. They make Bhagalpuri silk sarees, Jute sarees, Lemon silk sarees, Royal silk sarees, etc. They have eight branches across India. They have a great collection of sarees available at great prices. You can do secondary saree online shopping with Apple Sarees.

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7. Indian Women Fashion Pvt. Ltd. Gujarat

Indian Women Fashion was started in the year 2008. They are manufacturers and exporters of sarees. They have an annual turnover of Rs. 10 crores and are quite popular in India. They make printed sarees, daily wear sarees, party wear sarees, designer party wear sarees, Georgette Sarees, Synthetic Silk Sarees, etc. They keep up with the latest fashion trends and introduce new collections every year. The sarees go through rigorous testing, and only when they meet quality standards are they sold.

8. Sri Sarvalakshmi Silks, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu

Sri Sarvalakshmi sells saree wholesale. They produce high-quality traditional silk sarees that traditional weavers weave. They have a prodigious manufacturing business, and their sarees are sold all across the world. They make saree for wedding, world-renowned Kanchipuram sarees, silk sarees, Kanjivaram Sarees, etc. Sri Sarvalakshmi makes sarees for every occasion. They have an impressive collection of sarees. You can contact them directly on their website or visit their store. This ensures that you don’t have to pay money to middlemen distributors and dealers.

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9. Rashmi Sarees, Gujarat

Gujarat is a significant manufacturing hub in India. Rashmi Sarees are another prominent saree manufacturer in Surat. They are wholesalers and exporters of a flawless collection of sarees. They make Tussar Sarees, Kanjivaram Sarees, Blaton Sarees, etc. They have a big chunk of the Indian Saree market. They make sarees of every range. You can find the most affordable of sarees, and you can find expensive fancy sarees. They have high-quality sarees that can be worn on every occasion. You can buy sarees for anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, daily wear, etc., from Rashmi Sarees.

10. Ranka Silk, Tamil Nadu

Ranka Silk is a primary saree manufacturer located in Coimbatore. They make a rich collection of traditional as well as fashionable silk sarees. They have sarees for every moment. You can purchase traditional Kanchipuram Sarees, saree for wedding, silk sarees, cotton sarees, synthetic sarees, dyed sarees, etc. They try to carry on the conventional method of making sarees. They have something for everyone. To enjoy the rich heritage of South India, you can also do secondary saree online shopping with Ranka Silk.

11. Yashoda Sarees, Gujarat

Yashoda sarees is one of the biggest saree manufacturers and wholesalers of India. They are also the biggest long-tail saree wholesaler in Surat. They produce more than a hundred varieties of top-quality sarees. They make an incredible assortment of sarees consisting of daily wear sarees, uniform sarees, catalogue sarees, silk sarees, Surat cotton saree, Malgudi silk sarees, Crepe Saree, etc. You can get a saree for every moment of your life. They have great prices, and their quality is unparalleled.


India has a wide variety of sarees. Every form of saree encapsulates the rich heritage and culture of the region. India is home to the biggest manufacturers and exporters of sarees in the world. We hope this article gave you all the information you needed about India’s best saree manufacturers.

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Q. Which is the best saree brand in India?

Ans. India has many fantastic saree brands such as Bunkar Saree, GoCoop Saree, Indie Picks Saree, Triveni Saree, and many other brands. It is challenging to select the best brand, as each brand has its speciality and expertise.

Q. Who is the best saree designer?

Ans. We have illustrious designers such as Rohit Bal, Ritu Kumar, JJ Valya, Satya Pual, and many others.

Q. Which site is best for buying sarees?

Ans. There are a lot of websites that sell sarees. You can buy sarees from Amazon, Myntra, Voonik, Kalki Fashion, Peach Mode, etc. Every website has a different collection. You can get great sarees at affordable prices on any of these websites.

Q. Which city is famous for sarees in India?

Ans. Kolkata, Surat, Sambalpur, Varanasi are some of the cities that are famous for their sarees. India has a wide variety of sarees with different materials, motifs, colours, etc.

Q. Which state is famous for silk sarees?

Ans. States like Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Jammu and Kashmir, West Bengal, and Karnataka are famous for their silk sarees. Silk sarees are expensive and luxurious. Indian silk sarees are world-famous for their high quality and incredible colours.

Q. Which is the most expensive saree in the world?

Ans. Vivaah Patu is the most expensive saree in the world. It is valued at Rs. 40,00,000. It holds the Guinness World Record for the most expensive saree in the world. The saree is made up of Navratna stones, gold, and Chennai silks.

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