Best Saree Brands in India [Best Brands]

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Best Saree Brands in India [Best Brands]

The saree is a traditional Indian-subcontinent wear, generally worn by women. This form of clothing is said to have begun in 2800 BCE. It is undoubtedly a large part of Southern Asia history. The word 'sari' (or saree) has been said to have originated from the Sanskrit word 'sari' meaning 'strip of cloth.'

The saree is arguably one of the most sophisticated and gorgeous attires worn by Indians, available in a range of materials and colours. The newer generation has also innovated the way to wear sarees. The market demand for sarees has significantly increased.

Several stores have opened up, leaving the customer with a wide array of choices. The overwhelming number of options can confuse many. There are a few factors to consider when choosing which saree to buy:

  • Occasion - Is it a grand event, a wedding, or everyday use?
  • Material - Do you want to buy a silk saree or try cotton, linen, etc.?
  • Design - Do you want to go for a branded designer saree or try different options?
  • Style - Would you rather have a traditional saree or a modern fusion style?

We have compiled a list of the best saree brands in India for your convenience.

1. Sabyasachi

Sabyasachi is a highly reputed designer brand selling various products. Particularly renowned for its designs for ethnic wear, this luxurious brand is owned by Sabyasachi Mukherjee. He has accumulated quite a reputation in the film industry, and actors and actresses have repeatedly worn his products, especially at weddings.

The brand creates beautiful sarees with unique designs and patterns. These sarees are crafted to accentuate the wearer's overall beauty, making them stand out from the crowd. On average, Sabyasachi sarees cost 1 to 2 lakhs. For a gorgeous saree, this is an entirely affordable price.

2. BharatSthali

When looking for traditional sarees, one should look into BharatSthali. This brand has the perfect hand loom pieces enriched with artistic designs. These sarees portray true elegance and are simply pieces of artwork.

The headquarters are located in Chandigarh. It was founded in 2017 to promote hand loom clothing. Often they source their gorgeous saree pieces from local artisans, which helps support them and keep business booming.

BharatSthali has a wide range of sarees. Their silk, cotton, and linen sarees are the most popular. Some of their cotton sarees are as beautifully made as silk, allowing a comfortable and elegant look perfect for formal events.

3. Manish Malhotra

Preparing for a grand event? We recommend you check out Manish Malhotra for your luxurious outfits. His sarees possess a gleaming look which gives a pleasing effect. Many high-profile celebrities prefer this brand due to its expert craftsmanship. They even have a large assortment of clothes and accessories which can be paired with the saree to give a luxurious look. That is why customers can easily have group outfits.

Their customer service is excellent too, making their customers comfortable. This persuades them to fall in love with this brand and keep returning to the shop.

4. Nalli Silks

In a list of the best saree brands in India, one would have to include Nalli Silks. Nalli Silks is a brand established in 1928 and has occupied an ample market space since. This is because of their exquisite selection of sarees. They are primarily known for their pure silk designs from South India; however, they sell sarees made from all materials.

Nalli Silks offers affordable prices for attractive pieces. Their prices range from INR 2200 - 1.5 Lakhs. This price range has attracted people from all sides of the economy and boosted the brand's overall popularity.

5. Satya Paul

An extremely premium designer brand founded in 1985. Satya Paul is a fan favorite due to its exclusive collection of sarees. Their sarees are a bit different from other designers due to the touch of tradition in every saree within their collection. However, they still ensure their designs are trendy with alluring designs.

When purchasing from Satya Paul, make sure to browse through all the options available. This is because their selection is too good to miss. The employees in the brand will gladly guide you through their large selection. They even offer accessories to pair with the sarees.

Closeup view of Banares silk saris

6. Fabindia

Fabindia is a top-rated textile company in India. This brand has multiple outlets in each state in India, making it highly accessible to common people. This brand was founded in 1960 by John Bissell. They source their fabrics from local artisans who have boosted both parties positively. Customers' eyes have been caught because of their local piece designs. They have continuously given work opportunities to local weavers.

They have incredibly sophisticated looks for reasonable prices. They have plenty of fusion-style sarees as well, attracting the younger generation.

7. Gaurang Sarees

This particular brand has been in the market for 20 years now. Although relatively new, it has rapidly gained popularity, and for good reasons. This brand has allowed more than seven thousand artisans to showcase their designs and artwork through their store. The opportunity has given them their current customers as they have a variety of designs.

Gaurang sells sarees of all types. They offer Banarasi sarees, Cotton, Kanchipuram, Paithani, Raw Silk, and many more. One is sure to be satisfied with a gorgeous saree from their collection.

8. Ritu Kumar

Ritu Kumar opened the first outlet for her brand in 1969. If searching for a vintage and classy look, one should opt for her sarees. She creates sarees with a touch of vintage patterns and styles weaved into the sarees. This has allowed the brand to maintain its relevance yet stand out from the crowd.

Their main offices are in Gurugram and Kolkata. However, their clients are certainly not limited to these states. They have regular orders from all states and even out of the country.


Sarees are delicate and beautiful clothes fabricated with much care and attention. Sarees are considered to be difficult to wear. However, the difficulty can be avoided when purchasing suitable sarees. This is why one should buy a saree from a trusted brand. Purchasing sarees from the right brands is vital as they deliver high-quality material. They want the wearer to be comfortable, confident and feel in their element when wearing the saree.

There is no denying that some of the better-quality sarees have a hefty price tag that comes with them. One should be careful with their purchases. There are many Bahi Khata management apps available online such as OkCredit, to help you keep track of your expenses.

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Q. What is the most beautiful type of saree in India?

Ans: Banarasi sarees from Uttar Pradesh are often considered the most beautiful Indian sarees. These sarees are made from fine silk made in Varanasi. Banarasi sarees generally have a gold or silver brocade, Varanasi's fine silk, and luxurious embroidery giving it an elegant look.

Q. Which brand is best for cotton sarees?

Ans: Cotton sarees are known to be extremely comfortable. If crafted right, they are lightweight and easy to handle (especially for beginners). BharatSthali and Fabindia create the best cotton sarees in the market today. Many even opt to purchase their sarees for daily use as they are comfortable and easy to work with.

Q. How many types of sarees are there?

Ans: There are roughly 30 types of sarees available in the market today. Each variation of saree differs in terms of materials used, designs on the pieces, and draping style, thus allowing for a unique but beautiful look when wearing each saree.

Q. What type of saree is known for its quality?

Ans: There are many different types of sarees. The options can be overwhelming at times. However, if one is looking to purchase sarees of the best quality, the Kanchipuram saree should be the go-to. This type of saree has originated from Tamil Nadu. It generally has contrast borders, and the material is made of heavy silk yarn to be worn on important occasions.

Q. What material is the best for sarees?

Ans: The best material for sarees depends on the use of the saree. Are you planning to go to a luxurious event? Opting for silk sarees is preferred as it emits a luscious and shiny look, perfect to attract attention. However, it tends to be a bit heavy and harder to handle, so limiting it to occasions is a good idea. Sarees for daily use should always be of pure cotton material. Cotton sarees are generally lightweight and are extremely comfortable to wear while still looking beautiful.