Best Peanut Butter Brands in India [Top Leading Brands]

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Best Peanut Butter Brands in India [Top Leading Brands]

With its nutrient-filled ingredients and nutty, salt-like taste, peanut butter is one of the most loved superfoods worldwide. From smoothies to salads and cookies to sandwiches, peanut butter is versatile and extremely healthy.

Peanut butter has become a pantry staple among people for breakfast, lunch, or supper throughout the last few years. However, choosing one that suits your taste with so many brands on the market becomes difficult.

Making sure you consume the best, here's a list of India's top peanut butter brands to choose from.

1. Pintola

Approved by the USFDA, Pintola is a popular peanut butter brand in India, and its products help you build muscle and boost your immunity levels.

Pintola's High Protein Peanut Butter is made from a delicious mix of dark chocolate, imported whey protein, and high-quality peanuts. Its chocolaty flavour offers the perfect recipe for all your cravings.

  • Crunchy texture
  • Contains zero cholesterol and trans-fat
  • Made with 100% roasted peanuts

2. DiSano

What if I told you that there's a pocket-friendly peanut butter brand in India that's healthy yet doesn't compromise on taste? Yes, you heard that right. DiSano, a brand founded in 2013, offers products that are your best bet in this case.

A favourite among fitness freaks, it contains a good amount of protein and fibre, giving it a delectable taste. Recognised by the FSSAI and ISO, peanut butter is rich in vitamins, iron and magnesium.

  • Great source of fibre and protein
  • Gluten-free, vegan formulation
  • Made with 100% roasted peanuts

3. Alpino:

The next name on this list is Alpino, considered the best peanut butter brand in India. Started barely five years ago, its products are made with 100% organic, non-GMO butter, apple cider, muesli, among other varieties. Headquartered in Surat, it creates long-lasting products and can help satiate your midnight cravings.

Since it does not contain any added sugar, preservatives or refined oils, the spread is light on your stomach and is quickly digested.

  • Crunchy texture
  • Sugar-free
  • Contains vitamins and minerals

4. Sundrop

From its humble beginnings as an edible oil brand under Agro Tech to a brand selling peanut butter, Sundrop has come a long way. Created with 100% original, high-quality peanuts, it contains 25% protein and has a 2-year long shelf-life. You can consume it straight out of the jar or with a slice of bread and fruits.

One of the better-priced options, it carries the trust of the 'Sundrop' brand and is available in two yummy variants.

  • 100% vegetarian
  • Contains dietary fibre ideal for fitness enthusiasts
  • 25% protein content

5. Dr Oetker

Among India's best peanut butter brands, Dr Oetker produces both mayonnaise and some delicious peanut butter which can be a good source of vitamin E, B6 and B3.

With a crunchy texture, the spread is free from harmful chemicals & added sugars that make it great for athletes and people starting their fitness journey.

  • Gluten-free and no trans-fat
  • No added preservatives
  • Rich source of protein
Knife with creamy peanut butter

6. Asitis Nutrition

One of the few brands dedicated to fitness enthusiasts and gym-goers, the peanut butter by Asitis Nutrition acts as a great energy booster. In addition, it can also help in gaining lean muscle while being free from stimulants like caffeine.

Rich in arginine, an amino acid that helps expand your blood vessels, the brand is a hallmark of purity and authenticity.

  • Good for heart health
  • Value for money
  • Helps improve sports performance

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7. The Butternut Co.

Suppose you're looking for a peanut butter brand that delivers value for money and is healthy and tasty. In that case, we recommend you try out the Peanut Butter Crunchy by 'The Butternut Co.' - a 5-year-old brand creating some healthy yet delicious butter in India.

One of India's most popular peanut butter brands offers superior quality at a reasonable price. Moreover, given its preservative-free formulation, you can easily store the bottle in an unrefrigerated environment for nearly five months.

  • Supports brain health
  • 100% vegetarian
  • No added oils or sugar


A rich protein and vitamin E source, the MYFITNESS peanut butter is made using a delectable combination of dark chocolate, crunchy peanuts, and salt. With a 'desi' twist, the MYFITNESS brand was set up in 2018 and combined the goodness of imported-quality ingredients with good taste & nutrition.

Trusted by celebrities, it offers a low-carb, high-fibre alternative that’s perfect even for people with diabetes.

  • Low-carb formula
  • 100% original, American-style recipe
  • High in fibre content

9. Flex Protein

Although not counted among the best peanut butter brands around, Flex Protein is an underrated option that adds no preservatives and artificial sweeteners to its peanut butter. Have it with milk or enjoy its creamy taste with some sandwiches; the choice is yours.

Creamy, nutritious and easily digestible, the peanut butter by Flex Protein is loved by both children and adults. With a shelf life of 9 months, it also contains ingredients that help prevent muscle loss and accelerate recovery.

  • Aids muscle repair
  • GMP-certified product
  • Contains no preservatives

10. Nutella

What do you get when you mix hazelnut, cocoa, and 100% roasted, crunchy peanuts? The answer is simple - A jar of some yummy Nutella spread!

One of India's best peanut butter brands, Nutella is famous for creating the tastiest spreads using ingredients that make you feel heavenly with their fantastic taste! Free from additives, it is rich in both taste and nutrition.

  • Made in Poland.
  • Contains sugar & artificial sweeteners.
  • Among the leading peanut butter brands in India.

Best Peanut Butter Brands in India - Estimated Price List




Around Rs. 378


Around Rs. 328


Around Rs. 375

Dr. Oetker

Around Rs. 338

Asitis Nutrition

Around Rs. 403


Around Rs. 521

Flex Protein

Around Rs. 499


Around Rs. 380

Please note that prices may vary depending upon the quantity and availability of the product.


This listicle was all about India’s best peanut butter brands. We hope you enjoyed reading it. Do let us know in the comments if we missed out on any of your favourite brands.

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Q. Which is the best peanut butter brand in India?

Ans. There are some incredible options for people to explore for peanut butter brands in India. MYFITNESS, Nutella and Pintola are extremely popular, offering a healthy dose of nutrition and taste.

Q. Is peanut butter healthy?

Ans. Yes, peanut butter is a healthy option for regularly fulfilling your body’s protein requirement. With dietary fibre, carbs, vitamins and minerals, the spread adds a lot of value to nutrition in your meals.

Q. What’s the ideal shelf life of Sundrop’s peanut butter?

Ans. The Sundrop peanut butter has a maximum shelf life of only 12 months.

Q. Why should you consume peanut butter?

Ans. Here are five reasons you should include peanut butter in your diet:

  • Boosts energy
  • Satiates your cravings
  • Adds much-needed protein to your diet
  • Boosts immune health
  • May help fight against cancer

Q. Does peanut butter help with weight loss?

Ans. Yes, there are various cholesterol-free, sugar and preservative-free peanut butter brands for health-conscious people.

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