Syringe Manufacturers in India [Top Manufacturers]

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Syringe Manufacturers in India [Top Manufacturers]

Syringes are used by doctors to inject drugs into patients via intravenous or intramuscular routes as well as by research and development professionals. Disposable syringes are a type of plastic syringe used in the human and veterinary medicine fields. Throwaway syringes are quickly replacing the age-old crystal syringes because they are available in sterile, ready-to-use, and cost-effective forms. Furthermore, because of the horror of AIDS around the world, the demand for disposable needles has skyrocketed.

Syringes come in a range of sizes and forms, including 1 ml, 2 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml, and 50 ml, and consist of two or three parts.






Top Syringe Mfg Co (P) Ltd

Pipettors for glass syringes


Irrigation syringe by Toomey

Dahisar, Mumbai, and the other in Alandi, Pune.



Lifelong group

Standard syringe


Safety syringe

Uttarakhand, one in Dharuhera and the other in Haridwar. (India)


Hindustan Syringes and Medical Devices-


Single-use Syringes


Single-use Needles

Ballabgarh, Faridabad (Haryana) India.



BD India Pvt.Ltd

disposable syringe


Single-use syringe

Bawal, Haryana

( India)

The following are some of the best syringe manufacturers in India:

1. Top Syringe Mfg Co (P) Ltd.

For decades, this company has been a prominent producer of glass syringes and glass tube engineering goods. The group was founded in 1964.

In India, the company has two manufacturing plants: one in Dahisar, Mumbai, and the other in Alandi, Pune.

  • Glass Syringes, the company’s main product, are utilised in a variety of applications such as laboratories, medical use, industrial usage, and veterinary medicine.
  • For screw caps and many other plastic items, the factory has its own injection-moulding machinery. The business also houses its rubber mixing mill and septic liner processing.
  • This company has also created and established a foothold in manufacturing a specific class of Gas Tight Syringes and Microliter Syringes, which it has invented and established (upcoming).
  • The company’s reputation is built on its experience and world-class technologies in glass tube engineering that it has created over the years.
  • Its e-commerce partners, such as Amazon, Alibaba, and IndiaMART, assist in distributing its products across the world.


  • Pipettors for glass syringes
  • Irrigation syringe by Toomey
  • Needles for veterinary use
  • Syringes used during pest control operations

The company’s skill set combined with the art of glass-working enables it to create glass objects that are admired by satisfied customers all over the world.

2. Lifelong Group

Lifelong Group is a multi-faceted corporation with interests in medical device production and a variety of other services. By acquiring a small plastic injection moulding company in 1995, the company diversified into car component manufacturing. The company has grown from a very small yearly revenue in 1995 to a very large annual revenue at present. In 2005, the Lifelong Group expanded its product line to include medical gadgets and disposables.

Lifelong India operates two manufacturing plants in Uttarakhand, one in Dharuhera and the other in Haridwar.

  • Lifelong India specialises in injection moulding components and assemblies, aluminium pressure dies casting, metal stampings, and a variety of commodity assemblies.
  • In addition, Lifelong India has won GM's worldwide top supplier honours on several occasions.
  • Components made in India are supplied to North and South America, France, Spain, Italy, and South Korea.
  • Lifelong Medical Private Limited manufactures sterile, injectable and single-use injections, hygienic, hypodermic and single-use needles, and infusion sets.
  • Lifelong Medical Technology Private Limited sells its goods under the Safeway and Lifelong brands and is India's second-largest syringe manufacturer, with an annual capacity of 1.1 billion syringes.
  • Medical equipment is manufactured by the company, which is managed and run by people hired from the best organisations in the industry.


  • Standard syringe
  • Safety syringe
  • Infusion sets
  • Hypodermic needles

The Lifelong Group, led by the best employees, is known for its hard work and aggressive growth ambitions. Acquisitions and operations that are already ongoing will account for a major portion of this expansion.

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3. Hindustan Syringes and Medical Devices

Hindustan Syringes & Medical Equipment Ltd., a prominent producer of surgical instruments for a demanding global industry, was formed in 1957. HMD has set a standard for medical equipment production, allowing medical professionals to save human lives all around the world. All HMD products are distributed through a carefully regulated national distribution network that includes over 4500 authorised dealers.

  • HMD's leadership confirms that it is the company's policy to develop medical devices that comply with the company's applicable product standards.
  • The company's policy is to attain internationally recognised and standardised quality using the most appropriate mass production technologies, harnessed by a devoted production team in a pleasant industrial environment.
  • Benefiting both patients and doctors, it aims to provide products at prices that no competitor can match in terms of similar performance parameters.


  • Single-use syringes
  • Single-use needles
  • Non-reusable syringes (AD)
  • Blood collection needles

Over and above the minimal conditions established by the relevant product standard specifications accepted by the company, it should continue to strive for continuous improvement in the efficacy of its quality management system.

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4. BD India Pvt. Ltd.

BD has a world-class manufacturing factory in Bawal, Haryana, with the potential to produce over a billion Class II and IIa disposable needles or syringes per year, utilising a highly automated process that meets world standards. The Haryana State Industrial Corporation has also recognised the factory.

  • With expertise in drug container combinations, principal container selection, and container/device integration for a wide range of medication regimens, this business is well-positioned to offer refillable syringe systems.
  • For injectable medicines, the company produces a comprehensive selection of safety and shielding devices that include unique needle shielding system technologies.
  • It develops needles using patented needle technologies to improve medicine delivery.


  • Disposable syringes
  • Single-use syringes
  • A wide range of disposable safety syringes

BD has over 65,000 employees in 50 countries that work closely with clients and partners to improve outcomes, cut healthcare delivery costs, boost efficiency, improve healthcare safety, and extend healthcare access.


The following is a list of India's top syringe manufacturing companies; these are the most successful companies in the product manufacturing industry. The ranking processes for India's most popular syringe manufacturing sectors are updated on a regular basis.

If you'd like to nominate a company for inclusion in this list of the best syringe manufacturing companies in India, please fill out the form below.

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Q. How do you activate the safety needle?

Ans. During the conventional sequence of operation of collecting blood with an evacuated blood collection tube and needle holder, a needle assembly with a telescoping shield that extends from a starting retracted position to a venipuncture partially expanded position is used. After the procedure is finished and the needle is removed from the patient, the shield extends to a full extension and secured position over the needle's distal end, making it safe and preventing needlestick injuries.

Q. How do safety needles work?

Ans. A built-in safety device is included with a safety needle. Users must close the needle cover and engage the locking mechanism by pressing the cover cap against a hard surface once the fluid or drug has been put into a patient's body. Doing so safeguards consumers from needle stick injuries and eliminates the need to reuse needles.

Q. What is the difference between Luer Mount and Luer Lock Syringes?

Ans. Luer Mount Syringes allow needles to be connected to a Luer Tip by a Push-Fit Slip Tip. However, Luer Lock Syringes provide more secure needle attachment via a Screw-on Locking Collar on a Luer Tip. The Luer Tip is a 6% taper that is the widely used standard for connection installation in medical applications to ensure minimal leakage.

Q. What is the difference between 1 mL Insulin and Tuberculin Syringes?

Ans. Insulin Syringes, 1 mL, come in two types: U 40 and U-100 Insulin Syringes. The marks on the barrel of U-40 Insulin Syringes are up to 40 units, whereas the markings on the barrel of U-100 Insulin Syringes are up to 100 units.

The marks on 1 mL Tuberculin Syringes are in increments of 1 mL.

The above-mentioned varied markings are based on a patient's medicine dosage.

Q. How are Auto Disable Syringes different from other syringes?

Ans. Syringes that can't be reused are known as Auto Disable Syringes. They have a mechanism that breaks or locks the plunger once the injection is administered, rendering the syringe useless for re-use.

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