Famous Markets in Surat [Best Shopping Spots]

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Famous Markets in Surat [Best Shopping Spots]

One of the best places flocked by a lot of travellers every year is Surat. It is one of the most vibrant tourist destinations in Gujarat. People visit here for the mixed vibes because it has some ancient ruins such as the Dutch Garden and many modern places. Due to the variety of areas, things to do, cuisines to eat, and places to shop, Surat is always buzzing with tourists from all the parts of India. Though there are many places and things that people love here, everybody enjoys to their heart’s content is shopping. Surat is also an active shopping hub for the people living in nearby places as well as travellers.

Surat is also one of India’s most famous cities for shopping because of all the textiles present here. Moreover, Surat is the second-largest city in Gujarat in terms of area. People come to this city to visit the places and explore their shopping malls and retail shops options. So if you wish to explore the markets in Surat, make sure these are on the top of your list.

1. Dumas Road

If you are one of those who wish to buy their clothes from malls and nowhere else, then Dumas Road is the best place for you. It is one of the best 20 famous markets in Surat. The malls will have local brands and other big names, so you will have many options to choose from, be it brands or apparels. Dumas Road is a hub for malls, and you will find several malls on both sides. These malls include Rahul Raj Mall, VR Mall, and ISCON mall. Due to these malls, Dumas Square attracts a lot of people throughout the day every year. Apart from buying different things, you can also find spots to relax and have a cup of coffee or shake, food or other items. With such an extensive options list, Dumas is a beautiful place and probably one of the best Surat markets.

2. Sahara Darwaja

We all know that Surat is a perfect place to satiate your shopping bug. When in this city, head to the Sahara Darwaja and get the best dresses. This place is famous for its textile market, and the quality of the items here makes it an excellent place for you. Surat textile market is located towards the south of the Darwaja and offers an extensive range of products, including salwar kameez, embroidery fabrics and much more. Sahara Darwaja also offers a wide range of sarees that makes Surat market saree a popular item all over the country.

3. Shanivari Market

Don’t misinterpret this market as you see on the streets in Delhi or some other city every Saturday. There is a lot you can buy from this market. You can spot this market near Makai Pul. This market is popular for its affordable range of products and options in terms of home decor and antiques. You will find this market always busy with home decor lovers and bustling with people. The most popular items here are antique lamps, artwork, show-pieces, pots, footwear, clothes for men-women-kids, and many other useful things for your house or important for your day to day life. The options on offer or the price tag on each product, Shanivari Market, are among Surat’s best 20 famous markets.

4. Old Bombay Market

Everybody is well aware that Surat is a popular destination for people looking for textile clothes. Just like the Sahara Darwaja, Old Bombay Market is also famous for its textile collection. Also known as the best Surat wholesale market, it would not be wrong to say that Old Bombay is a must-visit market if you wish to buy good textile clothes. All the shops here sell top-notch quality products, and even the retail sellers quote a price that competes with the whole sellers.

5. Chauta Bazar

This is one of Surat’s oldest markets and happens to be one of the best places to buy anything you wish to. Right from groceries to textile cloths, this huge market is a one-stop for your every wish. Be it jewellery, clothes, cosmetic or utensils, a person can find everything here. There was a time when Chauta Bazar was signified as the best Surat diamond market featuring several jewellery shops with an extensive collection on offer. But now, you can enjoy the Surat cloth market wholesale experience here.

6. Ghod Dod Road

Currently, Ghod Dod Road is a famous Surat diamond market and a destination where one can find a huge range of clothes. There are not just the local retail shops but several malls in a queue. This offers a person a wide range of clothes, from local dresses to branded ones. You can buy other items from the outside shops or the malls themselves. Suppose you find yourself starving after a restless and hectic day of shopping. In that case, there is no hard and fast rule that you will have to sit in the mall’s food court because there are many street food vendors and restaurants around the malls offering a list of mouth-watering food items for all the visitors. Why not take a bite at a local restaurant?

colourful hangings and bags displayed in the stall

7. Surat Thani’s Night Market

If you think Surat is a day city, then you are highly mistaken because the place is equally alive till midnight. One of the best places to visit during the evening or night is the Surat Thani’s night market, where people often find themselves confused while buying stuff because almost all the items on sale are amazing. It is arguably one of the best markets in Surat. From shoes to bags to clothes, there is everything here. Apart from that, it also serves as an apt place for hungry souls after a hectic shopping day. You can simply visit here to satiate your hunger and munch on the delicious food items offered by the street vendors here.


These 7 are the top markets of Surat where you will find the products suitable for all your needs. Surat itself is known for the fantastic collection of several items, especially clothes; so when you next visit the city, make sure you have your shopping list already in your hand. There are a few good markets close to Surat Janta Market, which can be excellent options for shopaholics.

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Q. Where should I head if I wish to buy good quality clothes?

Ans. If you are visiting Surat, no place will offer you poor quality clothes. You will find excellent quality clothes everywhere in the city, right from textile clothes to branded ones. It completely depends on you as to which one you prefer. In case you wish to know the exact places, then head to Dumas Road, Sahara Darwaja, or Old Bombay market.

Q. I wish to buy diamond jewellery, where should I head?

Ans. For diamond jewellery, you have a few good options. Try the Chauta Bazar first and then the Ghod Dod Road. Although you will find your pick in the Chauta Bazar itself if you still wish to explore some more, Ghod Dod Road is all for your service.

Q. Is Surat a good place to go shopping?

Ans. If you are visiting Surat anytime soon, make sure you have your shopping list ready. This place is a heaven for shopaholic people. Right from amazing clothes to home decor to jewellery, you get anything and everything here. There are several shops, markets, malls and places where you can find everything you wish to and that too at a very affordable price.

Q. Should I go for branded clothes or textile clothes in Surat?

Ans. It is always better to try out the local items when you visit someplace. When you visit a famous city for its textile clothes, it will be a bummer if you miss out on the same. It is recommended that you visit all the local markets, explore your options, and buy something authentic from the textile clothing market.

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