6 Ways to Know Your Wholesale Target Market and Grow Your Business

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6 Ways to Know Your Wholesale Target Market and Grow Your Business

If you’re in the wholesale business, then you might have thought about how to expand the wholesale business. Well, wholesale marketing can be complicated. This is because marketers constantly talk about value proposition, product conception, and revenue models, which can be overwhelming. So, how to start amplifying your reach and scaling growth?

Before thinking about steps to grow your wholesale business, know and understand your target market. Some business persons might prefer a niche market, but it doesn’t work for everybody. If you’re dealing in a large wholesale business, you might require how to grow business tips to find the perfect target market and grow your business. There are several factors you might want to consider to identify your ideal target audience.

We have listed a few ways here that will help in knowing your wholesale target market and growing your business.

1. Assess Market Size with Right Customer Reach

The first step is to define the size of your wholesale market and know your prospective targets. To have a better understanding of your market size, do market research in an area. Ensure you can generate sufficient demand in that area. This helps in avoiding loss and reaching more prospective customers. Further, as a wholesale business owner, you can open more stores and connect with customers who want your products but find themselves restricted by a lack of accessibility.

However, you must be wondering how to expand the business. Well, after finding the perfect market size, you need to reach the right customers. For this, you would need sufficient amounts of time and money. Communicate to prospective customers the benefits of your products and services to generate more sales. The right customer reach will increase the demand for your products and ultimately lead to higher profits.

2. Look for Interested Customers and Connect with Them

After defining your market size, you must identify a market segment that is particularly interested in purchasing your products. The answer to how to grow business most effectively is connecting with customers by providing them with efficient after-sale services and meeting all their needs. Though finding customers in the right target market is necessary, other customer markets might be valuable for you.

The best way to grow your business in these new markets is by conquering customers through the correct mediums and time. As a wholesaler, you might want to boost your advertising game by providing customers with promotional discounts or other exciting offers. Such influential marketing of your products would reach more people in the market. After all, as an excellent wholesale business person, connecting with people should be your foremost action for growth.

3. Increase Scope of Services and Products

How to expand your business? Provide customers with more options. When customers have a broader and better choice of products, they tend to be more attracted to your business. So, how to increase the scope of products and services? For starters, look for the products that will satisfy the needs of customers. Also, ensure that you provide them at a reasonable rate. An effective way to do this is by interacting with customers and conducting market surveys.

You can use your salespersons for this purpose as their personal interactions with customers will help promote the products and make your leads feel special. This enables the business’s success in the long run. You can also ask customers for their feedback and engage them by asking about ideas for improvisation and improvements. The more market research you do, the more ideas you get about your customer needs and target audience. However, you still have to focus on the customer demand and create new products as well as offer services to attract them.

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4. Offer Fast Shipping and Simple Ordering Process

As a wholesaler, it is your job to keep your order process simple and quick. If it is challenging, retailers might avoid it. Provide multiple order mediums like email, phone, and website. Also, ensure that you keep your shipping process fast. After all, who likes slow shipping? Slow shipping would mean retailers are not getting their shelves filled with stock quickly. So, provide your retailers with a simple and streamlined process so that they keep your brand as their top choice to place orders.

One of the best business growth tips is to automate the shipping and ordering process. Also, you can set minimum order quantities. This simple tip is handy in building long-term customer relationships with people who will genuinely demand your products and services.

5. Understand Whom you Can Serve and Increase Sales

How to grow a wholesale business? Before providing goods and services to your target market, understand how many customers the company can serve. If you can serve only a few people out of hundreds, then market your products accordingly. One thing that is worse than no demand is too much of it. To understand the aggregate and average demand, you can conduct a market analysis. It will give you insights into the requirements of your customers. You can develop your product and service lines accordingly. Further, this research will help you distinguish the customer requirements based on various criteria like location, age, purchase history, gender, etc.

6. Use the Internet to Expand

In this era of digitisation, there are multiple solutions to the question of how to grow your business. Depending on your target customer, set the delivery channels for your wholesale business. You can use the internet to expand your distribution. This is the important factor that helps you transform your sales by helping you reach more and more people.

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In these changing times, you can open an online store and reach a broader audience. An e-commerce platform promotes customer convenience. A good online platform will ensure customer satisfaction, and consumers who are pleased to shop with you will happily be a part of your surveys. A positive response online will help you gain mass reach with higher profit earnings.

A wholesaler makes money when the retailer buys its products. However, they are always wondering how to grow my business. To increase wholesale sales effectively, you need to get into action by being proactive. The wholesaler should understand their target audience and grow their business accordingly. Visit OkCredit to grow your wholesale business by reaching the right target customers.

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Q. Is making a special introductory offer beneficial for the growth of a wholesale business?

Ans. Yes, it is a strategy to attract more customers by making them introductory offers. Additionally,  introductory offers enable the staff to establish new customer relationships. When you give an introductory offer, the customer won’t be resistant to buy from you again. These offers are effective in attracting first-time customers and retaining them for a long time.

Q. How does diversification of sales channels help in the growth of the wholesale business?

Ans. It is not ideal to rely on one channel as a source of sale when you want to grow your wholesale business. When you diversify your sales channels, the customer base is diversified, creating more sales opportunities. Nowadays, you can use e-commerce platforms to diversify and connect with more potential consumers. Depending on your business, you will find some benefit from reaching out to new customers through social media or email.

Q. Why is shifting towards B2B e-commerce necessary for wholesale business?

Ans. Now, people have increasingly started shopping online, and retailers want to establish their business online. This indicates it is time for wholesalers to make this transition as well. There are various ways to make your business available online. As a wholesaler, you need to build an e-commerce website that will showcase your products. In this way, as a wholesaler, you can connect with more consumers and enhance your diversity by reaching out to people outside your geographical location.

Q. How important is customer service in the wholesale business?

Ans. Customer service is a very important factor in growing your wholesale business. It will seem old-fashioned if you don’t care about your customer after making a sale. Providing gold-standard customer service is an easy way to retain customers for a long time. Try to go the extra mile to make your customer happy, and you’ll be happy with the outcome too.