How much does it cost you to start and run a YouTube Channel?

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How much does it cost you to start and run a YouTube Channel?

With the expansion of the internet to every nook and corner, Youtube has become an excellent career option for the creator both in terms of income and recognition. Most of the big guns of Youtube have largely influenced other creators to come and explore the lucrative career in this platform.

Unlike other platforms, Youtube offers a huge audience base that enables rapid growth and eventually renders success in the longer run. As Youtube offers such a reach, you can surely make a good living out of it once the videos start getting the desired recognition.

Youtube offers a free channel creation, albeit people find themselves in a dilemma to find the best and most effective set up to kick start their youtube career. Therefore, this article discusses the best possible arrangement with minimal expenditure for your Youtube setup.

A comprehensive list of basic necessity to kick start a Youtube career:

1. Camera

Many YouTubers, who have established themselves, use professional video production equipment (some also employ skilled video editors and camera operators). But, you need not worry about the same as there are a lot of options in camera to sort out all your video requirements.

2. Camcorders

They are certainly an excellent choice to produce YouTube content because they are specialised to record videos. Besides, new camcorders are portable, lightweight, inexpensive, and equipped to tackle almost any case, and can be used while you film a video at residence or for on-the-go vlogging.

3. Webcams

These are the preferred solution for those who want an inexpensive plug-and-play video camera, particularly for those who want to record before their computers—such as YouTubers gaming. Webcams also allow video broadcasting because they can be linked directly to your device.

4. Action camera

The most lightweight and powerful type of camera is considered to be the action cameras. It is ideal for iconic scenes and videographers who want to pick up POVs for first-person adventures or extreme sports experiences. Despite their limited scale, many of them today create videos of the highest quality imaginable, so many YouTubers use video quality and long endurance action cameras.

5. DSLRs

For their outstanding quality, DSLRs are preferred by YouTubers. The versatility in low light conditions and flawless motion detection quality are some of the principal reasons why this product is an excellent choice. Though expensive, if you want to take video (and photography) seriously, DSLRs are worth the investment.

6. Mirrorless camera

The most common type of camera for video makers and photographers have been mirrorless cameras because they can film like a DSLR, but with a considerably smaller and lighter design. While you can use them to record videos in your house, they are also fantastic when you are required to register an exercise video or adventure video like an action camera.

Now, all these cameras are designed to satisfy various filming needs, but it is you who will be deciding what camera you would need to record your videos. The cost of these cameras ranges from INR 2,000 to INR 1,00,000.

7. Microphone

It is always said that the quality of your audio output still needs to be one step ahead of the video quality. Audio output is always poor with the laptop or video microphones since they cannot record or delete background noises adequately. Therefore, an external microphone shape is an utmost need for shooting any Youtube videos.

8. USB microphones

From the days of getting under shadowed, USB microphones are now one of the standard picks for YouTubers. The easy-to-use method and sound quality, along with their variety and affordability have won their spot in the go-to list of YouTubers.

9. Collar mics

Apart from this set of mics, collar mics have also made a great spot due to their portability and brilliant sound production. They can be easily clipped onto one's shirt or t-shirt. It comes in a package that contains both the transmitter attached to the lapel and the receiver that will absorb the signal from the transmitter.

10. Condenser microphone

The condenser microphone does not require a preview and permits self-monitoring with its built-in volume control headphone socket. It can also be used to blend audio with pre-recorded audio on the microphone.

11. Shotgun microphones

They are a common high-quality choice for compact, professional camera video recording. Shotgun Microphones are built with shock mounts that help to mitigate noise from mechanical noises around the microphone. Another big feature is the ability to catch clear sounds and voices just around it, meaning that even though it has been recording outdoors, it would not capture a lot of background noises from the sides and back of the microphone.

Now, talking about the cost, these sets of microphones range from INR 500 - INR 50,000.

12. Stabilisation

The unstable film is a big no in professional video production as it could interrupt the Audience or make him or her distracted from the actual essence of the video. Tripods and gimbal stabilisers are ideal devices for stabilising images and recordings. You can use any of them to maximise the output value of your YouTube videos and create a better interaction with your audiences.

13. Tripod

The most economical choice is normally a tripod. Most don't exceed INR 10,000 and can also do very well, based on the weight of the camera rig. But investing in a robust, durable tripod that will last longer and ensure your camera equipment is still advisable. We would say that you should go for a stable tripod priced somewhere around INR 1000-2000.

14. Gimbal

Either the camera is stable, a simple mistake would create jarring images while you still attempt to keep it. Gimbals are advanced stabilisers with engines or loads designed to balance and smooth out the camera even though you step wide and quickly. It is particularly useful to YouTubers who use GoPros and frequently travel with lightweight cameras. A good gimbal can cost you around INR 7000 - 8000.

15. Lighting

If you mainly record indoors and in light-filled areas, lighting equipment is of utmost necessity. And when you film where there is enough ambient light, your lighting systems will enhance your attitude and even turn your setup luminous. Below are the kind of lighting systems you can use to film your YouTube images.

16. On-camera lighting

They can be positioned on camera and provided with constant lighting. It is perfect for filming any videos like wedding videos, documentary channels, or YouTube material featuring people and dimly lit places.

17. Ring lights

They have found a crucial spot in the equipment list of the modern-day YouTubers. When the ring-type emits light on an object, it prevents shadows from either direction and makes someone looking in front of the camera more appealing. It means that fashion and beauty vloggers also use this kind of illumination technology, as they can illuminate the face and minimise shadows that appear to emphasise flaws.

18. Softboxes

They are capable of mimicking natural soft light coming from the window. It is owing to the white diffusion panel which diffuses and reduces extreme, direct light intensity. This type of illuminating gear is perfect for bringing light to a scene or subject without causing dark shadows.

19. Umbrella lights

These are the cost-effective, compact option for soft lighting videomakers. The umbrellas have more controlled illumination compared to softboxes, as light is mirrored from the silver inner layer of the umbrella. As it has no diffuse board, good performance requires a substantial part of the room to be covered. They are suitable for scenery and on-site shootings.

Lighting may or may not be required depending on the location you choose to shoot your videos. But to consider it as an integral part, the basic lighting setup ranges from INR 2000 to INR 50,000.

20. Video editing

You would still have to find a decent post-production video processing application since you have all the hardware that you need. YouTube has its video editing, so it's nice to use your app so that you can change your video to suit your needs. There is some professional video editing software that can render large loads of video editing and can export out a better result eventually.

21. Promotional costs

Youtube has always been a lucrative option for content creators. YouTube has been the second most widely viewed on the internet, and users now stream content for up to six hours a day. It is time to tap into the habits of people to binge-watching.

You can promote new videos on social networks like Instagram (by post and Instagram stories), Twitter, TikTok, or even partners with the other YouTubers to expand access to your content. You can promote your Website on different platforms and optimise your YouTube ROI.

Final words

Your serious determination with youtube as a career can be surely achieved if you focus equally on video quality as well as the content. Often don't forget you must be special and know what the Audience needs to do. The expenditure amount is subject to the cost of the equipment. Don't buy the most expensive appliances if you're starting. An initial investment of INR 15,000 to INR 20,000 can surely bring great essence to your videos, rest everything depends on the quality of your content.

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Q. Is it worth enough to invest while starting your career on YouTube?

Ans: Youtube has been a lucrative career option these days due to its emphatic audience reach. Therefore, an investment made to grow on YouTube is always noteworthy.

Q. How much money is required to open an account on YouTube?

Ans: Anyone can open an account on YouTube free of cost. The initial cost is very less, but it can surge upwards based on the requirements in the later stages.

Q. What are the necessities other than equipment to kick start a career on Youtube?

Ans: Following are the other crucial key aspects required to start well on YouTube:

A. Innovative idea
B. Audience apt
C. Brilliant presentation
D. Temperament
E. Consistency