How To Get Genuine Work From Home Jobs from the Right Online Platforms?

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How To Get Genuine Work From Home Jobs from the Right Online Platforms?

The internet has been dominating pretty much most of our lives for over two decades. It has influenced the way we shop, the way we look up suggestions and recommendations, how we make friends and the ways we spend our free time. However, in post-pandemic times, it is beginning to influence the way we work as well.

As the global economy is hit by prolonged lockdowns, many businesses have been forced to shut down, making job losses and pay cuts imminent. It has hence become important to have a secondary source of income in addition to a full-time job. If you are hardworking and ambitious, then clocking the extra hours on a second job is not the real challenge you are facing right now. It is the search for legitimate work from home job portals where your time and efforts would be duly rewarded.

How To Avoid Work From Home Scams as a Freelancer?

Unfortunately, the freelancing industry is flooded with enough scams to make any beginner hesitant to venture. You could be at the risk of losing money and your assets if you divulge your personal information to these scammers. Some of the common themes that these scammers use to attract freelancers are direct sales or multi-level marketing, pyramid schemes, business startup-kits, wiring money, data entry work and taking online surveys. One of the best ways to distinguish legitimate freelancing opportunities from the rest is to ask for employee references and contact information. Also, go through this article where we have compiled a list of job portals that provide legitimate work from home projects. And by legitimate, we mean pay-per-projects portals. Legitimate work from home platforms do not provide a huge amount of money quickly, and you have to work your way to the top. However, they are beneficial as they help you avoid the stress of rush-hour commutes and utilise your energy in completing your projects. Below are some of the different kinds of online job portals that extend remote work opportunities.

1. Virtual assistant

Businesses that are transitioning to operating completely online certainly would be open to hiring virtual assistants to manage their administrative tasks. As a virtual assistant, you get to provide various industries administrative, technical and creative services. Your typical day as a virtual assistant would be composing and responding to emails, content writing and tending to business enquiries. Few of the genuine work from home platforms for virtual assistants are Upwork, Wishup, Toggit and Truelancer.

2. Translator

Most translators work under tight deadlines and hence prefer work from home jobs. While some organisations expect a degree in a foreign language to work for them, the most basic requirement is fluency in the two languages you would be translating. Around 42% of translators are freelancers working in professional, scientific and technical services. SmartCat Translators,, and Translators Cafe are some of the best platforms to sign up as a translator and work as an editor, proof-editor and post-editor in almost all languages.

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3. Web developer

Though a lot of business owners know how important it is to own a website that can convince their clients and customers, they really do not have the expertise or time to build one themselves, which is why this is one of the tasks they would gladly outsource. More than a degree, employers expect a portfolio of projects that you can showcase to them and bag genuine work from home jobs. It’s no wonder why about 22% of web developers are self-employed. A few of the freelancing platforms where clients are searching for experienced web developers are Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, 99Designs, TopCoder and Toptal.

4. Travel agent

While this is not the right time to think about being a travel agent, because of the pandemic and lockdowns, you could look at the angle of domestic escapades being preferred over elaborate international tours. More people than ever are feeling trapped due to prolonged periods of self-isolation and hectic work pressures; hence they are looking for a day out in the sun. As of now, Yatra Travel Agents, BCD Travel, HostAgencyReviews and GoLance offer the best work from home jobs.

5. Social media manager

Every small business relies heavily on social media managers as they help bring in the revenue without the high costs entailed in radio, tv and print advertisements. Social media managers are responsible for increasing a brand’s following and reaching its target audience on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. It’s very easy to find numerous job listings for social media managers on, Hiresine and All you have to do is impress the client company with the perfect bid and pitch.

6. Data entry

This is easily one area where you can secure a significant amount of work or get scammed. However, they are many organisations that provide genuine work from home jobs in this area. They are looking for reliable freelancers with quick typing skills to track inventory or shipments, create business plans or measure performance and output. Due to the application of seamless technology, this is one of the few work from home jobs that can be easily managed. WorkIndia, FreelanceTypers, Megatypers, Phenix Jobs and Lionbridge are few of the decades’ old reliable data entry platforms offering work from home opportunities.

Top Job Search Platforms to Find Legit Work From Home Jobs

Apart from googling for abstract work from home jobs daily, here is how you can get the best recommendations for legitimate work from home jobs. Narrow down your search and make it easier by using more of these ‘WFH search engines’.

1. AngelList

All you require is one application and not multiple tiring proposals to land your promising freelance gig. AngelList is a remote job and startup job search with over 130000+ angel investors and enterprising business people looking to work together on bootstrapped projects. This makes it one of the largest remote marketplaces for work from home job-seekers.

2. Quora

Quora is really like the ‘BFF gang’ who will give you their two cents on the best work from home jobs to increase your earning potential and will help you figure out a list of fair employers for remote jobs. All you have to do is type a question such as ‘Which are the best websites to freelance as a photographer?’ and you will certainly be bombarded with the experiences of those already making it big by living your dream!

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best business networking sites if you are serious about earning huge as a freelancer. Be it home business startups or telecommuting jobs, many job openings posted on LinkedIn are only posted there and not anywhere else on the internet. With its advanced filters, you can easily narrow down the area, industry and experience level you are looking for. To get the best search results, it’s highly suggested that you use keywords like ‘telecommute’, ‘remote’, ‘virtual’, ‘offsite’ and ‘work from home’.

4. Google job recommendations

There is a reason why Google is unanimously liked over Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine. Google has segregated its findings for every single search in terms of images, news, jobs, reviews and videos. Google job recommendations are best at updating you of the latest work from home jobs in your radar.

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Final Thoughts

It’s time we stopped calling freelancing a ‘gig’ as it has started to dominate the preferences of job-seekers nowadays. Predictions point out that freelancing is set to take over 50% of the workforce by 2027. It’s one of the best means of earning for those who have discovered their creative passions and are looking for an avenue to earn at their pace. You can either work on multiple projects with shorter timeframes if you are a beginner or bag a one-off project once you finally gain the specialised skill sets that your clients are looking for. Either way, you stand to benefit and build a great resume at the same time!

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