How To Operate Your Small Business With a Smartphone?

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How To Operate Your Small Business With a Smartphone?

Due to the pandemic, small business owners are facing many challenges to survive in the competitive world. So, any source of income is like a bonus for small businesses to keep going with a productive outcome. Smartphones in small businesses give valuable results and satisfied customers.

Smartphones now come with different features such as strong software settings, new advanced apps, fast speed, and great features. For small businesses, the smartphone is a mini-computer that works as a smart official work tool. However, entrepreneurs are using the smartphone as a business-related tool but it still can be used as an initial stage.

How Can Small Business Owners Use the Smartphone To Operate the Business?

Laptops and desktop computers are indeed trending all over the world in different professions, but nowadays smartphones are grabbing all the attention. Mostly, small business owners use smartphones as a tool to do work efficiently and without any error. Cloud-based software can handle all types of business-related work. Small business owners can use smartphones with many advanced software and applications for their business. Some features that can help operate small businesses are as follows:

1. Smartphone for Communication

Smartphones are essential to communicate with customers, employees, and expected customers, So, small business owners need to have smartphones that have different features.

Nowadays small business owners send customers documents via email to keep a copy saved for the future. These business owners can use advanced smartphones for calls and messages as they comprise applications that provide the best features; however, it is necessary to read all application features and review them before installing applications.

2. Install Fruitful Applications

Right applications on a business owner's smartphone can give the best results in every aspect. It makes the smartphone more powerful and easy to use. E-commerce is trending as is m-commerce. In this type of business, people use their phones as a trading source and take orders from applications. Moreover, writers can easily type their articles on a smartphone anywhere.

Smartphones are good for those who usually log into different applications. Picture quality must be fantastic for different uses as people use pictures in official documentation, product promotion, etc. They need to attach their photos or represent the product attractively with the pictures.

Businesswoman holding smartphone while working with laptop at home office desk

3. Financial Software Applications

Many mobile applications help to easily keep track of a small business owner’s finances. OKcredit is one such application that retains transaction records, makes an invoice, personalises different client transactions, and sends transaction history to the client. It is essential to keep all records safe from any fraud. Small business owners should use some specific security application that locks both phones and financial applications.

Smartphones in small businesses give proper security and update it with time. Cloud-based management applications are useful for those who manage any event or operate any project.

4. Back-Up Essential Data

A smartphone is an essential tool for every small business but it is mandatory to keep storage space free. Due to many applications, images, documents, files, and videos the phone gets overloaded. So, there can be lots of space on the smartphone to access applications and other files.

There are lots of untoward things in life that sometimes become huge losses in the future. The smartphone needs storage and backup. The small business owner needs to save that data in an external device too. Due to smartphone damage, drop in water loss, small business owners could face lots of obstacles. Nowadays, there are many smartphones in India that provide cloud-based storage to protect shared data with employees using different mobiles.

5. Go Social

Nowadays, social media is becoming the first choice for everyone for entertainment and promoting the business. Both social and working life are dependent on social media. People access social media many times a day. Hence, small business owners can connect with potential customers through these channels. They can handle the most popular applications using smartphones that operate with one click.

Small business owners can make their business page on social media accounts and connect with the customers. Moreover, many use the online option for shopping. So, it is a great chance to get customers easily and use the smartphone in small businesses.

6. Mobile Payment Option

With the help of smartphones in small businesses, owners can confidently handle the payment process with different clients and employees. Small business owners can take payments online from different banks through bank applications.

7. Business liberty

COVID-19 has forced many small businesses and office-level businesses to work from home. Of course, this helps reduce the office overheads. Every small business owner can independently process their work from home. So, the use of software applications like OKcredit can lead the small business in financial terms very well.

8. Online meetings

Due to various technological advances, it has become easier to work long distances. Many online video call applications connect people for business. Online meetings can make a healthy work environment in which employees can contact face to face.

Man Working From Home Having Online Group Videoconference On Laptop


Nowadays, the smartphone is not just a medium of communication but also connects everyone. Smartphones connect small businesses with expected customers that are fruitful for the business. Smartphones in small businesses are just like the captain of the ship. The good news is that many mobile companies are launching new smartphones every week. So, the latest feature can enhance the productivity of work and help to impress new customers.

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Q. What type of smartphone should small business owners use?

Ans. It is essential to choose the best smartphone to run businesses because there are loads to install different applications that need to operate small businesses. The smartphone should be simple to access and affordable. Features like front and back cameras should be of great quality for video calls and meetings and contain good features that can secure all data.

Q. Should small business owners offer smartphones to employees?

Ans. Yes, it is good to provide smartphones to employees for productive and fast work. It can continuously connect the business owner to their employees. There are some pros of offering smartphones to their employees:

1. Saving money

2. Consistency

3. Increased employee availability

Q. What is the effect of smartphones on small businesses?

Ans. Smartphones became a saviour during the pandemic. Small business owners use a smartphone to smoothly run their business activities. Nowadays, smartphones have become the medium to connect with customers but also retain personal contacts. They can personally connect with the client for further discussion and send documents via email. Hence, these devices have become a requirement.

Q. What are the disadvantages of smartphones in small businesses?

Ans. Smartphones are great to operate small businesses but somehow it has affected people's healthy lifestyle. It replaced the traditional desktop or laptop system. Small business owners must have smartphones with amazing features to operate their business; however, these devices are expensive. Moreover, some software applications need a subscription or to be purchased for a stipulated time at a high price. Hence, using a smartphone in business can be expensive.

Q. What types of small businesses can anyone start with a smartphone?

Ans. The following types of small businesses can be started using a smartphone:

1. App developer

2. Social media marketer

3. Event planner

4. Message app developer

5. M-commerce seller

6. Consultant

7. Technical supporter

8. Videographer

9. Life coach