How To Start A Saree Business in India? [Investment, Profit]

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How To Start A Saree Business in India? [Investment, Profit]

Table of Contents:

1. How Can I Promote My Saree Business?

2. Steps To Be Followed In Starting A Saree Business

3. How Can I Start Selling Saree Online?

4. Saree Business Tips

5. Key Takeaways

1. How Can I Promote My Saree Business?

The traditional garment for women across India is more or less the saree, and it is worn by women in all age groups regardless of which state they are from. Considering these factors, there is a tremendous demand for sarees in India, and it is considered an evergreen business that is not affected by seasonal changes in demand. An average woman in a middle-class household is likely to have not less than 30 sarees in her possession, and with women being enthusiastic shoppers, every festival or celebration is an excuse/reason to buy a new saree.

With so much riding on the humble saree, it is certainly a good idea to start a business in sarees in India presently. This blog seeks to interest readers who would be inclined to starting a business dealing in sarees. The attempt here is to provide a step-by-step approach to starting a saree business. This blog is a guide that seeks to provide all the necessary information for starting a sarees business.

2. Steps To Be Followed In Starting A Saree Business

Step 1: Determine The Cost For Starting The Business

Every business comes with a need for capital, and it will serve an entrepreneur reasonably if they can estimate the cost required to start a saree business. After identifying the starting cost, one has to determine the running cost associated with the business; this will be the cost or expense required to keep the business running. It can include salaries, utility bills, rent and money needed to replenish the inventory, and so on. This exercise would give insights into the financial feasibility of the business considering the entrepreneur’s financial reach.

Step 2: Create A Solid Business Plan

A business plan is an essential document that allows an entrepreneur to secure funding and attract other necessary knowledge and support to start a business. Ideally, a business plan would consist of an executive summary and a clear roadmap on how one is going to start, grow, and scale the saree business. The plan must also include plans for branding, marketing, and business operations. The dynamic nature of the saree business makes it imperative to have a plan with a good amount of flexibility to accommodate any last-minute changes.

Step 3: Get Going With Market Research

A well-prepared entrepreneur must venture into the market only after having understood the saree market. Understanding the market would include – following trends in the market, understanding customer needs and in-demand clothing material, and so on. Further, understanding the area’s demographics where one is likely to establish the business, will be a bonus. This step can be skipped altogether if one is planning to set up an online business.

Step 4: Define Your Target Audience

While starting a saree business, it is a practical move to consider the customer’s preferences and tastes when it comes to stocking your inventory. This can be done with some kind of market research online and offline, where you make an effort to know the kind of design and material in demand. Based on this information about the target audience, you must draw up your advertising and marketing plans for the saree business. A seasoned businessman would never skip this step because he understands the customers are the business’s cornerstone.

Step 5: Identify A Physical Location For Sales

If it is feasible, one can start a saree business from home, but there needs to be adequate space to store sarees and carry out administrative tasks associated with the business. When it comes to selling sarees, you do have options either you could sell online or reach out to retail stores that show interest in buying home-made sarees.

Step 6: Get A Fully Functional Website Or Domain

As an entrepreneur, one can sell sarees both at a physical store and at an online store. If you are keen on selling sarees online, it is essential to have a fully functional website at your disposal. The website would allow you to display the range of sarees being sold by your business. It can also showcase any sales, promotions, and offers being run by your business. One of the most significant advantages of running an online business is that you are not restricted geographically and can cater to a broad audience.

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Step 7: Register Your Saree Business

Once you are done with the business’s financial side with the necessary capital and business plan, it is time to look at registering your business. For this, you would be required to select a name and register your saree business as a legal entity. You have the choice of registering your business as a sole proprietor or get into a partnership with another individual with similar business interests.

For registering, you will be required to provide a GST number and PAN card number. When one is through with registration, they will be provided with the necessary permits and license to run the business. Besides, they will be required to abide by the tax implications stipulated for the business.

Step 8: Secure The Business With Insurance

No one can be certain about the future. Hence to offset the negative impact of any unforeseen event, it is a good idea to get insurance done for your saree business. Since it is a retail business, there is potential for many things that can go wrong, including fire, theft, physical damage, etc.

Step 9: Market The Saree Business

Today, the success of every business is dependent on powerful marketing. The saree business is no different; one needs to strategically market the product (sarees) to generate sales to make it successful. An ideal marketing plan would include a mix of both online and offline marketing strategies. If you function only as a physical store, then offline promotions are the best.

However, if you have a presence both online and offline, there should be more emphasis on online promotions or digital marketing. As a newly started saree business, if you can provide decent service to the customer promptly, you will be rewarded with a good word-of-mouth promotion by your satisfied customers. In contrast, if the service is shabby, the same customers can negatively impact your business interests. Hence, generating positive impressions and creating a reliable reputation can go a long way in reducing your costs associated with marketing.

3. How Can I Start Selling Saree Online?

Follow these simple steps to start selling saree online:

  • Step 1- Build a website displaying all your sarees.
  • Step 2- Next in your saree business plan create your catalogues and add pricing.
  • Step 3- For having a wholesale saree business in India make accounts with online marketing companies like Shopify, Amazon, etc.
  • Step 4- Some common saree business tips include- frequent discounts, attractive offers, bulk offer variables, better quality in reasonable pricing.

4. Saree Business Tips

While on the surface, it may look like buying sarees in bulk and selling it at retail prices to individual customers. There is a whole lot more to the business of selling sarees. There needs to be enough capital in the entrepreneur’s hands, and this capital has to be backed by a good amount of research into customer needs and preferences.

This has to be followed by setting up a website and/or identifying a physical location to sell the product. Lastly, after having done all the hard work in setting up the business, one must invest a substantial sum of capital in marketing the business. All these different events have to happen smoothly for the business to generate healthy profits for long-term sustenance.

5. Key Takeaways

Overall, every business is about balancing/ juggling “various moving parts” simultaneously without fail. And not everyone would have the necessary business acumen for doing so. Understand and analyse all the steps mentioned above before you venture into the market for starting a saree business.

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Q. How do I start a wholesale saree business in India?

Ans- At the beginning of your saree business plan, you must start with an online saree bazaar, where you can start earning with minimal investment. When you successfully become a part of the online saree business, you can also expand your markets to selling Kurtis, lehenga choli, Ghaghra, salwar kurtas, and other premium clothing materials. Visit city-based small markets and find out materials suppliers and distributors who cater to wholesale saree businesses.

Q. Which city is famous for silk sarees in India?

Ans- Kanchipuram city in Tamil Nadu is famous for silk sarees in India. The majority of the city's occupational graph amongst citizens is creating silk sarees for a living, hence, the city also came to be known as the Silk City.

Q. Which app is best for saree?

Ans- This list is your ultimate app guide for the best online sarees shopping sites in India:

  1. Roop Kala Sarees
  2. Jharonka
  3. Snapdeal
  4. Mirraw
  5. Craftsvilla
  6. Bharatsthali
  8. Utsav Fashion
  9. Kalki Fashion
  10. Voonik
  11. Indiarush
  12. Myntra
  13. Peach mode
  14. Amazon
  15. Flipkart

Q. How much should a saree cost in India?

Ans- An immaculate saree business plan should smartly include the price chart based on quality, availability, and shipping costs included. A good saree can cost anywhere from 2000 Rupees to 10,000. However, designer sarees in India start from 50,000 to anywhere between 4 to 5 lakhs.

Q. How can I promote my saree business?

Ans- You can use various online marketing tools like Facebook Marketplace, Instagram Story/Post Ads, Pinterest, Whatsapp for Business, OkShop, and other social media portals to promote your saree business in India.

Q. Which online shopping site is best for sarees?

Ans- These are the best online saree shopping sites in India for 2021:

  • Myntra
  • Ajio
  • Flipkart
  • Amazon
  • Mirraw
  • Fabindia
  • Peachmode
  • Meena Bazaar
  • Nalli Silks
  • Suta

Q. Is online saree business profitable?

Ans- Opening an online saree shop is way more profitable than open a store. The reason being, online saree business requires low investment and it doesn't matter if the profit margin isn't high on low range sarees. However, designer sarees online fetch a handsome profit margin with every sell, so Yes, the online saree business is absolutely profitable.

Q. Which saree is famous in India?

Ans- These are some of the best and must-have sarees from India:

  1. Kanjeevaram Sarees
  2. Banarasi Sarees
  3. Paithani Sarees
  4. Uppada Sarees
  5. Tussar Silk Sarees
  6. Dhakai/Jamdani Sarees
  7. Kalamkari Sarees

Q. Which is the best saree in India?

Ans- This is a list of the best & different types of sarees in India:

  • Chikankari from Lucknow
  • Taant from Kolkata
  • Leheriya from Rajasthan
  • Bandhani from Gujarat
  • Banarasi from Varanasi
  • Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh
  • Phulkari from Punjab
  • Muga from Assam
  • Konrad from Tamil Nadu

Q. Which is the best silk saree in India?

Ans- Banarasi Silk Saree is the best silk saree in India. Made in Varanasi, these sarees are amongst the finest and premium quality built clothing in India. Its speciality lies in its gold/silver brocade, fine silk, zari along with intricate embroidery.

Q. Where can I buy sarees in bulk?

Ans- Many wholesale bazaars in every city sell sarees in bulk for reasonable pricing. Other than that some local distributors and suppliers tour cities selling their collection all across the country. The third and most effective method since pandemic is online saree wholesalers who can also provide reasonable pricing for bulk material purchases.