How to Start a Consultancy Firm?

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How to Start a Consultancy Firm?

The consultancy business has increased the manifold over the past few years. It has become one of the fastest-growing businesses. Many people opt for consultancy services regardless of age. Consulting business is a way to help people with your experience level. There are many forms of consultancy business that you can start as per your experience and interest.

From leadership development to management handling, you can advise people and companies on anything based on your expertise. However, starting a consultancy business takes time. It requires a detailed consultancy business plan, structure, target market, and promotion of the business. Let us first look at some of the best business ideas for consultancy.

Examples of consultancy business ideas:

The best examples of consultancy business ideas are listed as follows:

1. Career consultant

The first business idea is career consultancy. A career consultant assesses the client's needs, understands the scope, makes resumes and cover letters, prepares other documentation, helps in job search, recommends courses and training, and prepares for interviews. It is a small business idea that can help you earn a large amount of money if you have a good client base.

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2. Financial consultant

If you have a finance background, you can consider starting a finance consultancy business. It is one of the most popular business ideas as many people opt for it. A financial consultant assists people in managing their financing activities, like identifying cutbacks, increasing profits and revenues, restructuring, etc. Some small companies can't afford to hire a full-time finance team, so you as a financial consultant can help them and give advice on their financial matters.

3. Social media consultant

Social media consultant is another unique business idea that you can start. A social media consultant ensures that companies get enough potential customers to their websites via different platforms. The job of a social media consultant is to advise how to increase the traffic on the company's website through various social media platforms.

4. PR consultant

A PR consultant ensures that the public reputation of a company is good. It helps to improve the good of a company in the market. A good reputation helps companies to build a large customer base and opportunities in the market. So, the companies hire PR consultants to improve their market image and handle their personal matters online.

5. IT consultant

IT consultancy is a new business idea that many young people start. In India, the IT sector is the fastest-growing sector and has many IT graduate students. So, IT consultancy is a good business opportunity. An IT consultant ensures that the company's technology and software are up to date and doesn't hinder the business operations. If you have an IT background and experience, you can consider starting IT consultancy services.

The next small-scale business idea is legal consultancy services. A legal consultant handles the legal matters of a company. Large-scale companies have their own legal teams and people to handle their legal activities. A legal consultant requires a law degree and relevant work experience to provide legal services to the companies.

How to start a consultancy business?

Want to know how to open a consultancy firm? Read the following step-by-step process:

1. Consultancy business plan

The first step in starting a consultancy business is to create a consultancy business plan. A plan is an essential part of every business. A business plan defines the goal and purpose of the business. It includes a financial plan, goal, objectives, management plan, budget, etc. So, creating a business plan helps to refocus on the goals and objectives of the business.

2. Target market

The target market plays an important role in the success of your business. It is always wiser to define your target market. You must create strategies about how to deliver your services based on the expectations of your target market and potential clients. By specifying your target market, the chances of getting clients increases.

3. Location and Employees

The next step in starting your consultancy business is to find a suitable location for your business and recruitment process. In starting, you might not be able to handle all the work of the business, so you might need a few employees to back you up. So, create a detailed plan about how many employees you might require. A consultancy business doesn't require a large space, so you can easily rent a small studio or place that is accessible to your target audience.

4. Income and billing

The next step is to decide the charges you will take from your clients and customers. The price must be well-sought. If you charge high, your clients might not come back, and if you charge too little, you won't succeed. So, find a midpoint and charge moderately from your customers. There are many ways to charge the fees. You can charge on an hourly basis, project work, and retainer basis.

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5. Marketing

The last step in starting your consultancy business is marketing. Your business work is dependent on your customers. So, if you don’t have customers, your business will not succeed. Marketing helps to increase the customer base for a business. It plays an essential role in business growth.

There are several ways for marketing. You can reach out to the customer via social media platforms or by creating a website. You can try cold-calling and cold-emailing to your customers. You can create a newsletter to increase your reach. At last, you can hire some freelance marketing individuals to help you with marketing your business.


Thus, to conclude, we can say that a consultancy business is a good business idea to start. It is a profitable business. If you don't know what type of consultancy business you should start, read the consultancy business idea mentioned in the article and streamline accordingly. The steps of starting a consultancy business include business plan, location, employees, target market, pricing, income, billing, and marketing. Now you how to start your own consulting business.

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Q. What are the most profitable consultancy jobs?

Ans. Many consultancy jobs are high in demand and profits. Some profitable consultancy jobs include an IT consultant, marketing consultant, financial consultant, legal consultancy, management consultant, tax consultant, leasing consultant, education consultant, security consultant, and small business consultant.

Q. What are the major categories of consultancy jobs?

Ans. The consultant jobs are broadly classified into five major categories, and they are listed as follows:

  • Human resources consulting
  • Strategy consulting
  • Financial consulting
  • Operations consulting
  • Risk and compliance consulting

Q. What skills are required to be a consultant?

Ans. A consultant has several valuable skills, such as creative thinking, problem-solving, credibility, curiosity to solve problems, time management, a proper system, punctuality, communication skills, collaboration with all job levels, clear and concise thinking, practical skills, and behavioural skills. All these skills make a good consultant.