A Guide to Using Staff Management Platforms More Efficiently

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A Guide to Using Staff Management Platforms More Efficiently

Digitisation is creating a revolution in the way we conduct business. Efficient resource management, better planning, and data generation are all benefits of this digitisation. An IT-enabled workplace is becoming the norm in every sector. The growth of SaaS (Software as a Service) products is a major reason for this workplace transformation.

With the advent of staff management platforms, companies can handle their HR functions easily. Custom software and integrated applications are all part of this. These staff management platforms can save a lot of time. By streamlining employee attendance management systems, they bring overall efficiency.

Why is Staff Management Important?

The most important asset of any company is its employees. It is the most valuable resource that can facilitate a company’s growth. But, optimal utilisation of human resources is very critical. This impacts both productivity and cost optimisation.

Usually, staff management includes -

  • Staff attendance management system
  • Employees leave management system
  • Keeping track of work allocations
  • Performance documentation
  • Salary and incentives disbursal
  • Appraisals and promotions.

Staff management spans multiple departments, including finance, HR, and operations. Nevertheless, the HR and personnel department coordinates all these activities. Whether small or big, every business requires a modern staff management system. They help in tracking all the employee-related activities very easily. For example, OkStaff is a staff management app by OkCredit offering numerous functionalities. Let us explore the upcoming trends in employee attendance management systems.

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Gone are the days where employees put their signatures on ledgers for daily attendance. On the other hand, monthly salary calculations are a big headache for the HR personnel. Now, the entire spectrum of employee management has shifted to digital format. Staff management platforms are redefining the human resource functions in an organisation. They offer seamless integration across multiple platforms and devices. This is true with OkStaff, an innovative staff management platform from OkCredit. It avoids tedious paperwork for small businesses.

What are Staff Management Platforms?

A staff management platform is a digital version of employee management procedures. It includes a software-based online system that streamlines all employee activities in one place. It helps in the effective management of daily activities, offering a robust monitoring system. The system includes an employee attendance management system, leave management, and workflow monitoring. There are numerous employee management platforms available in the market. The basic version takes care of all HR functions. But, the higher versions are capable of managing daily work schedules.

In the wake of Covid-19, most companies have adopted remote working. Many staff management platforms also support work collaboration and tracking. But the most important feature of any staff management system is the capacity to collect helpful data points. This data can be retrieved at any point in time to gain useful insights. For this reason, your business should immediately adopt a staff management app. OkStaff is an easy-to-use android application that is very helpful for your business. It takes care of all your employee attendance and leaves management worries.

Advantages of Having a Staff Management Platform

In today’s world, no company can prosper without adopting digital strategies. The switch to staff management apps is crucial for business growth. Most HR managers prefer these applications due to their scope for increased productivity. Check out some of the major advantages of a staff management platform for your business.

  • Customisation based on the nature of your business
  • It helps in saving precious time on routine activities
  • Timekeeping
  • Complete work history of the employee
  • Useful data generation for performance analysis
  • Compatibility across multiple devices
  • Remote monitoring and collaboration

For small businesses, such systems are crucial for increasing overall performance. But, it is equally beneficial for the employees. It helps them in keeping track of salary details. This is very useful for tax filing. The system also comes in handy for leave-related aspects and promotions.

Tips for Staff Management Using Digital Platforms

A staff management platform is highly beneficial for your organisation. It certainly improves your HR processes and improves efficiency. However, most of the features in such applications are under utilised by many companies. Organisations should completely utilise employee attendance management systems for performance optimisation. Here are some of the best tips for staff management.

1. Analytics and insights

The biggest advantage of a staff management platform is its ability to generate and store enormous data. First, there is plenty of operational data that can be used. The number of days of attendance, leave days, etc., are examples of this. Applications such as OkStaff, use this for automatic salary calculations. Additionally, there is proxy data that can be further analysed. But you should have a clear plan to segregate useful data for further analysis.

Such analysis can help provide key insights into workplace productivity. It is a repository of the entire work history of an employee. This can be used for appraisals and promotions. Also, the HR department can plan new training activities based on the insights.

2. Integration with project milestones

Nowadays, a staff management app provides multiple functionalities. There are features for work allocation and remote collaboration. It is advisable to integrate your monthly project targets into the system. This can be integrated with the workflow of various teams. It would be interesting to see the percentage of effort contributed by different team members for the project completion. The creation of colourful dashboards is an excellent way to represent this. Such representations are also useful for creating progress reports.

3. Training for HR staff

The HR department handles all the significant aspects of staff management. So, naturally, the personnel in the HR department are likely to interact more with these platforms. Proper hands-on training modules are necessary for creating awareness among the HR personnel. The advanced versions of most staff management platforms integrate a lot of functionalities. A thorough understanding of each of these features is very crucial for maximum utilisation. This helps in seamless integration across various functions. Companies can use this as an opportunity to streamline all operations for increased productivity.

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4. Promote transparency

All data about an employee is recorded in the staff management application. This removes subjectivity in employee assessment. Such data is available for scrutiny at any time, especially during a promotion. The HR department can use this data to promote transparency in all activities related to the company. Also, use this as a concrete base for open communication with your employees. It helps in trust-building and is an excellent corporate governance practice.

5. Timely backup

An enormous amount of data is collected through the platform. Most of it needs to be retrieved at regular intervals. It is crucial to have a proper backup of these details. You can make use of backup systems or cloud storage options for this. Many employee attendance management systems are offering such storage operations. Utilise these resources to protect your data for long-term use. New applications like OkStaff are ensuring 100% automatic data backup.

These tips for staff management using a good platform can work wonders for your organisation’s performance. This will ensure that you efficiently use the staff management platform.


A staff management platform can streamline all your HR activities. It acts as a one-stop solution for employee attendance management and salary disbursal. There are many staff management

apps available in the market. Selecting a suitable platform can be challenging. But your organisation always deserves the best. Choose a system that offers numerous features and data privacy. For small business owners, mobile-friendly platforms are the best choice.

With multiple language support and attractive features, OkStaff is the perfect staff management app for your business. It offers attractive features for employee attendance management and tracking. Use this opportunity to digitise your business and take it to new heights.

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Q. Why is digitisation important for small businesses?

Ans. The entire world is moving towards complete digitisation. Nowadays, the majority of cash transactions are shifting to online mode. At this point, it is important to digitise every aspect of your business. It saves time and promotes ease of transaction.

Q. How can proper staff management help your business?

Ans. Your staff is the most important resource in your organisation. Streamlining all your business activities can help in engaging them effectively. This is important for business productivity as well as employee well-being.

Q. Are staff management platforms useful?

Ans. Yes, advanced staff management platforms such as OkStaff help in the seamless coordination of your HR activities. This reduces manual work and saves precious time. It is also useful in providing useful data for future use.

Q. How to choose the best staff management platform?

Ans. You can choose a staff management platform based on your company size and requirements. Always select an application with high ratings on the Android app store. Ensure that the application offers 100 % data privacy.