OkStaff: Benefits, Better Staff Management & More!

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OkStaff: Benefits, Better Staff Management & More!

Why should you use OkStaff?

In this blog you will learn-

✅ All about OkStaff

✅ Benefits of Using OkStaff

✅ OkStaff for Business

✅ How OkStaff can help you grow your business?

✅ Types of Business who can use OkStaff

✅ Characteristics of OkStaff

All About OkStaff

Has staff management and attendance calculation been always a hassle for you? Or have you been miscalculating salaries, hence, developing trust issues amongst your employees? Well, worry not, as OkStaff is here to put an end to all your calculation and administrative needs.

💪🏻OkStaff: A free-of-cost application curated for all Android mobile phones is all you need for running things smoothly.

🙌🏻Its user-friendly interface enables users to navigate comfortably and get tonnes of work done within minutes.

👐🏻All entries and invoices can be done via OkStaff for automatic calculations and record keeping.

👌🏻Helps manage all attendance related matters depending on full-day, half-day, overtime, or absence all in one app.

Benefits of using OkStaff

  1. It will help make your calculations easier while eliminating the need for pen and paper.
  2. You can stop worrying about upcoming or remaining payments with the automatic update feature built in the application.
  3. Keep a transparent relationship between the boss and co-workers.
  4. OkStaff eliminates the need to go through multiple ledger books, software, and other costly tools.
  5. Check History of staff attendance/salaries to maintain a work level discipline.
  6. Helps to avoid internal conflicts related to payments and other business matters.
  7. No need to maintain an additional Salary Khatas for your employees.
  8. Provides accurate breakup of salary for no additional confusion.
  9. It helps to send automatic WhatsApp alerts per customer.
  10. Also provides SMS alerts for customers/workers not using smartphones.

OkStaff For Business

  • OkStaff is bought for you by OkCredit (A mobile-based solution for small business owners and their customers to facilitate the recording of credit/payment transactions digitally all over India.)
  • OkStaff will help you in-
  1. Keeping track of staff attendance
  2. Marking present/absent accordingly
  3. Curate salaries according to week/hour/daily/monthly
  4. Set reminders for due and upcoming payments
  5. Maintain separate customer profiles
  6. Have a clutter-free staff management system
  • OkStaff eliminates all your problems related to team supervision & helps build a healthy relationship between you & your workers.
  • It will help you digitise your business and be a part of Digital India.
  • Regularly updated with the most advanced software to enhance your user experience.

How OkStaff can help you grow your business?

  1. Enforces an organised style of management amongst small companies as well as medium-scale businesses.
  2. No negotiations or negligence related to salary plus attendance amongst employees.
  3. Provides an early reminder for any due payment, pending transactions, or upcoming salaries.
  4. Automatic calculation helps to avoid any inaccuracy.
  5. It saves a lot of time from the manual methods of calculations.
  6. Helps develop greater business ideas due to additional time achievement.
  7. Free of cost helps all businesses save lots of money, which can be further put to various uses.
  8. All digital payments can be recorded offline to keep the trace.
  9. You can download all -salary slips, attendance records, and other reports generated in the app via PDF format.

Types of Businesses who can use OkStaff

  1. Schools, Colleges & Coaching Institutes
  2. Apparel & Garment Stores
  3. Vegetable Vendors, Fruit Shops & Dairy Stores
  4. Banks & Financial Organisations
  5. Medical Stores & Pharmacy Stores
  6. Kirana Stores/Grocery Stores & Supermarkets
  7. Restaurants & Hotels
  8. Wholesalers & Distributors

Characteristics of OkStaff

  1. User-friendly interface for quicker navigation👍🏻
  2. Cost-effective🎯
  3. Time-saving⏱
  4. Automatic Data backup📲
  5. Generate instant reports🖨
  6. Send instant SMS Alerts✔️
  7. Quick WhatsApp alerts✳️
  8. Accurate salary breakup💯
  9. Clear history tracking⏮
  10. Multiple style attendance and salary format🛂
  11. Maintains transparency✅
  12. Reduces individual labour🚫
  13. Doesn't allow fraud registration📵
  14. Works via OTP (One Time Password)🔢
  15. 24*7 guide and helpline provided🔄
  16. Helps to grow all businesses/companies📊
  17. Enables proper Payroll management📑

OkStaff can-

  1. Add your customers
  2. Customize the profile photos/details
  3. Record all transactions
  4. Send easy payment reminders
  5. Receive instant payments
  6. Manage contact information
  7. Provide on-demand clarity
  8. Add/Edit/Remove clients

With OkStaff - leave all your worries & start getting wooed by this seamless Staff Management app!

OkStaff ke saath bane Digital India🇮🇳 ka digital hissa!

Download OkStaff for free today.

For any assistance please don’t hesitate to ping us on our WhatsApp support number +919538028406 & we’ll be happy to assist you.

For more information or queries, you can email us anytime at help-okstaff@okcredit.in.

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