How to keep your staff happy? Best tips for effective staff management

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How to keep your staff happy? Best tips for effective staff management

How to keep your employees happy while many of them are working from home is a big challenge for most employees. Due to the unprecedented crisis worldwide, employee morale is at an all-time low, and stress levels are soaring. Most employers are devising tools and support to pull their entire workforce together and get over this situation. The thinking now is that realistic output supersedes the number of hours an individual spends on the job.

Previously employers had some fixed ideas on how to boost up the employee morale-catered lunches, fancy dress parties, free yoga classes-are testimonies. In large organisations, staff management is looked after by a specialised department like human resources or personnel. Human resources also look after growth, improvement, and training. But senior managers also had a responsibility to look after the well being of those working under them.

Facing the new challenges

Many employees are living in solitude, away from their loved ones. Most families are struggling with the home-schooling of their kids. Particularly the working mothers are feeling the brunt. And since furlough and pay-cuts are the new normal, there are lots of insecure feelings about the overall career prospect that is pulling down productivity.

In a physical workplace, senior employees used to take juniors out for walking-meetings, shared a friendly vibe, and also enquired about their well-being. But such walks, or even a simple thing as a hug, is not possible in these times of Team and Zoom meets.

Practical staff management tips for boosting employee morale

Progressive organisations are now embracing the mantra of ‘employee welfare is our welfare’, and are taking any of the following steps to keep their staff happy:

1. Providing support groups

Many companies are providing a support group for employees who are living alone.

2. Helping parents

Many companies have a policy that allows full salary payment for parents who juggle with their kids, regardless of the hours worked. They are also changing their work patterns according to their needs.

3. Focus on mental well being

Managing mental health is very important to reduce burnout, and companies are engaging behavioural coaches, licensed therapists, and mental health professionals. Sometimes companies buy mental health apps and meditation apps to promote mindfulness among the staff. Sleep therapies are also much popular.

4. Communication is key

Communication is a 2 -way-street between employers and employees, and the former has to take feedback from the latter to keep them happy. Company newsletters help to promote employee well-being programs. You can also use a business messaging tool to communicate so that the whole team is on the same page.

Bosses can spend 20 minutes a day with their team over a cup of coffee and discuss if the team needs any help. The time that the staff gets up from their desks is significant, as it gives them a break.

Interactive tools such as chatbot and virtual meetings with senior managers can help employers ascertain the overall mood of employees. Conducting weekly employee surveys can help achieve the same.

5. Nurturing the Team

The nurturing of the team is a great way to boost corporate growth. As an employer, you should always appreciate and reward your employees. A simple gesture, for example, a monthly work-dinner on achieving targets, or an email congratulating an employee, will motivate him to work harder.

6. Invest in Training

If the employee is a high performer, training him can help him in acquiring new skills. You can send him to attend conferences or training workshops.

7. Fringe Benefits

Fringe benefits are an effective way to retain and recruit staff. Retirement benefits paid time off for sickness or vacation, free gym membership, or free home internet are all examples of fringe benefits. Many companies provide a well-being calendar to employees, like free painting or yoga classes. Lifestyle enhancement benefits like fitness classes, mental health counselling, and enhanced medical benefits are also part of the package. Employee assistance programs and a flexible work schedule keep the workers happy and loyal.

8. Salary Management

One of the trusted tips to manage staff is good salary management. It helps to put in place a system ensuring the accurate and timely payment of salary, while at the same time follow the proper laws and regulations. Some of these are labor laws and the laws relating to Provident Fund. As a result, your employees are happy, and you are also compliant. Some of the other aspects are flexible benefits, leave encashment policy, etc.

There is a Salary Manager app allows employers to define the criteria for an advance salary. It may come as a support for the employee in times of an emergency. Employees can use this app to apply for an advance salary remission online over the network.

How to manage staff and salaries?

Many employees quit citing salary as the main reason. We offer the following tips to help manage the staff’s salary expectations:

  • Salary transparency reflects the organisation’s values and commitments to its employees. How you handle salary management, including benefits, bonuses, equity, and promotions, contributes to employee satisfaction.
  • Employees have different needs. Hence, you need to know what is significant to them as an individual.
  • Clearly explain the pay and promotion process so that the employee understands the path forward.
  • Take advantage of online resources such as salary guides to find out the compensation which other employers are giving.

9. Attendance Management

Many companies have introduced Facial Recognition Technology based attendance.

Management System: It ensures that the workplace is safe and secure from any contamination.

10. OkStaff App (Download here!)

OkStaff is a free staff management app that lets you manage your employee’s attendance, salary, and a lot more. It is brought to you by OkCredit, and it helps you to manage your employees better. It helps businesses in the following ways:

  1. It eliminates the use of numerous ledgers to reconcile advance, bonus, overtime, and pending salary.
  2. It will help to build a trust factor with your employees by calculating the absent days accurately.
  3. Since salary payments will be on time, your employees will be happy!
  4. Since it will automatically calculate the salary payment, the HR and Admin department will save time.
  5. It has made attendance management very easy. Whether a staff comes a full day, half-day, or is absent, it is all recorded in one place.

Employee relationship management is significant to keep your employees engaged, happy, and motivated. The final goal is to manage and improve employee retention. And always express your gratitude to an employee who performs well; a heart-felt thank you never fails to win hearts!

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Q. Is there any way I can keep my employees happy without giving them a raise?

A. Yes. You can create a positive work environment where the employees will feel connected to the organisation.

Q. How do I keep my employees from leaving?

A. Try to make your employees feel like business partners and that they have invested in the company.

Q. How do you handle staff with personal problems?

A. Be compassionate but fair. If you feel that the problem is genuine, extend help or counsel by all means.