OkStaff: Here's your ultimate FAQ guide on OkStaff & how it works

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OkStaff: Here's your ultimate FAQ guide on OkStaff & how it works

OkStaff - Manage Salary & Attendance - By OkCredit!

What is OkStaff and how to use it for work?

  1. Managing your staff and salary can become tedious at times.
  2. More and more businesses are opting for digital methods or taking their entire business online to stay updated.
  3. With various software at your disposal, it becomes harder to choose the one that matches every company's need.
  4. Hence, OkStaff. A comprehensive and easy-to-use digital staff+salary management app that is free of cost.

In this blog, we are going to answer some of the commonly asked questions and queries regarding OkStaff.

Is OkStaff a paid app or free of charge? If yes, what is the cost?

OkStaff is an absolutely free to use application and has no additional or hidden cost or pricing whatsoever.

Where can I find more information on OkStaff?

For detailed information on OkStaff, you can:

  1. Read this blog: OkStaff: Your one-stop solution for Staff & Attendance management.
  2. Check out the App: OkStaff.

What language is OkStaff available in?

Currently, OkStaff is available in the English language. We will keep updating about new languages as it progresses.

How to use OkStaff?

If you want to try out OkStaff in general, login won't be necessary. Check out the following steps to start using this app-

Step 1- 📥Download app from Google Play Store

Step 2- ✅Verify your mobile number with an OTP

Step 3-🔤Add your ‘Business name’

Step 4-☑️And that’s it! You are ready to use the amazing OkStaff app!

A full-fledged app that offers simple and secure staff management solutions

How to add Staff to OkStaff?

Step 1- Click on the Add Staff option in the app.

Step 2- Add the needed details like- name and mobile number.

Step 3- After this, you can add other information like- salary amount, type of salary: weekly, hourly, monthly, or daily, working hours, holidays, etc.

Step 4- You can also add any upcoming salary, due payments, or balance amount, per individual.

Step 5- After this, you can add information like- photograph, job title, joining date, and start SMS alert for all updates.

Step 6- Click on Save Details and you're good to go.

How to add Payment to OkStaff?

Step 1- Click on the employee's name to start the process.

Step 2- Then click on Add Payment.

Step 3- Choose the type of payment like- Salary, Bonus/Allowance, Penalty, or Advance.

Step 4- Enter the payment amount, date of payment, and click on Save.

How to mark daily attendance on OkStaff?

Step 1- Click on the A or P option that's given after the Staff's name.

Step 2- Select timing- Full day, Half day, or Overtime.

Step 3- Add details like- Working hours, and amount to be paid.

Step 4- Click on the Tick Mark and mark the attendance for that day.

How to mark attendance for Past and Future Days on OkStaff?

Step 1- To add past attendance, click on a staff's name and open their Account profile.

Step 2- Click on the Attendance button, it will display a daily calendar.

Step 3- Choose your desired date and mark your attendance.

Step 4- For adding any staff's past attendance, click on the A or P option that's given after the Staff's name.

Step 5- You will be taken to a screen displaying Full day, Half day, & Overtime along with Amount to Pay.

Step 6- Click on the Tick Mark and mark the attendance accordingly.

Is OkStaff available on iOS?

No. Currently, OkStaff is only available on Android's Google Play Store.

How to login to OkStaff?

Step 1- Click on the Login button to get started.

Step 2- Add your mobile number and enter your OTP (One Time Password).

Step 3- Then enter your business name and your login is successful.

How to add staff from other countries to OkStaff?

If your staff has an Indian Mobile Number, then it can be added to OkStaff.

How to delete staff on OkStaff?

Step 1- Click on Staff dashboard and Select Profile.

Step 2- Select Delete Staff and click on Confirm.

Step 3- Your Staff dashboard is updated.

How to add 7 days of working on the OkStaff app?

You do not need to select any day in “Weekly Holiday” while creating a staff profile.

How to change SMS language on the OkStaff app?

  1. In general Hindi, English SMS languages are supported.
  2. To change the language setting for each staff member, visit Staff Profile.
  3. Navigate to the “Communication” section and choose the desired language.

How to send SMS alerts on OkStaff?

  1. You don't need to add any additional updates as it is done by default.
  2. SMS is sent to staff members unless you disable SMS alerts while creating your staff profiles.
Multiple features to keep record and send reminders

Will salaries get calculated & attendances get marked automatically on the App?

Yes. Once you have filled in all customer information and payment details, calculations will be done automatically by the app.

How would salary get credited to my staff via the OkStaff app?

  1. OkStaff doesn't help in NEFT, UPI, or generate payrolls.
  2. Salary needs to be paid either in cash or using banking services.
  3. The entries and invoices can be done in OkStaff for automatic calculations and record keeping.

How to download a salary slip on OkStaff?

Step 1- Click on Staff dashboard

Step 2- Then navigate to Download Report.

Step 3- You can Download the Report in PDF

Step 4- You can also share the PDF report on WhatsApp with your staff or anyone.

Can employees get access to the app?

No, they will receive SMS/WhatsApp notifications when you mark their attendance or make an entry for Salary or Advance.

Can I share the app with other businesses?

Yes, you can visit your Profile page and click on the “Share on WhatsApp” option.

Download OkStaff for free today.

For any assistance please don’t hesitate to ping us on our WhatsApp support number +919538028406 & we’ll be happy to assist you.

For more information or queries, you can email anytime to help-okstaff@okcredit.in.

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