All About Pencil Manufacturing Process & Pen Manufacturing Business.

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All About Pencil Manufacturing Process & Pen Manufacturing Business.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction To Pencil Manufacturing & Pencil Business

2. Is A Pen/Pencil Manufacturing Process Profitable?

3. How to Start Pencil/Pen Manufacturing Business?

Pencil Manufacturing Machine

FAQs On Pen Manufacturing Business

1. Introduction To Pencil Manufacturing & Pencil Business

Beginning a pen or pencil manufacturing business is one of the best ideas entrepreneurs should look out for. Due to the age-old usability of pens and pencils, and the fact that its purpose cannot be replaced by any other product, it is wise to think about how to start a business now and make it grow. Among the varied business options available, the business option of a pen/pencil deems to be a profitable one.

With education becoming the most crucial necessity among humans, people are likely to be more interested in investing in the realm of education. The pen is one such product known as a valuable business option and on a large scale. With the rise in popularity of these products, you can see that there are both local as well as global brands manufacturing pen/pencils for distribution.

2. Is A Pen/Pencil Manufacturing Process Profitable?

Certainly, yes! Today, it is ideally becoming the most competitive industry, because of its usability in the arenas of life. Today, most entrepreneurs are primarily drawn to investing in pens/pencils and amalgamating them as one of the best business ideas. This is further increasing their focus on the distinctive facets of the business. A pencil and a pen are essentially the foundation of education and the essential thing in everyday living.

Although the digital world has taken the world by storm, the pen and paper business still do not lag. They still share the same value and prominence that they had a few decades ago. Their usage is indeed outgrowing each day, with the demands being met by multiple brands and agencies spread across the market.

Does It Have Market Potential?

The market potential of a pen/pencil manufacturing business is fair, though it keeps on changing on a real-time basis. One should wait for the right time before beginning such a business. Due to the current pandemic, schools and offices are closed, and all are operating online, so the need for pens and pencils has been reduced. But in the upcoming time, as soon as everything will open up, there will be a sudden demand for the same, and it is wise to think about starting this business now.

3. How to Start Pencil/Pen Manufacturing Business?

Many people who wish to follow small scale business ideas, often ponder over the query of how to start a pen manufacturing business. Pen manufacturers are always in demand and this is the reason why there are several factories all around the world that produce millions of pens on a daily basis. If you are also planning to enter this industry, you would do well to make a thorough study of the various factors that affect the industry. You must understand that the market is highly volatile and that you need to adopt a powerful marketing strategy to ensure the company's survival and eventual rise to stardom status. In this regard, you should learn about starting a manufacturing business that will ensure your success.

1. Get in Touch with Experts in the Field

One of the best ways to find out about how to start a pen manufacturing business is to get in touch with a few pen manufacturing companies that are already established in the market. Once you have gained knowledge about how the entire business process is conducted at these companies, you can proceed to formulate your own plan for business operations. Make sure that you do not ignore the minor details that affect the entire functioning of the company. For instance, it will be prudent for you to get an accurate figure of the number of employees working at the company and the number of orders the company receives every month.

Manager is drawing a graph in increase company productivity
Pencil Manufacturing Machine

2. Focus on Marketing & Productivity

This information can be used to determine whether the business is on the right track or not. There are many ways that you can use to improve your sales figures. Apart from an effective marketing strategy, one of the most effective tools at your disposal is to increase the productivity levels of the workers. As such, you should ensure that you train your employees on different aspects of pen making and then give them proper training so that they can use their skills productively. If you want to know more about pen manufacturing business ideas, you will do well to keep these simple tips in mind.

3. Knowing the end result

The new business ideas are extremely enticing to all, even before the final results are evaluated. Hence, before you venture into the business, you must know a few things to take the final decision.

4. Here are a few to analyse the market

Analyse whether it is worthy of investing or not! If yes, you must proceed; however, if not, then you must not venture and think about investing in more new business ideas. Top Things to Consider: While Beginning Your Manufacturing Business

  • Make sure you do the right research about the pen industry in the state, the country, and the city.
  • Ascertain the worth that the industry has. Analyse the potential competition when you choose the market spectrum.
  • Ascertain the resources that you need for the business, and analyse whether they can be afforded by you or not.
  • You also must analyse the investment on the estimated capital.
  • In the end, you must see how much return you are likely going to get while investing.

If you have gone through the above-mentioned points, then you have clearly performed the feasibility analysis for the business. It includes researching the spectrum, meeting corresponding individuals in the field and keeping track of all the already mentioned factors.

a businessman is using laptop and its show digital marketing graph
Pencil Manufacturing Machine

Pencil Manufacturing Machine

If you have a foolproof business plan to proceed with, then nothing can stop your venture to reach the heights of success. That’s why, if you are willing to begin a pen/pencil manufacturing business, ensure that you have kept all the described considerations in the head. This will give your unique business ideas wings and let you taste success in no time. Make sure you take the best step ahead, keeping your future career in mind.

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FAQs On Pen Manufacturing Business

Q. What are the raw materials and manufacturing machinery needed?

Ans. Usually, the pencils are manufactured with the help of an automated machine. It is accumulated with the help of filter press, automatic shaping, ball mill, and more. These materials are wooden slates, pigments, glue, binders, driers, oil, and more.

Q. What is the manufacturing process?

Ans. In order to manufacture the lead, you must mix the high-grade graphite powder with the ball clay in the right proportion and in close adherence to the standards. Following this, you must charge it in a ball mill with the ideal quality of water, being followed by wet grinding. Additionally, it is also necessary to dry the pressed cake in order to eliminate moisture.

Q. What are the essential machines required?

Ans. Punching machine: This is beneficial to punch the plastic adapter in the barrel.

Stamping machine: The machine is beneficial in printing the name of the company that helps in promoting the company. If you are manufacturing in bulk, you can use the stamp for varied purposes.

Ink filling machine: This is beneficial in removing the air gaps between barrel, nip, and metal. This helps in getting rid of the air present between the inks, offering a smooth flow.

Drilled nozzle plate: This is beneficial in fixing the metal nip.

At the same time, you might also require machines in order to manufacture the pen's body, the cap, the tip of the metal, and more. You can purchase them in bulk as well.

Q. What is the cost required to start a pencil business in India?

Ans. You would need capital revenue of Rs 2 to 5 lakhs to start a pencil manufacturing business on a small/medium scale. It comprises the raw materials along with the cost of the machines. The costs can start anywhere from 1.5 lakhs and can rise up to 16 lakhs, depending on the capacity of the production. Thereby, one can conclude that it is one of the small profitable business ideas to start with.