20+ Extremely Profitable Business Ideas You Should Check Out!

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20+ Extremely Profitable Business Ideas You Should Check Out!

A List of Profitable Business Ideas in India

A business comes with its share of pros and cons. It is for people who have a lot of time and money, to build it from scratch and invest in it. A business is a startup about which one is very passionate. The main goal is not earning money but keeping clients happy and content in the process. It can be as random as selling panipuri on the street to owning a bakery. It is all part of being independent. Here are a few ideas in which one can build a business empire.

1. Tuitions

It is something that does not need a lot of preparation. You can teach what you are studying or have studied in the past. The Covid-19 pandemic saw a rise in online classes through Skype, Zoom, or Google Meet. These are reliable platforms to exchange knowledge. One can give demo classes before and then follow up as per their requirement. It is one of the best ways you can earn and is hassle-free. This offline method is probably the best method of teaching. You can go to the student’s place and teach or teach at your home. Though you can earn differently in both scenarios, the teaching process remains the same. It requires an almost negligible starting investment.

2. Content Creator

People are always on the internet looking for interesting content. There are various types of content creators working in different areas of interest. These areas may be blogging, vlogging, making meme pages on Facebook or Instagram, uploading videos on Youtube, etc. Although this might look like an interesting choice, it might take some time before establishing a name in this field. Usually these businesses require a low initial investment.

3. Content Writer

Those who have good writing skills can take this as a new business idea. One can freelance in this field and earn a lot. You can form a small group of people who can do this job and deliver results. Here, the clients will be companies wherein you reach out to them and generate the source. Nowadays, schools and colleges need content writers who can document their achievements and post them online. The need for individuals who can do this job is very high, especially among business owners who advertise their products online.

4. Painting

If you are good at making art, you can make paintings and sell them. There are halls available in various cities where one can advertise their products or sell them. A unique piece of art can fetch a handsome price. It is one of those fields where passion meets with the profession. The result is always rewarding.

5. Handicrafts

Many individuals are good at fashion designing. If you are pursuing this career to get a degree in this field, this business is for you. Handicrafts include the making of earrings, necklaces, handbags, embroidery, etc. There are endless demands for handicrafts for decoration purposes. Individuals who have a keen sense of artistry excel in this field, including decorating glasses, bottles, dishes, mugs, etc. Investment is required for buying handicraft materials such as colours, art and craft materials, etc.

6. Photography

This business does not need any degree to excel. A good camera and a basic knowledge of lighting techniques are more than enough for starting the business. The demand for photographers is significantly high in the fashion industry. They also have scope for personal or wedding photoshoots.

7. Home Bakery

This business is the perfect fit for you if you love baking cakes, muffins, pastries, and cookies. People have started this business and are earning well from this. Be it birthdays or anniversaries, we cannot do without a cake. Homemade slices of bread are also highly sought after. This kind of business flourishes brilliantly through word-of-mouth marketing. Before you know it, people will come looking for your delicacies. It is one of the best ideas one can work towards and later own a shop of their own.

8. Renting

People need a roof over their heads no matter where they are. In case you have a lot of property or are lucky enough to have inherited land from your ancestors, you can choose to build a house and rent the place. The price of rooms to rent is high in metropolitan cities. Many people rely just on this for running their household.

9. Food Business

Another business idea is cooking and delivering lunch, dinner, and breakfast. It is something that will always have a client base. People in the corporate sector who do not have time to cook or do not know how to cook get food delivered to their homes. One can open a food joint and slowly make recognition in the market by providing high-quality services.

10. Fitness Instructor

If you love being fit, you can turn your passion into a profession. Put yourself online. Show people your results and then teach them through online classes. Another way to earn is to join as a fitness instructor in gymnasiums.

Gardeners hands planting flowers at yard

11. Gardening

People who are passionate about gardening can turn their hobby into a profession. One can grow saplings in their garden and then sell those. If one knows about plants, they can also make videos and put them online. This way, they can earn through pay-per-view policies. Gardening equipment is easily available at all places.

12. Transport Services

Transport services like Dunzo, Wefast, Saral, etc., are on the boom because of the number of products bought online every day. They also provide the facility of moving things from one place to another. Services like Swiggy and Zomato offer transportation of food items. Similar to these startups, one can start their own.

13. Translation Services

The scope in this field is vast. One can bring together people who are proficient in more than one language. Together, they can offer translation services to prospective clients. Translators work in various sectors of an industry or organisation. They are also hired as government officials or ambassadors. Learning a foreign language is any day an added benefit.

14. Designing

This business is for people who love designing or printing designs on T-shirts, mugs, bottles, etc. They can also personalise their products as per the client's requirements. These are in great demand on birthdays and anniversaries.

15. Graphic Designing

It involves making posts and videos to promote any client business. It can also convey messages visually through animated videos. It helps in focusing only on the crucial points through pictorial or graphical representations. Freelancers in graphic designing get highly paid by business clients.

16. Website and Application Development

Every great business needs a website to advertise itself. If it offers its services online, apps can also come to the rescue. Those people who excel in website and application development can offer their services to business clients.

17. Creating digital products

Creating digital products refer to the making of services that clients can use on your website. There are various online services such as compression and conversion of pictures, converting documents to PDFs, etc. One can also make study materials and provide them online at reasonable prices.

18. Online fashion platform

Graduates who have pursued Fashion Engineering can design sustainable clothing items and open an online platform for advertisements. The scope in this field is rising due to the increase in the number of Fashion Technology institutes.

Terrified instructor sitting in a learning car next to a female student driver

19. Driving Instructor

One can hire people who have the required license and driving skills to start a business of driving instructors. With the driving test being mandatory for obtaining a driving license, the driving instructor business is continuously rising.

20. Home Parlour

Those who have an ample amount of free space and have a keen interest in beauty can convert a room of their house into a beauty parlour. One can hire skilled people and provide services such as waxing, manicures, facial massage, foot care, etc. High-quality services lead to an increase in the number of customers.

21. Organic Farming

Organic veggies are in great demand these days. One can grow exotic vegetables like broccoli, asparagus, red cabbage, bell peppers, etc. These vegetables are very profitable to sell.


It does not matter where one comes from or what one does. If they have the necessary skills and determination, they will excel in any sector. A business is a startup in which one is very passionate. The main goal is not earning money but keeping clients happy and content in the process. Students can do part-time home-based business and earn straight away. It will help them with their expenses and provide them with a sense of independence. A satisfied customer will add to the profit in the long run.

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Q. How to increase your business in 2021?

Ans. Some ways to increase business in 2021 are partnering with large brands or running co-promotions, using social media to one’s advantage, starting a podcast, etc.

Q. What are some business ideas that will flourish in 2021?

Ans. Some businesses to invest in 2021 are content creation, translation services, transport services, food business, graphic designing, handicrafts, etc.

Q. Where are translation services used by businessmen?

Ans. Places where the business wants to establish its market to foreign lands require  translation services. Translators are offered jobs as various news reporters, college or country ambassadors, bloggers also.

Q. What scope lies in the website and application development business?

Ans. Every large business has a website or/and an app to support it. All the business promotions and advertisements are on the platform.

Q. What is the current scenario of fitness instructors?

Ans. Fitness instructors are earning quite well by teaching various fitness techniques such as Yoga, Zumba, Cardio workouts, etc.