7 Non-Technical Ways to Grow Your Business

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7 Non-Technical Ways to Grow Your Business

Starting a venture demands patience, investment, and continuous hard work. But to expand the business, it needs proven tips and tactics to achieve the defined goals for maximum profit and reach. Are you searching for non-technical tips to quickly grow your business without fuss and within a stipulated duration? Read the detailed write-up to know how to increase conversion rate of generated leads to achieve the targeted reach and profit via seven non-technical expert tips.

1. Research on Market Competition and Competitors

Before you start working on the strategies and tactics to improve the engagement level of your business, it is essential to analyse the current marketing model that your companies follow. Research on the latest market competition and competitors and compare both the cases to get insights into the areas of improvements in the existing marketing model of your business. To follow the mentioned analysis, you should keep the following pointers into your account:

  • Follow a continuous research and analysis cycle to study the current marketing and lead conversion practices and the strategies followed by your competitors.
  • Invest in the innovative and efficient app to conduct competitor research on online grounds and marketing tactics and analysis.
  • Keep an eye on the up-to-the-minute marketing trends followed in your sector.

2. Create Customer Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty programs are efficient ways to attract customers and generate leads for higher sales conversion and answers on how to grow your business online. Did you know that the customers prevailing the customer loyalty program benefits spend 18% more than the other customers? The customer loyalty program is a marketing approach to attract customers by recognising the loyal customers and providing them awards and perks for purchasing or engaging with the brand frequently.

So, it would be best to strategically plan out to launch the customer loyalty program by meeting out points or perks and grade customers to higher levels of loyalty to motivate them to engage, purchase, and avail more services and products from your brand. These gratuities and specific benefits will be upshot in the customer lead generation and conversion. You may consider some of the following benefits: launching the customer loyalty program, free birthday gifts, rewards points, early access to new products or sale launches, or discount coupons.

For instance, if your business deals with the e-commerce sphere, you may introduce bonus points as customer loyalty benefits. The consumer will receive a fixed number of points after he/she purchases from your website or refers to your business app among his/her friends. Later on, the customer can convert these bonus points to store credits and buy any product or service with the redeemed store credits.

3. Build and Maintain Effective Customer Email List

Are you thinking about how to increase conversion rate or how to grow an online business? It can be easily achievable through online marketing strategies or email marketing strategies. To create an effective marketing campaign, you should focus on the essential and primary need is to have an accurate targeted customer email list. Suppose your current mailing list does not generate effective or desired conversion rates. In that case, you might have an outdated customer email list with high unsubscribe rates, invalid email ids, or other related bugs.

Then you should assess your current lead generation strategies and start building an effective customer email list. To put together an effective emailing list, you should do proper research while carrying data mining strategies or searching the email list organically.

For instance, you may also launch targeted marketing campaigns to urge consumers to sign up or register on your website and acknowledge them by benefits. It will attract more customers and will help you to improve your customer’s email list.

4. Conduct Webinar to Promote Business Online

Did you know that launching a single webinar can result in around 1000 effective leads of potential consumers for a venture or a lead generation campaign? Webinar answers the question of how to grow an online business. It is effective if you search for sources to generate some targeted and fruitful leads for your business. You may refer to some tips mentioned below to conduct a constructive webinar for your venture:

  • Elect an engaging and intriguing topic for your webinar.
  • Promote your webinar details over different social media channels – blogs, e-newspapers, LinkedIn, social media influencers, Twitter, and more.
  • Coordinate with a distinguished and influential speaker or special guest related to the topic of your webinar.
  • Research the availability of attendees and pick the apt date and time slot for your webinar.
  • Organise digital conferencing tools to host the webinar online.
  • Dole out personalised reminder emails to the attendees.
  • Include a quiz session or short contest for the attendee.

5. Focus on Customer Satisfaction and Experience

Always remember that the consumer is the leader in the business sector, and to level up the reach of your business, it is critical to prioritise customer satisfaction and experience. Ensure that your business or marketing strategies should provide the best solution with a seamless customer service experience. You can follow some tips mentioned below to enhance the customer experience:

  • Do a follow-up via email with the customer to seek his/her experience rating and experience after delivering the product or service.
  • Adopt digital transformation such as SMS API, chatbots, website chatbots, or WhatsApp chatbots to slack down long wait queues and improve First Call Resolution (FCR).
  • Seek the assistance of the customer to improve the product quality if he/she doesn’t like the quality of the service or product.

6. Focus on Adaptability

Agility in business is helpful to build an efficient and profitable brand in the marketplace. So, ensure that your business is flexible towards adopting the latest technologies and embedding them in the current business model.

7. Improve Network and Build Effective Alliances

Networking is considered a key to multiple opportunities and growth. So, invest your time wisely while building significant strategic partnerships with the apt ventures and entrepreneurs. It would assist you in achieving and reaching a wide gamut of customers within a couple of months and answer how to expand business online. Recognising those strategic partnerships might be simpler verbalised than done. But then again, pursue ventures that are complementary to your domain and brand line. Touch base them and put forward prospects for functioning together to achieve bigger goals as a union.

Bottom Line

So, after going through the detailed and proven seven non-technical ways to get insights into how to grow the online business, how to increase the conversion rate of generated leads to achieve the targeted reach and profit within a dedicated timeline. Subsequently, without wasting much time, consider the mentioned seven tips, and plan your next steps towards expanding your venture reach and converting the lead deciding factors to achieve the defined goals.

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Q. How to improve the conversion rate of a venture?

Ans. To improve the conversion rate of your venture, you will have to work on the conversion rate factors and the dependent factors that result in lead generating. Primarily to get high conversion rates, you will have to work towards initiating high-quality lead generation tactics.

Q. How to grow my business online?

Ans. To grow your business online, you will have to build a website and improve a significant online presence on various social media channels. Different social media channels have their own set of algorithms that defines the reach and lead to each social-media post engagement statistics. Ensure that you have a business page of your venture on various social media websites, and it complies with the standards of the social media channel. So, as per social media’s algorithm, plan out your engagement activities such as posting images, videos, statuses, live videos, and more with mentioning CTAs as the link of your business website to grow your business online.

Q. What are the factors that affect the conversion rate of any venture?

Ans. Many factors decide the conversion rate of any venture; some of these are SEO, weak UI/UX of the website, customer service, loading time and responsiveness of the website, testing methodology, and more.