OkHackathon — Innovation meets Collaboration

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OkHackathon — Innovation meets Collaboration

OkCredit organises OkHackathon

Team OkCredit took its mission to transform a million lives with the power of technology to the next level with OkHackathon 2.0. The super techies took time out of their daily chores of work to innovate and come up with solutions for some pressing problems which OkCredit users encounter in their day-to-day business operations.

OkHackathon — a week-long Hackathon has been organized to celebrate the innovative spirit and team engagement. The themes for OkHackthon 2.0 were user delight and Internal efficiency. The Hackathon environment spiced up by the competitive spirit was a different experience for the participants from a regular workday in the office. The team came out of their regular way of thinking and working to provide technology solutions which will enhance the digital experience for small vendors. The biggest challenge for the contestants itself was to come up with the simplest at the same time compelling tech solutions for users who are technology novice and hence mostly get ignored by big technology providers.

It was a much-needed break for the techies from their daily tasks to be completely available and focused to innovate, explore, and develop solutions for some persisting problems. OkCredit team culture was very well visible at the Hackathon with the tagline — Do or Do not, but there is no try.

The two mentors — Prabhat Gupta, Head of Engineering & Data Science, and Gaurav Kumar, Co-founder & CPO supported teams throughout the hackathon since the ideation stage with advice, tips, and corrections to make each idea to a perfect solution.

Fourteen teams competed against each other with compelling ideas which made it extremely difficult for the judging panel to decide one final winner. Finally, team Charcha has been declared as overall winners- The Lords of Hack. Congratulations to the winners -Abhishek Gaurav, Mohsin Khan, Subham Modi, Karthik Srivatsa Chinmay Palo Sagar Bajpai.

Also a special mention to Vishal Aman and Shreyas Hari for organizing OkHackthon so well. A bunch of hackathon products will start rolling very soon.

“Given the remote working situation, it was great collaborating and working with people from other teams. We believe that a hundred shiny things won’t make sense until even one of them is of value to a user, and that is what all we did at OkHackathon. Thanks to the organizers for making this happen even with everything going on in the world and we are thankful to Prabhat and Gaurav for their mentorship and insights. Special thanks to Avishek, Amitesh, and Dev for helping us bring this idea to life”, said Abhishek Gaurav on winning the Hackathon.

Quote from Prabhat “We have been overwhelmed by the quality of entries at OkHackathon 2.0 and the deep passion shown by all participants. A couple of innovative solutions presented at Hackathon are so production-ready and we are thinking of taking a couple of days more to ship out these solutions at the earliest. Our key takeaway from the hackathon was a few amazing innovative solutions for some key challenges faced by our users in their day-to-day business operation”, said Prabhat Gupta, Head of Engineering & Data Science,

”It was super exciting to see everyone in these small teams wearing a maker hat and working relentlessly to ship it out like a bunch of founders invested in their ideas. It was a nostalgic reminder of the early days of OkCredit. Many congratulations to all 14 teams who hacked out production-ready software in just 4 days, all remotely”, said Gaurav Kumar, Co-Founder, and CPO.

Congratulations to the winners and all other participants.