Pharma Distributors In Mumbai: 2022 [Complete Details]

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Pharma Distributors In Mumbai: 2022 [Complete Details]

Pharmaceutical distribution involves the distribution of medicines and other related healthcare products by the manufacturer to the customer. Pharmaceutical distributors purchase medicines in bulk from pharmaceutical companies and distribute them to the retailers. These distributors are thus the middlemen between the manufacturers and the retailers.

Pharmaceutical distribution helps in connecting manufacturers with retailers and wholesalers. Pharmaceutical distributors in Mumbai are tasked with transporting medicines from the manufacturers to the consumers since as per the Indian Medical Act, it is illegal for a person to buy or sell any drugs directly from the manufacturer.

Pharmaceutical distributors in Mumbai deal with the transportation of drugs, medical devices, equipment, and other healthcare products.

Here are a few factors you need to keep in mind when deciding on the best pharmaceutical distributor to employ:

1. Track record: This is a measure of the company's ability to deliver quality products on time.

2. Market reputation: The market reputation of a pharmaceutical distributor can be easily established by speaking with people who are working with the distributor or have worked with them previously.

3. Reliability: You should do a background check and find out if the distributor has ever gone bankrupt or been involved in illegal activities.

4. Quality assurance: You should check if the manufacturer has a quality control system that spans the whole cycle from raw materials to finished products.

5. Financial capability: A financial audit report will help you learn about the financial situation of the pharmaceutical distributor.

Here are the best pharmaceutical distributors operating in Mumbai:

Top Pharma Distributors in Mumbai

1. Doshi Medicare Pvt. Ltd:

Doshi Medicare deals in various medicines, from over-the-counter (OTC) medications to prescribed drugs. It also offers a range of surgical items such as disposable syringes. In the non-medical category, Doshi Medicare sells detergents, soaps, and shaving creams. The products are carefully chosen for their quality.

Address: Ground Floor, Mancharam Building, 344, SVP Road, Opp. Lilavati High School, Mumbai

Phone Number: 66135100 / 66845100

2. Shantilal Brothers:

Shantilal Brothers deals in allopathic medicines, ayurvedic products, homoeopathic products, surgical items, medical equipment and many more products related to healthcare. The company has attained a reputed position in the sector by providing quality products at reasonable prices and also by ensuring timely delivery of their products to various customers across Mumbai.

Address: Ground Floor, Hemraj Building, 513, Jhakaria Bunder Road, Opposite Cotton Green Station, Mumbai

Phone Number: 022 2203 4012

3. Shubham Pharmaceuticals:

Shubham Pharmaceuticals delivers various pharmaceutical products in various dosage forms such as tablets, capsules, injectables, oral liquids and semi-solid items like ointments, creams, and so on.

Address: Front Hall, 2nd Floor, Mimraj Building, 405, Kalbadevi Road, Mumbai

Phone Number: 084510 08896

4. Crystal Medicines Pvt. Ltd:

Established in 1991, Crystal Medicines acts as a key contributor in the global supply chain of pharmaceuticals and medicines. They work in association with various pharmaceutical agencies and manufacturers such as Cipla, Himalaya, Abbott, GSK, and more. Crystal Medicines offers its extensive inventory to more than 5,000 chemists. Along with that, it also delivers drugs to nursing homes and hospitals across Mumbai.

Address: 208, 1st Floor, Atlas Mill Compound, BN Pai Marg, Reay Road, Mumbai

Phone Number: 022 2371 1818

5. General Drug Pvt. Ltd:

General Drug is a well-established pharmaceutical company and possesses rich experience in this domain. They cater to the needs of corporate hospitals, polyclinics, retail pharmacies, diagnostic centres, home care services, nursing homes and such. General Drug sells more than 25,000 products and has tied up with the best brands in the industry.

Address: 1st Floor, Hira House, 381-383, SVP Road, Near Lilavati High School, Mumbai

Phone Number: 022-66845100

6. Jay Pharma:

Jay Pharma has more than 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. It is associated with numerous national and international manufacturing industries.

Address: ⅘, Haroon Building, 186-188, Shamaldas Gandhi Marg, Mumbai

Phone Number: 022 2649 7288

7. Euphoria Healthcare Pvt. Ltd:

Euphoria Healthcare specialises in importing, exporting, manufacturing, and supplying various medicines, pharmaceutical products, and other health supplements.

Address: Unit 1/A, Empress Business Bay, MIDC Road, Andheri East, Mumbai

Phone Number: 074000 48278

8. Rahul Distributors Pvt. Ltd:

Set up in 1993, Rahul Distributors is a renowned name in the pharmaceutical industry. It aims to provide society with hygienic healthcare solutions. Its distribution network deals in generic medicines, speciality medicines, vaccines, branded medicines, cold-chain products, and so on.

Address: B9, 10, Royal Industrial Estate, 5B, Naigaon Cross Lane, Nr, Wadala Udhyog Bhavan, Wadala West, Wadala, Mumbai

Phone Number: 022-4220 2020 / 24153344

9. Ator Healthcare Pvt. Ltd:

Ator Healthcare deals in supplying various high-quality medicines and pharmaceutical products to multiple hospitals, chemists, nursing homes and such across Mumbai.

Address: Sonmur Apartments, SV Road, Malad, Near Marve Road Junction, Mumbai

Phone Number: 022 6752 5354

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Q. Which is the largest drug distributor in Mumbai?

Ans. Two of the largest pharmaceutical distributors in Mumbai are Amod Drug Agencies and Euphoria Healthcare.

Q. Who is a stockist in the pharmaceutical industry?

Ans. A stockist is a distributor who handles the inventory of more than one company.

Q. How do I become a Cipla distributor?

Ans. You can apply to the Cipla company office via email, message, telephone, or post to become a distributor. You can also approach the Cipla sales team.

Q. What does a pharmaceutical distributor do?

Ans. Pharmaceutical distributors act as intermediaries that provide drugs to pharmacies and other providers through manufacturers. They provide drugs to hospitals and nursing homes as well.

Q. How can I start a wholesale pharmacy business?

Ans. You need to first obtain authorisation to run a wholesale pharmacy business. You will need to apply for the licence, pay the fees, provide a declaration plan, site plan, key plan, and a proof of ownership.