Most Profitable Businesses of the Decade & Learnings for Small Businesses

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Most Profitable Businesses of the Decade & Learnings for Small Businesses

Launching a business is equivalent to gambling. One may possess the money and many customers in his business, but it's difficult to predict how the business will turn out after a year or more. And if we talk about a decade, we know that most businesses can't survive that far. Therefore one needs to find out if any such business stands the test of time. Hopefully, many such industries have stood the test of time in this decade and are also predicted to make hefty profits in the upcoming years.

If a person wants to start his business but doesn't have any idea about which business will be lucrative and stand the test of time, then here is a list of the decade's most profitable businesses.

10 Most Profitable Businesses of the Decade

1. Health

The health industry will be one of the most successful and largest industries in the future. It has become a highly diversified industry with plenty of opportunities for small business owners, and conventional health care facilities like hospitals and health care nursing homes are facing a significant fall in profitability.

Small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs must focus on simple and personalised health care. A small business owner can check the data about the contribution of the healthcare industry to the economy of the country.

The biotech companies are stealing the show in the healthcare industry with medicines and pharmaceutical products. Thus, one must know that there are tons of niches in the healthcare industry where a small business owner can invest his money and relax without thinking about its survival.

2. Technology

Technology is at the core of everything we do these days. Therefore it must not be surprising that technology is on the list of most profitable businesses of the decade.

It is evident as we all have seen the tech industry's landscape change over the last few years. The tech industry is still growing, and it will provide tons of opportunities for small business owners. The Tech industry is one of the highest profit margin businesses. The companies in the tech industry have grown tremendously.

A small business owner who is going to enter into this industry should focus on making their product user-friendly. In a world of gadgets and software, customers search for simple and seamless experiences and are enticed by companies that help them save time.

3. Energy

The energy sector comes in the top three best businesses to start. Sustainability and efficiency are the driving forces behind the energy industry. Population growth is also an essential factor that drives this industry.

This industry also provides a potential opportunity for international businesses. There are also opportunities for businesses between the energy sector and other sectors. Most people think that there is good scope in the renewable energy sector, but fossil fuel demand is equally high.

Revenues in the energy sector, especially in mining, have been predicted to grow over the next five years. Therefore if you are wondering how to grow a small business, you can start with the energy sector.

4. Media

Media can be an excellent industry for small business owners, to begin with, and covers many sub-sectors, beginning from television to channels such as virtual reality. The media industry is the site of tons of transition and convergence. Television channels and website channels are trying their best to create content to engage vast audiences. The media industry is closely related to the technology industry. Therefore as the tech industry grows, so will the virtual reality and media sector.

Nowadays, virtual reality and gaming are growing faster than any other media form. They have exceeded the television also. The Internet as media also has a fair profit margin. Therefore the media industry comes in the list of most profitable small businesses as one can use the media to set up a great business.

5. Consumer retail

E-commerce and personalised retail are the best sub-sectors under the consumer retail industry. Consumer retail is both offline and online. Aspiring small business owners can get the most benefits if they try the brick-and-click method. It means that the business must have an online presence and offline stores.

Digital channels also allow customers to purchase goods directly through advertisements. Such channels make it easier and give more opportunities to the customers to purchase goods more than ever.

6. Hospitality

The hospitality industry includes hotels, leisure, and restaurants. They offer numerous opportunities for those who are aspiring to be an entrepreneur. The hospitality industry has developed a lot in the last decade and will continue to grow; therefore, it also comes under the list of the most profitable small businesses.

As the spending power will grow in the next decade, business owners of hospitality industries will have to match the pace. Apart from generating revenues from tourism, the hotels also benefit from corporate meetings and events.

When restaurants are concerned, the owners must focus on sustainability and offer more vegetarian options for people who opt for vegan foods.

7. Construction

Construction is another industry similar to retail that has grown significantly in the last decade and will continue to grow. There are tons of opportunities for business owners in residential and commercial construction.

Due to the increasing population and housing shortages, the cost of living becomes sky high. This poses a great opportunity for business owners in the field of residential construction. This industry requires a lot of manpower; therefore, along with the employment, the industry is also growing significantly.

8. Finance

Finance is one of those industries that has lagged sometime in the past. However, startups have come up with intelligent solutions that can challenge traditional financial institutions such as banks.

The first and foremost thing a consumer demands from the industry is ease. If business owners in the financial space wonder how to increase business growth, then they must indeed focus on the process of simplifying the complex financial topics and make them approachable.

9. Transportation

Transportation is one of the most neglected sectors, but it has prospered tremendously in the last decade. Going for a shopping session or getting a car on rental all these involves the transportation industry.

If a person wants to be a business owner, he should begin with the transportation industry as it has shown growth in the last decade, and it is predicted that the transportation systems may become smart, automated, and data-driven. We may see autonomous cars shortly as well; therefore, transportation is one of the most profitable businesses out there.

10. Real Estate

Real estate is closely related to the construction industry. Thus, it is bound to be lucrative. A significant chunk of the revenue and output in this industry comes from agents, property managers, and companies that provide real estate-related services. This industry also includes rental services such as property rentals and rental of consumer goods.

Again, the real estate business comes on the list of most profitable businesses as it has been over the decade. Rising population and increasing prices, immigration- all have led to people craving for a house at a low price. These three factors are the driving forces that have led the real estate industry to bloom in the last decade, and it will continue to grow over the upcoming years.

These are the top 10 most profitable businesses of the decade that a small business owner should indeed check out and learn from them to make his/her business lucrative and strong enough to survive for an extended period.

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Q. What kind of businesses should a person start if he is interested in the healthcare industry?

Ans. Biotechnology and personalised healthcare are some of the best businesses in the healthcare industry that a person can start right now.

Q. What type of businesses should a person check out if he is interested in the media industry?

Ans. Television streaming and Virtual Reality are the best businesses in the media industry that one must surely check out.

Q. What is the Brick and Click method?

Ans. In the Brick and Click method, a retailer must have both an online presence and a physical store. This method helps to increase profits and saves the cost of shipping if a person wants to return a product.

Q. What should a person focus on if he wants to make his restaurant grow?

Ans. A person should follow the diet trend if he wants to grow his restaurant. For example, the majority of the world's population is turning vegan now. Thus the restaurants must focus on providing a huge variety of good vegetarian and vegan dishes apart from non-vegetarian dishes.

Q. What are some of the best real estate businesses?

Ans. Online brokerages and house rental services are some of the best real estate businesses right now. A person must surely invest in such businesses as they are predicted to grow in the next decade.