How to become a business broker & start business broker services?

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How to become a business broker & start business broker services?

Business brokers are also known as intermediaries in the stock market. They are professionals who indulge in selling or buying business stocks. They are responsible for handling the procedure right from business valuation to making its advertisement strategy. To become an excellent commercial real estate broker, it is necessary to learn each aspect of business operations and valuation. Brokers are also required to obtain the certification from the state where they are starting their brokerage business.

If you’ve been wondering how to become a commercial real estate agent or broker, this article will help you find the answers to your questions.

Follow these basic steps to become an effective business broker.

1. Understand the role and responsibilities of a business broker

Brokers are the intermediaries between sellers and buyers of businesses. They represent the seller and buyer at the same time. The aim of involving brokers in the deal is to make buying and selling of business more straightforward.

Here are the primary services of a business broker:

  • Analysing the actual market value of the business
  • Identification and investigation of potential buyers
  • Creation of selling and advertising listing related to the sale
  • Negotiating the purchase deal
  • Ensuring that the buyer has acquired proper funding
  • Other duties are required to close a sale
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2. Acquire the skills needed to become a real estate agent

Business brokers must have the collective skills of salesmen, intermediaries, and financial analysts in addition to having a specific business brokerage. He or she should be capable of quickly identifying from all the cold calls business people who want to sell the business. If you are new in the brokerage business, you will need to build relationships and handle the pressure of rejections even before cracking your first deal. This business asks for long hours of work and doing the same task repeatedly for the growth of the business. As a good business broker, having an excellent entrepreneurial spirit will ensure a rewarding career.

3. Gather knowledge about compensation and the job market

The compensation in the brokerage business varies between brokers and based on the deal they are cracking. The percentage of sales commission usually falls between the range of 8-12%. The market of business brokerage depends on the state of the economy and the GDP. If the total number of brokers in the market ranges from 2500 to 5000, it leaves ample opportunity for new brokers to enter the market; the commission applicable in that case is less. The best example of understanding how the state of the economy affects the market is the COVID-19 pandemic. It has shifted the focus of people towards online business. It is prudent to keep yourself updated with the latest trends by conducting thorough research on the innovations and technologies currently in the market.

4. Join an existing brokerage firm

To gain experience in the job and responsibilities of a business broker, it is advisable to join a brokerage firm. It helps you receive suitable training and mentorship from an experienced business broker. Initially, don’t focus too much on commissions; the training and experience gained are highly valuable in themselves. It will also help you get good leads and know the strategies of making a business scale. Learning from experience is the best way to understand how to become a commercial real estate agent.

5. Budget your finances well in advance

There is significant potential for earning a good income in this sector, but the risk is equally high. Never exhaust your emergency savings, as mere bad luck and market factors can drain your hard-earned income. Always save some money as an emergency fund before starting your profession as a business broker. Secondly, when you start making profits in the business, be judicious in your expenditures; don’t exhaust it on luxurious items and instead, start saving money in different schemes.

6. Apply for a license to become a business broker

To officially become a business broker, especially as a real estate broker, you will need a license. You receive your license by clearing the license examination. Writing the exam is another excellent way to get more experience. The coursework varies from state to state. While preparing for this examination, it is good to check with your state department to understand their specific procedures on how to become a commercial real estate mortgage broker or commercial broker, or business broker.

7. Focus on your personal attributes

A good business broker should know how to excel at customer service. It is only possible when you focus on personal attributes like sales skills. Sales are the most crucial aspect of this business, and being able to sell anything to anyone will pave the way to success in your business. Learn to make good sales strategies with a mindset of superior customer service. Be self-motivated and ready to work for long hours to develop great personal attributes.

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8. Gain experience by handling an established business broker franchise

After arming yourself with knowledge and experience, you can take the franchise of an established brokerage business. This is an excellent way to practice your skills as a broker, establish yourself in the market, and increase your income. An established and associated franchise makes it easier for a business broker to run a smooth business and make good profits. One can easily find many established and branded business broker franchises by searching online.


The profession of a business broker is a very lucrative career. Since no one can make huge profits and reap the rewards overnight in this profession, you will be successful if you persevere, work hard, and keep your knowledge of the market up-to-date.

Working as a business broker can be a brand new chapter of your life if you follow all these steps. It is a business where you work for yourself; all profits earned are only yours to enjoy. If you are looking for a change from your typical 9 to 5 job, then start planning your future as a business broker and prepare to meet new people and unlock new opportunities.

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Q. Is it a good idea to become a business broker?

Ans. A career as a business broker is highly lucrative. It demands hard-working individuals who are willing to plan for the future. The best part about the business broker profession is that you are your own boss, and you don’t have to follow the boring grind of a 9 to 5 job. Here, if the losses are your own, then profits are also your own.

Q. Can I earn good money on becoming a business broker?

Ans. A business broker’s job is a compensation-based profession that is earned through cuts from the business owners. The commission percentage varies from 8-12%. This business has substantial profits for the brokers if managed efficiently.

Q. What is the average brokerage fee?

Ans. The average brokerage fee applicable for availing a service is Rs 1000-Rs 2000. Initially, the brokerage fee was lower, but the profession’s increased importance increased the fees.

Q. Why is it important to consult a business broker?

Ans. A business broker is an intermediary for making the sale and purchase of a business. The broker does all the paperwork and plays a significant role in securing a reasonable price for both the buyer and the seller.

Q. What are the documents required while selling a business?

Ans. The main documents required to sell a business include:

  • An agreement stating non-disclosure confidentiality
  • Personal financial statement buyer’s form
  • Selling financing note
  • An agreement of offer-to-purchase
  • Financial statement of the business for past two years
  • Current business financial statement
  • Financial ratios and trends
  • Statement of seller’s earnings and cash flow

Q. What are the main steps to follow for selling a business?

Ans. Here are the main steps to follow for selling a business:

  • Define the objective of the owner and the exit strategies
  • Identify a value range for the business
  • Estimate the value before selling the business
  • Gather all financial data before putting the business for sale
  • Compile all information relating to due diligence
  • Know your target buyers
  • Do the pre-screening of all buyers to find out the qualified one
  • Negotiate the deal

Q. What are the types of businesses that brokers engage with?

Ans. Here are the main types of business in which usually brokers engage with:

  • Retail businesses
  • Food and drink-related businesses
  • Auto-related businesses
  • Manufacturing businesses
  • Services
  • Distribution businesses
  • Professional practices