20+ Trending Products to Sell Online in 2021

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20+ Trending Products to Sell Online in 2021

The E-commerce market is booming due to the pandemic in 2021. However, the business cannot do well if it does not understand the market trend and sell products that customers are looking for or in high demand. In this article, we will see some trending products to sell in 2021 that can boost your sales.

There is no doubt that the online market is booming like anything, and there are so many products in the current times that have become popular in terms of selling. In this article, we have divided the 20 products into different categories and mentioned the most popular products of every category. So here it goes!

Hair accessories:

Hair accessories are the best products to sell in 2021 as the fashion industry is in great demand.

1. Hair wig:

Everyone craves beautiful hair; it enhances the look of an individual. However, everyone can't have hair that is close to perfection. Hence hair wigs are in high demand. You can promote your hair wig by hiring a social media influencer. The demand for hair wigs is projected to grow further.

Different Textures And Colors / Accessory - Scarfs

2. Headscarf:

The headscarf is a timeless fashion accessory that women generally use to tie their hair up in the summer season. Headscarf in Italian silk is one of the best products to sell in 2021 because of its high demand. According to google trends, the searches for headscarves have been increasing. Whether you believe it or not headscarf will never go out of fashion.

Beauty and healthcare products:

3. Magnetic eyelashes:

Long, thick and beautiful eyelashes are the dream of every woman. That's where magnetic eyelashes come into the picture. It is a must-have product in the makeup kit for everyone. Social media is full of videos of influencers singing the praises of magnetic eyelashes.

Beauty and fitness:

4. Nail extensions:

False nails, acrylic nails, or fake nails, whatever you call it, this product is one of the trending products to sell in 2021. The beauty industry is growing day by day and is expected to grow even more. The popular hashtag on Instagram related to nail extension is driving the market.

5. Green Powder:

The demand for organic food is increasing as people are becoming health conscious. Similarly, the demand for organic green powder is boosting. Green powder is made up of extracts of probiotic vegetables and seaweed. It helps to increase immunity and decrease the risk of chronic diseases. In addition, it helps to keep the body healthy as it contains tons of antioxidant minerals and vitamins.

Hi-tech products & accessories:

6. Car phone holder:

The number of smartphone users is increasing day by day, and smartphone use during driving is widespread. A car phone holder ensures that your phone is safe because it's tough to keep your phone in the car and use it simultaneously. The car phone holder can solve the problem of talking on the phone while driving as it conveniently holds the phone, and people can talk by keeping the phone on speaker.

7. Wireless charger:

The wireless charger has been in demand for a very long time, and it seems that the trend will continue. Wireless market revenue is estimated to reach 22.25 billion. It is one of the best products to sell in 2021.

8. Phone cases:

The phone is a popular accessory that almost every smartphone user uses. Therefore, if you plan to sell phone cases, you will surely get many orders looking at the popularity of this product.

9. Wearable devices:

Wearable devices like watches, earphones, etc., are in high demand in the market. This is because it makes life easy and is highly convenient to use.

Pet products:

10. Pet food:

These days, people love to keep a pet in the house, and they consider them as family members; they provide the best quality food to keep the pets healthy, and the demand for pet foods is booming.

11. Pet carrier:

A Pet carrier is beneficial to carry the pet during traveling. People love to travel and carry their pets along with them. Pet carriers make it easy and convenient to consider selling this because the market is growing day by day.

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Fashion items:

12. Neon clothes:

Neon colour is hard not to notice as it is very bright. Neon clothes embrace a high-end fashion trend, due to which the demand for them is increasing tremendously. As a result, it is trendy among influencers.

13. Bra-top craze:

The bra top helps to get a perfect summer look. It is prevalent among fashion enthusiasts, and you can make a lot of profit by selling bra top craze due to its high demand.

13. Shapewear:

By getting a better body shape while dressing up, one can look dazzling, and shapewear can do that for you. In addition, it can make anyone look confident. There are various types of shapewear available in the market, and demand for each one is rising.

Sport & traveling products

14. Sport bottles:

People love sports, and this love has given a massive rise to the demand for spot bottles. It makes one look classy yet trendy.

15. Luggage suitcase:

Things related to traveling are in great demand as people love to travel to fulfil their wanderlust dreams. Document organising, backpack, packing cubes are some of the other items trending products to sell in 2021, but luggage suitcases top the list.

16. Mesh shoes:

Mesh shoes are used for athleisure wear. Also, some people use them for the workout. The order of mesh shoes is increasing substantially, and you would be making a tremendous profit if you plan to sell them.

17. Rear cameras:

Rear cameras can help the driver to see what's going behind. Apart from this, it has many more great uses. The order for the rear camera is substantially increasing in popular e-commerce sites like Alibaba.

Car products:

18. Car led light

Since 2017, led headlights are popular; it has brought many revolutionary changes. They are not hot like other bulbs and are brighter. Moreover, unlike monofilament, they last longer. Cars manufactured on realising their efficiency started producing it in great demand, consumers also understand its worth hence it is in high demand.

19. Car covers:

Car is an expensive thing, and people take all the effort required to keep it protected. The car covers are trendy in the market. It is a safe option to choose when you are thinking of selling online.

Fine jewellery:

20. Stackable rings:

Stack rings create a unique and customised look, and hence they are the most preferred jewellery. As a result, in 2021, there's been a substantial increase in its sales.

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21. Oxidised Jewellery:

Oxidised jewellery is one of the jewellery types that are loved by women across. These are considered to be timeless and proper traditional, hence much in demand by the women.


When looking forward to selling some trendy products online in 2021, you can always refer to this space. Tried and tested product suggestions will be given here.

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Q. What digital products are in demand in 2021?

Ans. Digital products are going to be the future; however, some of the digital product which is in demand in 2021 is

  • Membership of a digital service
  • Downloadable prints
  • Stock photography
  • Templates
  • Work-related to Graphic design

Q. Which items or industry has the best products to sell in 2021?

Ans. Fashion industry products are high in demand and are amongst the top-selling industry in 2021.

Q. What product sells fast?

Ans. It is always not necessary that fast-selling products will give you good cash flow and profitability, but some of them are:

  • Books
  • Clothing
  • Toy
  • Furniture
  • Sportswear

Q. Can someone make money by selling digital products in 2021?

Ans. Yes, the digital market is booming, and a massive chunk of money can be earned by selling digital products in 2021?

Q. What are the best products to sell in 2021?

Ans. The best products to sell in 2021 are many, but some are reusable water bottles, dog jackets, laptop skins, wireless charging stations, etc.