How to Name Your Online Store?

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How to Name Your Online Store?

If you want to name your online store and head to any marketing agency, you must be ready to pay a hefty charge for the service. You might be wondering how to name an online store. Well, you shouldn't stress much as you need to follow some basic steps. You may pay some charges to the digital marketing agency, and that's why they will think of some essential criteria like that the online store's name needs to align with. It includes reaching your target audience, memorability, product relevance, stops it, or uniqueness. It would be best if you didn't wave it thinking your online store wouldn't need it. It is undoubtedly a poor soldier which tends to become relatively standard. If you want to set up an online store to make only a living, you might not do anything as such. You must learn about choosing an online store name to create a brand name for yourself. Besides that, you would also want to learn about the best names for online stores. Lastly, if you plan to learn how to name an online store, you are on the right page.

1. Reach the Target Audience

The most important things one needs to consider include age, gender, class of your target audience, and the price factor of your products.

2. Price factor

Your online store name must be linked to the store's price level, i.e., markup or some price ranges of some articles if it sells luxury goods. Several online stores target the middle-class target audience, and only a few target the high-class target audience. It would be best if you considered these facts when you learn how to name an online store. It mainly seems there isn't any store serving the low-income class investors.

Hence, all online customers can be divided into at least three categories depending on their shopping price policy: lower price group that look for cheap or discounted merchandise, average price buyers looking for the lowest price margins, and lastly, the high price buyers who care about the good services or quality, prominent brand names instead of price. The name must convey the idea of what your store prices to your patrons. You must know that the name of your online store must be funny, mundane, simple, and playful. If you have high-end merchandise, it can be rich, funny, or posh. It can even be provoking.

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Neutral names are likely to be ideal for mid-price online shops. They are suitable for companies that cater to all clients that serve patrons irrespective of their income. Branding is also essential. It will gain importance in no time. Online shops also tend to have some psychological perks over brick-and-mortar companies. Some buyers tend to vary the expensive shops and find it challenging to communicate with a salesperson with offline shops. Some patrons are pretty busy visiting some shops.

Such people tend to dominate among buyers with a mid or high-level income. Online stores are mainly for such buyers who wish to complete the purchase whenever and wherever they want. They don't need to connect with the salespeople. Ideally, you must know that name is also a brand to learn to choose an online store name. If you own a store that deals only with inexpensive merchandise, you must have a corresponding design or positioning to attract the audience accordingly. On the flip side, if you have an online store selling cheap products, your design and advertisements should feel.

3. Gender

All of us know that women are likely to respond gently to a cute name or even the one which sounds flirty. But, on the flip side, male buyers can respond better to words regarding reliability or virility.

4. Age group

There are at least three age groups to learn about under how to choose an online store name. They are teens under the age of 20-21 years old, while the youth that counts under 21-30 years old, and lastly the middle age group which counts under 21 to 45 years old. In most countries, the internet is used widely by young and active buyers. The average age of internet users globally is around 27 to 30 years. Middle-aged people are, of course, balanced. Hence it would be best if you stayed away from loud names when selling goods to middle-aged groups. People above 30 years are likely to prefer harmony besides comparison. It would be best to consider it when deciding a name for your online store and target the middle age audience. For almost all the stores, young age is one of the most active users. Additionally, the teenager community is also likely to be quite favourable to the eCommerce environment.

5. Social culture

When deciding the best names for the online store, you need to consider the social culture, which is likely to include religion, lifestyle, and hobbies. It would be best if you thought about the differences and peculiarities when deciding the name of your online store. You can quickly build a brand if your name hits the target market well in time.

6. Product relevance

One of the essential elements you need to consider when deciding a name for your online store is product relevancy. It would be best to correspond to your product essence and qualities, which means your store's name must reflect some features and qualities regarding your product. For instance, if you sell female products like lingerie or cosmetics, your online store's name must connect with femininity.

7. Consider complexity besides memorability

A memorable name for your online store tends to influence your buyers significantly, so they will return to your site to make future purchases. Hence you need to ensure that the store's name is short so your buyers can remember it in no time.

8. Unique name

When choosing the best names for the online store, you need to ensure that you choose a unique name. The similarity is likely to make a huge difference, leading to a lot of hassle for your company. When it comes to uniqueness, you need to ensure that your name is both creative and unique. It shows how subtly and clearly the company's name illustrates the essence of your company.

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9. Consider combinations

When choosing your online store's name, you need to consider some combinations like the company or domain name. For example, the price factor combines with the product factor when goods sold are pretty costly. On the flip side, the price factor prevails over your product factor. The list is likely to be quite long, but you need to consider these rules instead of ignoring them.


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Q. What are some domain registration tips?

Ans. Firstly, to register your domain, you need to protect it from your rivals. Then, you can follow some rules and avoid future hassle.

Q. Does spelling play a crucial role in the online store's name?

Ans. Yes, spelling cannot be ignored as wrong spelling can cost you a lot of work and money. This might seem like a minimal consideration in reality, but the truth is, spelling does play a very significant role when it comes to choosing a name for the online store. To ensure your buyers find the right product online, you must choose the correct spelling.

Q. Do you need to consider product relevancy?

Ans. Yes, it would be best if you considered product relevancy as it plays a crucial role. The name of the online store has a direct relation with the kind of product which gets sold. Therefore, the name must have some relevance with the product type, as names cannot be changed now and then. Hence, while choosing the name of the online store, businesses need to consider product relevancy.