All about Twitter & Twitter Marketing

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All about Twitter & Twitter Marketing

How to make the best use of Twitter for your business?

Twitter is undoubtedly a powerful platform to increase your brand awareness and build powerful social networking for your business. There are more than 300 million active users on Twitter. Everyone is using Twitter for making a strong social media presence as it is the best platform for creating a unique identity of your business above your competitors.

How to build business and brand awareness on Twitter?

It is imperative to create a marketing strategy for the same if you want to engage with more followers on Twitter and make your business flywheel moving. Your successful brand awareness depends on your marketing strategy. The marketing strategy you will design for Twitter is of a similar kind as you are doing it for other social media platforms. The aim of creating a business profile on Twitter is to engage followers with your profile content. It should attract new followers towards your brand, boost the conversions, encourage new leads, grow your brand recognition, and increase your sales.

Read here some of the tactics that will help you know how to use Twitter effectively for your business and brand.

- Do proper research to know who your competitors are

Twitter is one of the best marketing tools that will help you know about your competitors and what marketing strategies they are following to create a business presence. It proves to be a great help in making your marketing strategies better developed than your competitor’s strategy. You can think out of the box to create a unique identity for your brand.

- Frequently audit your account

To make this possible, it is essential to audit your account. It is nothing but a quick wellness check of your business account. In the audit, you need to ensure all the business aspects are updated and accurate, as mentioned in your Twitter profile. If you have shared links in your profile, it should be working and redirecting your business website’s potential customers. It is a 20-minute procedure. The audit is done in three main parts:

  • Profile audit
  • Tweet Audit
  • Followers audit

- Should have a good understanding of your target audiences

Your business personas hold great importance in each aspect of brand marketing that includes social media platforms also. When you are drafting your business marketing strategy or creating content pieces, you should keep in mind your business personas are? Who is your target audience? What are the expectations of your target audiences from your brand? Are you meeting the expectations or not?

To make this process easier for your business and brand, Twitter shares with your demographic data of a target audience that matches well with the nature of your business.

When you open your Twitter account, there is a specific space in your profile where you can add links which will redirect your follower towards your website. If you are willing to increase your followers and gain credibility, you should avail the benefit of this Twitter feature. Not only website URL, but you can also add the link of your blogs, it will help people know more about your business. It will open a variety of business opportunities for you.

Benefits of using Twitter for your business

1. Allows you to connect with potential customers

Twitter’s importance is increasing rapidly because here, the business gets an excellent opportunity to connect with potential customers. It is not a platform where you connect with only new customers but makes your relationship stronger with the existing customers. By creating a business profile on Twitter, you can do the brand positioning in front of existing customers and hand all their queries also.

2. Create a brand awareness

Due to the exponential growth of social media platforms, you can easily connect with new users who are interested in your brand. Twitter allows doing brand endorsement with the help of promotional advertisements. Twitter helps in you selecting the right demographic data so that it reaches the right target audiences.

3. Experience real-time customer support

When you create a business profile on the Twitter Platform, it gives you an option to find out the audience who have shown interest in your brand or who has given adverse reactions or written negative comments. The benefit is that you can give quick resolutions to all the customers who have been dissatisfied with your product or services before the situation goes out of control. You can also directly interact with your potential customers who understand their expectations towards the brand. With all these inputs, you can be able to draft a better marketing strategy.

4. Drive traffic to your website

If you want to drive traffic on your website, there is no better platform than Twitter. The process of linking the platform with the website is easy. All you are required to do is enter the website URL and the business bio, especially when you are using the bio line in your tweets to get a reaction from your potential customers using the ‘Call to Action’ button.

5. Make use of Twitter Hashtags

The hashtag is a feature that nowadays is available on every social media platform, but it was the invention of Twitter. It plays a significant role in your engagement and discoverability on the social media platform. Try to make use of trendy hashtags that relate to your business. It will increase the reach of your tweets.

The Process of creating a business profile on Twitter

Creating your business and brand presence on Twitter is essential nowadays. When we are talking about brand awareness, one always considers the first impression. That determines the future of the brand. Your business profile is your last chance to impact your business in front of your targeted audiences positively.

You need to ensure each element of your business should be presented accurately, as your brand values, vision, and mission, to persuade the potential customer towards your business and brand.

Steps to follow

Step 1- Sign up

First of all, create a Twitter account for your business by signing in on Twitter. Add details like:

· Name
· Contact Details
· Date of Birth

Step 2- Customising of Personal Ads

After that, when you choose the option ’next,’ it will give you some options to make Personal Ads promote your brand.  Doing this will help you understand how others who are having the same business are doing brand promotion.

Step 3- Phone number and Email verification

The next step will be the phone number and email address verification. To complete the verification process, you need to click on the option “OK.” You will receive a verification code on your mobile and email, which you need to enter as a part of this process.

Step 4- Password Setup

On completion of the verification process, Twitter will ask you to set up a password.

Step 5- Add a profile picture

Now upload the profile and header picture that fits well with the nature of your business. It should be of better quality to create a strong visual consistency.

Step 6- Business Bio

After uploading the profile picture, write a short description of your business that should not exceed 160 characters.

Step 7- Shows your interest

After that, Twitter will ask you to share your interest to generate your feed with the topics related to your business and brand. You can also retweet or share the same with your followers. It will help you to connect with some of the new profiles also.

Step 8- Request for notifications

Click to allow ‘notifications to keep yourself updated about your recent followers or anyone who has retweeted your content or messaged you.

Step 9- Successful signing of the Twitter

Now you have successfully signed up on Twitter.


Your Twitter profile is nothing but your e-business card that should be short, simple, and informative. It is critical to grow, retain, and attract new followers.


Q. What is Twitter?

Ans: It is a social media platform that offers social media services to communicate and connect to family, friends, and co-workers services. Twitter allows you to do the posting of tweets, uploading photos, videos, or add links. It is a way to engage with people and increase your followers.

Q. How to send updates on Twitter?

Ans: You can tweet by logging on to or using an application or mobile device as per your convenience.

Q. What does it mean that you are following someone on Twitter?

Ans: It means you have chosen someone to know what they are updating on their Twitter profile. In other words, you have shown interest in reading their content.

Q. What are some of the great marketing tactics one can use in Retweet or Tweet for your business?


  • Public Industry news, for this, you can search on Twitter and retweet the same.
  • Sharing pictures of new services and products
  • Sharing news related to discounts and promotions using attractive pictures
  • Pitching your website blogs to third party platforms along with the short description
  • Make use of trending and relevant hashtags to increase the reach of your Tweet
  • Run Twitter polls and campaigns

Q. On what basis are Twitter accounts suspended?

Ans: The Twitter team will suspend your account when you violate the Terms of service, or a spam investigation takes place against your Twitter profile.

Ans: You are required to review the Terms of Service section, which is part of your Twitter profile. Here you will find ways to fix up all these issues.