12 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Solar Energy in India

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12 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Solar Energy in India

Being one of the most responsible nations of the world, even India is working relentlessly towards completely adopting renewable power. In fact, the Indian government has set a target to achieve 175 GW of installed capacity of renewable energy by the end of 2022, of which 100 GW is the target set solely for solar installations Benefits of rooftop solar panels and factors that further aid their installation in India. The way India is moving towards this mission, it is no surprise if the country had overpowered the US to become the 2nd largest country in terms of solar power generation in the world in 2019 itself.

The idea is switching to solar energy is not just an option but could be a compulsion in the future when the non-renewable sources of energy will get almost exhausted. Also, switching to solar energy is immensely advantageous in so many ways, then why not? Moreover, you being a responsible citizen of India should back the country in what it is trying to achieve. This is how you will not only play your part in making the mother earth cleaner and greener but also enjoy several benefits that perhaps were unknown to you. In this article, we will discuss the top 12 benefits of switching to solar energy in India. So, let's walk through them one by one.

Benefit#1: Lower Electricity Bills

Switching to solar energy will not only help you solve the electricity crisis but also help you save big bucks on your electricity bills. The electricity price in India is constantly increasing. The more you rely on solar power generation, the lesser electricity you will need to buy from the electricity company. India has anyway reached a mark when meeting one's daily consumption of electricity through solar isn't difficult as such. Moreover, the country also offers a considerable amount of returns on investment, guaranteeing you with better financial security.

Benefit#2: Upturned Property Value

Getting a solar installation can augment the worth of your property due to the lesser electricity bills that come. Whether you are leasing, selling, or renting your property with a solar installation, you can claim for a higher cost in return and close the deal much quicker than the same property without solar installation. So, for an augmented value of your property switch to solar energy.

Benefit#3: Secured Investment

Unpredictable and inconsistent electricity prices are something utility companies are famous for, and this is what has made use of solar energy an upward trend. In the case of solar installation, you can easily evaluate how much solar energy will cost you for the next 20 years. All you need is knowing simple mathematics. Switching to solar energy will help you know how much of your capital will be required approximately for electricity expenses, unlike the conventional sources of electrical energy where prices fluctuate quite often.

Benefit#4: Tax Benefits and Government Incentives

Every responsible human being and every country wants to contribute to safer and greener earth, and so does India. To encourage people to switch to solar energy consumption, the Indian government offers several tax benefits, whether it is residential or commercial solar installation. Installing solar power in your property will help you qualify for various tax credits. The Indian government also offers various other incentives in the case of solar installation that include easy loans, electricity generation based incentives as well as the opportunity to sell the excess of electricity. Solar subsidies: Government subsidies and other incentives for installing rooftop solar system in India.

Benefit#5: No Additional Space Required

As far as the rooftop solar panels are concerned, it doesn't require additional land, and that they can be set up & installed on almost any type of roof. Since they cover your roof they are installed on, they also protect it. So, here are dual advantages of switching to solar energy that are you need not extra space and you protect your roof as well.

Benefit#6: Controlled Carbon Footprint

An environment-friendly source of energy, solar does not release various harmful gases like CO2 that pollute the air and impact the climate adversely. Suppose your entire neighbourhood switches to solar energy; your surrounding will be as cleaner and greener as a forest. So, you not just save money on electricity bills but also become privileged to live in such a healthy environment. Especially, Indians should think about switching to solar on a serious note, for the country is one of the most polluted countries in the world.

Benefit#7: Compatible for all climate

India is one of those countries that have ample sunlight throughout the year and so installing a solar energy device is indubitably a good idea. However, had the country been a colder one, then also solar panels would have been effective. Let's take Germany; for example; the country doesn't get ample sunlight throughout the year, still is one of the world leaders in generating solar energy. Germany Could Be a Model for How We’ll Get Power in the Future.

Benefit#8: Multiple Use

It is not just the electricity generation that you can use solar energy for. It has various other uses such as you can use it for cooking food, heat water, run cars & generators, and so on. Solar energy can be a great rescuer for remote areas as well, where electricity shortages are common.

Benefit#9: Inexhaustible Energy Source

The fact that everyone knows as of date is Sun is an inexhaustible source of energy unlike natural gas or fossil fuels. With such an infinite source of energy, you need not rely on fossil fuels that are anyway not good for the environment apart from being an exhaustible source of energy. Moreover, India is an energy deficient country, and the power generation here is expensive. Solar energy can be beneficial for those who are looking for alternate means of the power source.

Benefit#10: Energy Independence

Due to the lack of proper infrastructure, many rural and urban areas in India undergo a power shortage. However, opting for solar energy can help them get rid of power problems and save them a lot of money that they might have required for installing traditional power grid lines. In short, solar energy bestows their property with an independent structure of energy at a comparatively lesser price.

Benefit#11: Low Maintenance Cost

One of the influential factors that are drawing everyone's attention towards installing solar energy devices is the low maintenance cost incurred in it. If you maintain it properly, it may take up to 20 years for a solar installation to last, and that you can enjoy lower electricity costs for such a long time.

Benefit#12: Owning the Pride of Supporting a Social Cause

No one wants to stay away from working for social causes; however, people have their constraints & obligations like financial issues or so. What if, you get to work on a social cause that is equally awarding? Switching to solar energy is one such social cause. We already have discussed so many advantages of switching to solar energy above; however, this one comes complementary with the move.

Wrap up

These were only the top 12 most evident benefits of switching to solar energy; there are many more. Being an Indian citizen, you already have ample sunlight at your disposal throughout the year, and that generating electricity through solar energy is undoubtedly an excellent idea. A win-win for all, you, your country, and Mother Earth, solar energy is one of the safest, most reasonable, and eco-friendly source of energy. So, go green, support eco-friendly causes and switch to solar energy.

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