Top 10 Small Business Ideas For Bhopal

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Top 10 Small Business Ideas For Bhopal

Like the other two-tier cities, a recent craze has been seen in the city of Bhopal among the people to start their small business. The city of Bhopal has an agrarian economy and has the largest reserves of copper and diamond in the whole country. This city has flourished with some of the most prominent industries such as furniture making, the tobacco business, food processing, retail business, steel structure work, glassware, sawmills, and electrical goods.

The government has also been working hard along with the central government towards promoting the culture of small businesses and motivating people of their entrepreneurial spirit. The government has offered these vendors help in improving their business and has put forward the terms of these businesses as the top priority of their concern.

List of 10 small business ideas for Bhopal

1. Customised Glass Etching

The glass industry is one of the prominent industries of the city, and it does not require huge investment at the very beginning. The business of customised glass etching can be initiated by any individual from their home. This business involves creative and artistic skills earning them profits. Products like gifts, decor items, and awards are customised according to the preference of the customers of both the corporate and domestic world. The main raw material required for the production of these goods is available in Bhopal itself.

2. Jeans Manufacturing

In today's generation, jeans are one of the most popular apparels which can be used as informal or casual wear among people of all ages. The demand for it has been increasing with each passing day. This business is financially feasible. The government is promoting different schemes and perks for the garment and textile manufacturing units. Setting up a small-scale jeans manufacturing unit is one of the legitimate small business ideas in the city of Bhopal. The owner can begin this business with substantial capital investment, manpower, raw materials, machines, marketing expenses, and proper planning.

3. Tour Guide

Tourism in this city is growing at a fast pace. Bhopal is known as the city of lakes and is also one of the greenest cities in India. The business of tourism requires proper knowledge of the historical information and about the local culture of the city. The business is all about showing groups of people around the city in an entertaining way. Good communication skills are an important requirement for the success of this venture. The city of Bhopal has many natural and artificial lakes, and despite the rapid industrialisation, it maintains its old charm of crammed markets and narrow alleyways.

4. Woodworking

Being one of the most industries in the city, it is a traditional industry which is very popular among people. This industry can be started by investing a small capital investment and only requires the use of some specific tools and wood as the main raw material. The profession of woodworking is using the creativity of the individual and making decorative and utility items. Choosing a saleable product that can be carved out of wood is an important step towards starting this business venture. The seller can choose to sell the products from their home or by signing a consignment with a local retailer or a gift, or a furniture shop owner.

students sitting and listening in lecture hall doing practical tasks on their laptops

5. Outdoor advertising consulting

The large industry sector is increasing at a great pace in the city of Bhopal and has created a huge demand for outdoor advertising consulting. At the very beginning, the individual can start this business at their home and expand gradually. The concept of the business is to advertise the products and services sold by the clients. It is a form of visual marketing. The challenging part of the individual pursuing this line of business is to make their work as attractive as possible so that it attracts the eyes of people in a millisecond. When planning out the strategy, the budget of the clients and what are the expectations of the target audience has to be kept in mind.

6. Livestock feed production

The city is rich in livestock production. Goat farming, hatchery, dairy, and poultry are some of the main occupations of the people in the state. The government is always looking out for ways to improve the productivity of the livestock sector and at the same time looking for opportunities for the reduction of costs and increasing the income of the livestock rearers. The person willing to start this business must have proper knowledge about the right mixing formula. The business can be initiated with a substantial capital investment earning lucrative profits.

7. E-waste recycling

Global warming being a recent phenomenon country-wide, e-waste recycling is one of the simplest businesses an individual can start. Due to the increase in the use of electronic gadgets, increasing population, and growing industries, the market for e-waste recycling has seen potential growth. By starting this venture, the individual will not only earn profits but will also help in making the environment toxic-free. The individual does not require extensive use of technology or capital investment to start this business.

8. Computer Training Institute

The education industry in the city of Bhopal is very well organised and is divided systematically into distinct levels of different age groups. With the growing literacy rate, a computer training institute can be an ideal small business idea for an individual. With the increase in digitalisation, everyone is trying to cope up by learning the new technology. Computers, being the most basic of them all, have become part and parcel of every individual's daily life. Thus people are looking for opportunities to train themselves in the new computer skills and languages.

9. Papad Making

Any individual can start a papad-making business as an allied snack product. Not only does it require small startup capital, but it is also very profitable food industry. It is usually served as an appetiser. The variety and the proportion of pulses and spices used to produce the item depend upon the preference of the people from region to region. This was previously associated with the empowerment of women, but due to its increased demand and availability, it's now treated as a small-scale industry. There is a demand for this product all year round, and it is consumed by all households and hotels, especially during the festive seasons.

Home made Making process of Potato papad kept for drying

10. Nail polish production

With Bhopal being rich in minerals, starting a chemical industry is a great idea for a small business venture to earn profits. Nail polish is an important cosmetic product and is a billion-dollar industry worldwide. There is a huge demand for it, not only in the urban areas but also in the suburban and rural areas. The sellers need to be updated with the trends of beauty and fashion so that they can keep track of the demands and preferences of the individuals. Moderate capital investment is required to begin with this venture.

Summing Up

Given above are the ten small investment businesses you can start in the city of Bhopal. Now it is the choice of the individual to decide which business he is willing to choose and devote his time to. But before starting any business, the individual has to keep a proper check on the amount of money and time the individual is willing to invest and the demand for that product in the market.

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Q. How can you successfully grow and manage the business in Bhopal?

Ans. To begin with, the individual needs to properly make a plan as to how he has decided to go about the whole small business thing and has to make a business plan. The total amount of money and time he is willing to invest, Sometimes the work done can be outsourced depending upon the impact level of it. As Bhopal is abundant in cheap labourers and raw materials, it will not be a problem for the business owners to conduct business there.

Q. Which business should I go ahead with and start in Bhopal?

Ans. The type of business that an individual can choose to do depends on their level of interest and the amount of investment they are willing to make. In Bhopal, they can go about carrying out the above-mentioned businesses. Also, the individual can take up the franchise of the brands which are available.