11 Best Startup Ideas You Should Check Out!

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11 Best Startup Ideas You Should Check Out!

Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Airbnb, Uber, and Paytm –Everyone knows about them. These names are in the first line of this article because they are examples from a long list of successful startups.

The internet and technology have made tremendous growth possible for several of these startups in a short period. Today, they are multi-billion Rupees/dollar / or, whatever, companies operating across the globe.

Many of the founders behind these brands have struggled initially, were advised to quit (since these businesses can never survive, experts said) and found it hard to raise money. But, the passionate entrepreneurs continued with a single-minded focus on establishing the business successfully. But how is a startup defined?

A startup company is formed based on perceived demand for its product or service. It follows a business model which is quickly scalable.

Startups believe in team contribution, and one of the primary tasks of the founders is to engage a talented team with the required skill sets. Startups are usually tech-oriented, and their founders are highly skilled people in the company's business line.

A few startup ideas

Skill-based ideas suitable for an individual

1. Online Tutorials

If you enjoy teaching and have a good knowledge base on a subject or a skill, starting an online coaching class may be the right choice. A Youtube channel for tutorials can be another option.

The educational coaching segment already exists, but someone with a professional approach can still do well.  Once you have enough students and subscribers to your channel, you can plan expansion by employing experts in various other subjects.

2. Graphic design studio

If you are already trained as a graphic designer and know various design platforms like Adobe, illustrator, sketch or Photoshop, this could be your field.

The explosion of the internet has created immense demand for content and graphic design, and anyone with the right skill can quickly climb the ladders of success. Once your work-load increases, you can easily hire trained people for expanding your business.

3. UX designer

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)   designers are experts on customer behaviour.  A UX designer makes products /technologies usable and straightforward. The objective is to ensure that the customer enjoys the highest level of usefulness and satisfaction.

web development animated banner on green background

4. Web Development

Ideally, you must train yourself in the required languages/programmes like HTML, Python, Javascript, CSS and the like. Web technology is a fast-developing field, and you should have a learning mindset to be successful in this business.

However, a word of caution enters the web development business only if you are technically sound to handle the subject.   As a web developer,  you need to interact with clients directly.

5. Basic digital services

The website is the new visiting card – small business owners of most businesses want a website for their business as a promotional tool. Consumers today depend on digital information, rating and recommendations for deciding on a purchase.

A company without a website is out of the new consumer's horizon and, therefore, will find it hard to survive.  Creating a website, offering SEO services or providing analytics can be an excellent business option.

6. Blogging and Content writing

Blogging is not considered a business idea by many people, but once you look at the content requirement daily, the figure is mind-boggling.

If you enjoy writing, have the right language and analytical skills, and are interested in essential marketing, this could be the ideal option for you. Once you have a regular client base, you can easily scale-up the operations.

Some Indian content companies have grown big in this manner. Besides English, most regional languages need content. Scriptwriting is fast becoming a large segment with a multitude of TV channels and OTT platforms.

Ideas for outdoor customer- service oriented business

7. Local guide

Tourism is a fast-growing sector in India, and the government is focussing on creating the right infrastructure for attracting more people.

At the local level, there is enough opportunity to guide and help tourists. Familiarity with the surroundings, knowledge of local history,   popular street food stalls, and a local guide have several advantages.

8. Today, local guide

s are mostly individuals working by themselves and getting business through contacts with hotels and travel operators.

An organised venture can do wonders. You can partner with other (relevant) local businesses like hotels, travel agencies, car rental agencies. With convenient digital tools and an interface, customers can experience a pleasant way of operating the app.

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9. Co-working space

Remote working is here to stay so is Freelancing gigs. These will become significant business segments very soon. Such is the future trend in the industry.

Co-working space can be a new business concept in cities and towns. Working from home does not offer comfort to many –there are several homes without the right type of Wi-Fi connection or the required space.

An easy to use rental model (by the hour or the day), food and beverage facilities, good ambience and even technical support, if needed, can be an ideal choice for people wanting to finish their work peacefully without any botheration. And your venture makes money.

10. Product servicing

You may think about how servicing can be a new idea? There are already plenty of people on the job. True, but imagine if the young entrepreneurs of Uber also thought like you - there were thousands of taxis, hundreds of taxi operators in every major city across the world. But they persisted with their idea, and Uber became the largest taxi operator within a  few years only.

You can consider various product servicing options. Mobile phones are the right choice.

A very high set population - growing by the day, the scope of servicing is large enough to accommodate several people in addition to a company's network.

Offering quality service and convenience can make a big difference to your business. A suitable tech-based model with a facility of home collection of the set can be a significant plus point.

Home servicing of furniture, old pieces which are of heritage value can be another area.

11. Plastic and metal waste handling

With so much waste, both industrial and domestic, getting generated, proper recycling or proper use of these waste materials can be a large business by itself.

Plastic waste can go into road construction, and precious metal portions can be recovered as re-used. A suitable business model can convert this opportunity into a successful business.

There is no shortage of ideas, but the primary objective of a startup must be providing a solution to make life easy. The process, however, is not easy - it requires knowledge, dedication, focus, teamwork, marketing, risks to be a successful startup.

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Q. I want to start an agricultural marketing business to buy vegetables from farmers and sell them to wholesalers/retailers. How can I source funds for my business?

Ans. It sounds like an exciting business idea, and you can approach venture capitalists and fintech companies.

It will help if you work out a presentation detailing the entire project, profitability, managing your resources, challenges before you, the probable team with their expertise. Use the presentation to showcase your cause.

Besides, you can keep meeting regular banks for finance too.

Q. I heard that one must have technical qualifications to launch a startup. Is it true?

Ans. A majority of the well-known startups are all technology-based companies. Technical knowledge primarily means having a clear idea, concept and understanding of the product /service you plan to establish. But most startups use a high level of tech support for better operations.

Q. If I am successful with my startup,  can  I fund its growth in the future? The money requirement will become large.

Ans. Success in any sphere opens up several doors. If your business succeeds, you will find a host of investors ready with the money. There may be even buying- out proposals.

Q. I understand that many of the startups do not survive beyond two years. What is the reason?

Ans. The right product or service idea is one part; selling your project to financiers is the second; but the most critical aspect is managing the company with the proper dedication, focus and strategy. If you face challenges with an open mind and believe that every problem has a solution, your company will flourish.