What Business Can I Start in a Small Town in India?

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What Business Can I Start in a Small Town in India?

If you are from a small family, you might often think that it is impossible to start a business, but you're mistaken. There are many such unique businesses that you can start from your hometown and can secure your future. It is undoubtedly a great way to become independent and work for yourself without a boss to tell you what to do and what not to do. Rest assured, you will not be devoid of any opportunities, and you can contribute to society and become helpful to a lot of people in your hometown and the country.

Here are some brilliant ideas for people from small towns to begin their own businesses.

1. Grocery Store

Perhaps one of the most common but also an important one among all others here. A grocery store is a necessity in any town, be it small or big. Many may overlook this option, but it is quite a brilliant idea and can become a great way to start a successful business. This is perhaps an easy way to start and is quite practical as well.

During the pandemic, we saw the importance of grocery and grocery stores. The demand for groceries cannot really go down because every individual is dependent on it.

The success of your grocery store depends on you and your skills to draw new customers. You can become a help to your residents who would be looking for groceries. You have to study the needs of your locals around you and try to keep them happy. If there are fewer shops in your area, you can also plan to add more sections like fruits, meat, etc.

2. Livestock Farming

This is another brilliant business idea that can give you high returns in a short time. Any commercial hen starts laying eggs within a span of 12 weeks.

You can start slow with a few birds and animals and then gradually invest more to make profits and expand the business. You can then enter the commercial space and get clients for your products like milk, eggs, meat, etc.

You could also look for export options once you have become steady and confident.

3. Clothing Store

Often people from smaller towns might need certain clothing items for which they would have to travel all the way to the city. A clothing store in a small town can become a huge hit as it would save peoples' time, energy and money.

You can open a clothing store where you can sell the latest clothing items and quality fabrics. You have to get hold of a garments supplier who would provide you with such items, and you can get success shortly.

4. Diagnostic Centers

People from small towns often need to travel to cities to get hold of good doctors or get treatments done. A diagnostic centre could be a lifesaver for such people as they can access good treatment at lesser costs. You do not need to invest a lot of money either, as an initial investment includes the centre's rent, staff salary, and medical expenses.

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5. Electronics / Mobile Store

It is a no-brainer that mobile phones have now become a necessity. With the latest improvements, villages and small towns now have access to great connectivity and the internet. A mobile and electronics store could be a great business idea as most of these people would require mobile phones as communication is essential. It could potentially turn into a great success given the scope of mobile phones.

6. Milk Centre

You can start a milking centre because milk is an essential food item and needed by many families. In this case, you need to get hold of a dairy farm that can supply the milk to you. It would be best to have a few pieces of equipment like a weighing machine, billing software, and a cash register. As rearing cows and buffaloes are quite prevalent in villages, this could be a great profitable business.

7. Tutoring Centre

If you know, then you can use it to help others and also earn money. Many people have coaching centres that have managed to attract many students. Many students from small towns can benefit from this as they might need to prepare for competitive exams.

You can also create a digital coaching centre and that can help you find more students. Thanks to cheap data and affordable smartphones, this is a possibility.

You also do not require a lot of investment for this either, which is the best part.

8. Car / Bike Servicing

Cars and bikes are common in our country's people, and many people from small towns own them. The transportation services are often disrupted, and they might need to travel to bigger cities, so bikes and cars are beneficial.

But cars and bikes need servicing to keep them working. A service centre could be a great idea as it can help such people find these centres within their reach without travelling to cities.

9. Food Stall / Restaurant

Any business idea that involves food cannot be unsuccessful. You can open a food stall to sell some popular items from the city like their street food or specialities. This gives people of small towns a chance to try them out without travelling to cities. You can also open a restaurant where you can have different cuisines or food items that the people in your local areas would love.

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10. Agarbatti / Incense Sticks

Our country has no shortage of temples and religious people who pray to god every day. Incense sticks have been a part of the Indian culture for a long time.

A business where you can make and sell agarbattis could be a great idea as people require worshipping god. This does not require a lot of investment either and is quite simple too.

These are a few of the ideas that can be implemented in small towns so that you can start a successful business. Business in small towns has great potential, and people only need to be more alert and be aware of the happenings around them. You have to identify what works for you, which will help you decide the kind of business you can start with. You must understand that running a business does not necessarily have to be scary and challenging, and anybody can do it. You only need the will and courage to do so, and soon you shall be successful. You can opt for small loans, microloans at attractive rates and can start your business today.

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Q. Do I need to invest a lot of money?

Ans. Most of the ideas do not need a lot of investment. But if it becomes more than your expectations, you can apply for a loan to start with the business and pay it off later.

Q. Can I set a budget and then look for an idea?

Ans. If you have a particular budget in mind and would like to exceed no further, you can do your research first to narrow down your options. This can help you make a decision faster, and you can start quickly.

Q. Do I need to know everything about the business that I intend to start?

Ans. Yes, You must understand the market and the competition. For example, if you wish to start a grocery store, you must know about other grocery stores nearby. You can find out what they sell. This helps you understand better to know what else you could sell apart from the other stores. You can also study your local peoples' needs and requirements.

Q. Will I be successful?

Ans. If you work hard and have dedication, then you will indeed become successful. You have to be smart, practical, and understand your customers well so that you can serve them better, and in turn, they can become your loyal customers.