How To Start Own Clothing Store In India? [Steps to Start]

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How To Start Own Clothing Store In India? [Steps to Start]

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How To Start Own Clothing Store?

How To Start Own Clothing Store In India? Steps

FAQs On How To Start Own Clothing Store

How To Start Own Clothing Store?

Readymade garments and clothing are a tried and tested business idea. A clothing business can be started anywhere and on any scale, whether you live in a small town, or a big city. Want to know more about how to open your own clothing store? Read on to learn how and what to invest in for maximum profits.

How To Start Own Clothing Store In India? Steps

1- Brick and Mortar Readymade Clothing Store

This is the most traditional form of clothing business. You can rent or lease a shop in a commercial district to start your own readymade clothing retail business. You will need to contact wholesalers to place orders and build stock and hire some salesmen. Account management to keep track of inventory, sales, credit, and debt can be done through apps like OkCredit. Digitising these last two tasks cuts down on costs and increases your efficiency.

While this form of a clothing store is simple and does not require charting new territory, it can be quite competitive. Most marketplaces have already established shops with long-standing reputations and customer support. As such, if you plan to open a clothing business, you will have to be ready for stiff competition from these older players. So, how to start your own clothing store amidst such competition? Well, innovative marketing and unique selling stock can easily set you apart in traditional markets. Older players typically tend to be old-fashioned and rigid when it comes to their business. Bringing in new trends and viral marketing strategies can make you stand out early on.

2- Online Clothing Stores

If you want to cut out renting costs, you can launch an online clothing store instead. By selling through social media or a website, you can reach out to a much larger customer base without having to worry about the rent and overhead costs of a brick and mortar shop. You can also collaborate with big online retail websites like Amazon and Flipkart to sell your products through their websites. You will have to register with the website as a seller and list your merchandise for sale. The benefit of running a clothing business like this is that big retail websites often offer their own shipping services to sellers, which can further cut down your costs.

If you do choose to launch your own website or social media store, you will need to arrange your own shipping. Additionally, proper marketing is important for every online business. You can pay influencers to promote your online clothing store, either by tying up with them directly or offering to send them products to review. Offering coupon codes, discounts, affiliate links, etc., are also useful in online marketing and business. Since the best online clothing stores are virtual, they depend on product photographs. Hire a professional for the job, and pay attention to lighting and background to ensure the best product photos for your store.

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How To Start Own Clothing Store?

3- Fast Fashion and Cheap Clothing Stores

Trends change quickly these days; which is why fast fashion is popular. This kind of clothing is cheap to make and can be sold for a relatively high profit margin, which makes this kind of clothing business extremely profitable. So, how to start your own clothing store to sell fast fashion? It is very important in this kind of business to be constantly in the know of new trends and fashions. You should have connections with wholesalers who can provide you with new stock frequently and on time.

Time is crucial in this kind of clothing business because trends change quickly and your stock can go out of style very soon. Therefore, the goal is fast fashion and cheap clothing stores is to sell your stock as soon as possible while it is still trendy. Buy a limited amount of stock to create a feeling of exclusivity. Offer sales and discounts to encourage quick sales. Market your store very well to create hype around the styles you are selling. Tie-ups with influencers can help in this regard.

Cheap clothing stores, be it online clothing stores, or brick and mortar stores, are very popular among young people, especially students. This consumer demographic is incredibly fashion-conscious, but do not have a lot of disposable income on hand to afford expensive items. You have to keep the needs of this demographic in mind before starting your fast-fashion clothing business.

4- Designer Fashion and Boutiques

If you want to sell clothing that is a bit more expensive and high quality, then a boutique selling designer and high-end fashion can be a good business idea. This will work especially well for you if you have a discerning eye and expert knowledge of fabrics and fashion. Boutiques cater to a more exclusive clientele who want quality and customisable fashion.

You can either tie up with independent designers to sell their clothing or create your own in house designs. If you have fashion designing knowledge, you can create your own designs, or you can hire designers either permanently or on a contract basis to create garments for you. You should also hire a tailor to do alterations for your customers since individualised service is important for a boutique.

A boutique’s clientele and appeal are different from a fast-fashion clothing store, and this should reflect in its marketing. Try to market directly to your desired customers. Pick out appropriate magazines and appropriate locations to advertise in. If you are using influencer marketing, it is important to pick the right influencers. Building a brand image is incredibly important for a boutique.

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How To Start Own Clothing Store?

5- Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are relatively new on the Indian clothing business scene. Thrift stores essentially sell pre-owned garments for low prices. This kind of clothing business is great if you are just starting out, because it does not require a lot of investment, staff, or connections, and can be done from the comfort of your home.

You can use your store to both buy and sell garments. Buy in bulk and sell individual pieces. You can also buy old or unsold stock from other clothing stores and factories in bulk, and sell them in your store. Sometimes factories give away damaged or sample garments for very low prices. You can buy these garments in bulk, inspect them for major damages, and sell them at a discounted price. Like other cheap clothing stores, thrift stores are popular among young people. Thrift stores offer the benefits of fast fashion clothing businesses and are much more eco-friendly and sustainable.

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FAQs On How To Start Own Clothing Store

Q. Does a Clothing Business require a lot of investment?

Ans. This depends entirely on what kind of clothing business you decide to start. A boutique with its more high-end and exclusive clothing choices will require much more investment in terms of stock procurement and marketing. A thrift store, on the other hand, can be started with very little investment.

Q. What is Fast Fashion?

Ans. Fast Fashion is cheap trendy clothing that is mass-produced for low cost and sold at high profits. Fast fashion businesses rely heavily on marketing and low prices and cater mainly to younger, fashion-conscious consumers.

Q. How do I know what kind of Clothing Business is right for me?

Ans. For this, you will need to research your location and market, and understand what kind of fashion trends are popular, what is the demographic and average disposable income of the consumers in your area, etc. You will also need to look at your own finances and experience, and determine how much you are able and willing to invest in your clothing business.

Q. How do I manage my finances and staffing for my clothing business?

Ans. Account management can be done either manually or through digital ledger management apps like OkCredit that allow you to deal with your accounting needs digitally, instead of relying on clunky and old fashioned bahi khatas. Staffing needs like keeping track of payments, attendance, leave/absences, etc., can also be managed through reliable apps, such as OkStaff.