Business Ideas for Non-working Parents

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Business Ideas for Non-working Parents

Parenthood can be challenging, especially when you have young children to take care of while holding a full-time job. In such circumstances, people would welcome the idea of a successful home business. Most of these businesses can be started with under INR 25000 and only require one or two delivery people.

Top Business Ideas for Parents Staying Home:

1. Freelance Academic Course Designer

This is a good option for former professors and subject matter experts of specific academic fields and professional writers. Being a freelance course designer allows you to design various courses, whether for training, development, school, college, or niche businesses. It also helps you stay abreast with the latest developments in your academic field.

2. Pottery Artist

This idea is for creative people, as a pottery business will allow you to be as innovative as you want, even letting you involve your children if they are old enough. Pitch your wares to handicrafts stores or speciality chains, and even through word of mouth. Having your website would also help. An initial investment of about INR 10000-12000 may be required for the clay, wheel, and decorative items. You may need to hire one or two people to deliver your wares.

3. Candle Artist

Candle-making is fun, easy, and very safe to do around children, allowing you to get them involved in the process as well. An initial investment of INR 5000 for materials and moulds should get you started well. You could make a range of different candles with a variety of moulds and quality fragrances.  

4. Vlogger

Vlogging is one business where your children would play a very active role, and you would not have to modify much about your daily routine. You may have to invest around INR 25000 for a quality camera. Parenting vlogs and children's day-to-day learning and activities capture a broad audience like new/first-time parents and parents-to-be. Vlogs about topics such as DIY projects, education, or informative subjects are popular too.

5. Painter

As a painter, you can run a very successful business from home and work around your childcare schedule. However, you may need to have a separate studio space, inaccessible to your children, maybe a different room, to keep both them and your creations safe. For more niche painters, having their own website makes all the difference in running a steady business.

6. Freelance Writer

As a freelance writer, you can write books, online content, magazine articles, blogs, etc. You will usually be paid based on the number of words and sometimes based on your overall experience and the niche you write. It is flexible and will allow you to decide when you want to take up new work.

7. Tuitions

Tuitions are ideal for teachers who have decided to become stay-at-home parents, as they already have subject expertise; this will let them stay in touch with the field. You can determine your fees, hours, and holidays. However, you may need to invest in a suitable space.

8. Daycare Centre

Daycare Centres are one of the best business ideas for people with toddlers, as not only will it allow you to keep an eye on them, but it will also enable them to develop vital social skills with other children. An initial investment of INR 20000 approximately may be required for toys and other equipment.

9. Freelance Consulting

This is one of the best home businesses for professionals who are experts in their field, as it allows them to stay in touch with the field and make money from home. This will also be considered relevant work experience if they decide to take up a regular job again.

beauty products placed on black background

10. Beauty Salon

Beauty salons are for people who have some extra space in their home. An investment of up to INR 50000 may be needed for supplies and equipment, and you will need to hire at least one or two employees.

11. Tailor

Tailoring is another good idea for craft enthusiasts with a penchant for fashion. You can experiment with different kinds of cloth as well and see what appeals to your customers most. An investment of INR 20000 may be needed for the initial clothing and equipment.

12. Handicrafts

This business lets you experiment with a variety of handicrafts. You can get creative as you see which items have more demand, then focus exclusively on them. An investment of INR 15000 may be required for the supplies, and you may need to hire one or two people for the delivery of goods.

13. Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are ideal if you love food and experimenting. You can socialise and meet new people while earning a steady income doing something you enjoy.

14. Language Classes

If you are a polyglot, you can run a successful business teaching language. This business has a chance of being highly profitable as foreign languages are in huge demand at the moment.

15. Catering

You can cater to small, local events, like marriages or birthday parties, before expanding your business. However, you may need to hire one or two more people to help you out with the cooking and delivery. An investment of about INR 25000 may be needed for the utensils and ingredients.

16. Graphic and Website Designing

Graphic designing and website designing are lucrative with a bit of practice. This kind of work is mostly freelance and pays well. You can experiment with different types of website designs and techniques to find a niche you like.

17. Homemade Cosmetics

Homemade cosmetics pay very well. You can make a range of cosmetics with various fragrances, flavours, and ingredients to choose from. An investment of INR 10000 may be needed for the raw materials.

18. Computer Repairs

Computer repairs are a good idea for techies. An initial investment of INR 5000 may be needed for some good quality hardware tools. You can start small, with old computers facing minor technical issues, before expanding your business.

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19. Data Entry and Filing Work

You can make a steady income with data entry and filing work as people need to get several forms and paperwork filled out for banks, jobs, and other technicalities.

20. Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency mining is very profitable, but it can be done only by techies. You could mine up to 900 Bitcoins per day and more for other cryptocurrencies. However, this requires special equipment, such as a mining rig, which may require an investment of up to INR 5 lakhs.

Thus, to conclude, we can say that there are several kinds of home businesses that you can start with a bit of creativity, organisation, and investment. Most of these businesses will also be an excellent way to involve your children and help them develop crucial social and personal development skills.

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Q. How many hours do I need to dedicate on average to my home business?

Ans. You decide your hours with a home business. However, a successful home business may need 15 to 20 hours per week. It also depends on whether your business is more of a hobby or a serious source of income.

Q. How much capital will I need to set up my home business?

Ans. It depends upon the type of business. There is no financial capital required for freelance writing or giving tuitions, apart from a laptop, internet, and the space to give tuitions in. For others, such as candle making or pottery, you may have to incur expenses of around INR 10000-15000 for the raw materials.

Q. How can I market my home business effectively?

Ans. Home businesses rely a lot on word of mouth. You can also distribute flyers and set up boards around your neighbourhood. You can host a launch event to promote your business. You could also have a website to market your business.

Q. How can I scale up my home business?

Ans. Technology plays a huge part in the upscaling of any business. You can market your business on social media websites to spread the word quickly. You could also have a website and hire a consultant who would design a personalised roadmap for expansion.

Q. Will running a home business have any adverse impacts on my children?

Ans. Home businesses can be tailored to include and engage young children, especially creative ones such as pottery. It will help develop social and critical skills. However, it would be best if you took precautions when using materials and tools around your children.