Top Software Ideas for Startups & SMEs for 2021

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Top Software Ideas for Startups & SMEs for 2021

Do you want to start a software-based business?

We understand that coming up with brilliant software app ideas original and promising enough to build a million-dollar company is the most challenging aspect of running a corporation.

A company’s true value is not determined by how much capital it has or how valuable its properties are; the true value of a digital company lies in the application's promise and the heights you can achieve with your efforts.

We have identified the 30 best software app ideas that will make money in 2021. The implementation formats of these ideas may vary. These software app concepts fall in one of the five categories given below:

  1. Software Ideas for Enterprises
  2. Software Ideas for B2B Clients
  3. Software Ideas for B2C Clients
  4. Software with Unique Concepts
  5. Budget-friendly Software Concepts

Software Ideas for Enterprises

i) Mall On Wheels Delivery

A corporate can revive mall shopping and bring back its former glory in 2021. You can open a direct-distribution outlet for your online store through a web application where customers can buy goods from your retail brands. You may wonder if it differs from what e-Commerce giants like Amazon already do. Your most valuable asset comes to the rescue here. Since your retail store already has all of the goods neatly stacked and ready for sale, you can have same-day shipping for all the products you sell on your retail web app.

ii) Platform for Reservations

One of the coolest web app concepts for 2021 is to start a reservation site for public events. People can reserve restaurant tables, movie tickets, sporting event seats months ahead of time. The app can offer the best seats as well as special early bird discounts to users.

iii) Online Storage Space

You own servers and rent computing space to small companies. A basic yet successful web app concept for 2021 is offering online storage space at reasonable prices to smaller entities. A tiny but entirely digital platform can be used by small companies and individuals. They may be bloggers, small merchandise shops, designers, wholesalers, and other online entrepreneurs. Such organizations usually need online storage facilities to host their business records, website, and other digital data.

Software Ideas for B2B Clients

Programming or Software development abstract concept

i) Dashboard for the CEO

What if a CEO dashboard similar to an admin dashboard existed? Why waste time thinking when a mobile interface can do that for you? Create and launch a CEO dashboard that absorbs data from your work files and presents the metrics and details a CEO needs while keeping your process intact.

ii) Chatbots Hosting

You do not realize it, but most chat support on websites is AI-based. Ordinary people and small companies can now access the science behind self-learning chatbots. You can use this ability to create your own AI chatbots and sell them as part of your hosting package. Clients could include actors, small companies, government agencies, among others; these are people who are steadily gaining popularity and receiving more visitors to their websites than they can handle.

iii) CRM for Small Businesses and Startups

Content Relationship Management (CRM) refers to the management of customer relationships. A CRM platform is described as a platform that manages a company’s customer relationships. A basic software or mobile app could be a portal that allows businesses to connect with their customers and handle their questions, challenges, problems, or suggestions.

Software Ideas for B2C Clients

i) Web-based Job Applications

You can create a new, simple platform designed for desktops and smartphones for recruiters and jobseekers. Instead of complicating it with a slew of unnecessary features, keep it basic and to the point, and it will become the most popular recruitment web app on the market.

ii) Dropshipping/eCommerce Website

The greatest part of this business model is that the goods you sell on your eCommerce or dropshipping website are not yours. The merchants who have signed up for your eCommerce web app portal purchase, store, and maintain the items. You don't even have to think about product delivery if you want to start a dropshipping company. Simply list the goods on the web app website and profit from the commission on each order.

iii) Platforms for a Variety of Services

You will gain a decent and consistent income while allowing other business professionals to continue operating and delivering their services through a mobile app service portal. Plumbing, electrical work, hairdressing, babysitting, carpentry, and other services can be provided.

Software with Unique Concepts

i) The Startup Club

Since we live in the era of curated content and professional networks, creating a dedicated place for creators, innovators, and investors is an appealing concept for web apps. Since such qualified and busy individuals own many devices, they want a web app interface that can be accessed from any device. For this, they can use this startup club web app.

ii) Personalised Q&A Discussion Forum

Consider about 5 million users on hospitality sector websites interested in new developments, challenges, and ideas in the industry; what if you started a hospitality forum/community that catered solely to these 5 million users? You can build a mobile app portal for the IT sector, the entertainment industry, colleges, real estate, telecommunications, startups, medicine, and various other industries. There are almost no markets or verticals where a customised forum web application project cannot be launched.

Budget-Friendly Software Concepts

i) Astrology through Machine Learning

This project takes a straightforward approach. An ML-based astrology software can analyse astrological signs and provide users with custom horoscopes in real-time. You may also have premium services with additional functions such as numerology, classic astrological remedies, etc., eliminating the need to meet an astrologer physically. One of the best web app concepts for beginners may be machine learning-based astrology.

ii) Connect Your Hobbies

Life is flying by at a hundred miles per hour, and there is no time to stop and relax. We must keep working, and our hobbies and interests will have to wait until we are 60 years old. Or maybe not! Why wait till you're 60 to learn how to play the guitar or paint? This weekend, why not try learning a new language or acting? That is just what a web app can do for users. It will allow app users to connect with people of similar interests and explore new things together. If anyone misses the gym for months, they will now have a gym buddy to help them focus.

Process of optimisation, debugging program or code for laptop, phone, tablet

iii) Alert for Social Media Platforms

Social media is a risky place to be, particularly for children. How do you avoid the creeps, bots, and threats and maintain your sanity? A social media blocking web app can help here. Consider it a social media version of Truecaller. The social media blocker web app connects to your social media pages as a plugin and alerts you when a "danger touch" attempts to communicate with you.


Without tech to make our lives easier, today's world will be nothing. In today's economy, if you are not tech-savvy, you're doomed. A web app concept is the best way to start a business. You can introduce ideas that make life easy and benefit your company. The software development domain is growing, and you can put technology to good use.

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Q. What are some good project ideas for a software app?

Ans. A web app's success is determined by the feasibility of the problem you're attempting to solve and the analysis you carry out to arrive at a solution. It's difficult to determine whether a web app concept is decent or mediocre, but its implementation and applied creativity determine its development potential.

Q. What are some exclusive and innovative web app concepts for 2021?

Ans. Every year, many new applications emerge. Given the rapid pace of digitalisation and the pandemic consequences, technology is growing at a faster rate.

Q. Which web app should I create to be successful?

Ans. You must create web applications that respond to current and future demands with a user interface based on current user needs. A web app that resolves a consumer dilemma will be popular.