Business Ideas For Bihar [High-Return Businesses]

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Business Ideas For Bihar [High-Return Businesses]

Are you thinking of starting a profitable business in Bihar with decent returns? Well, you’re at the right place!

Unlike other states, Bihar is less competitive. However, the opportunities that it offers for small and mid-size businesses are commendable. Many entrepreneurs may assume that Bihar is not as reliable to start a business compared to any large metro city. But, they may be wrong!

Irrespective of the state, country, or city, a glorious thing that sells in today’s marketplace is a brilliant idea. And if your business is ready with a sound marketing plan, in-depth research, competitor analysis, demographic analysis, and an idea with potential, you can easily set up a small-scale yet lucrative business in Bihar.

This blog highlights the best high-return business ideas in Bihar for a profitable future. Let’s explore:

1. Fish Farming

The fishery business is a fresh business opportunity for citizens planning to shift to Bihar. The Bihar govt is already offering finances contributing to 50% of the capital need to open more ponds. The search for ponds, lakes, and reservoirs for rearing fish is still open, and people are more than keen to accept it.

Thanks to the government’s support, fish farming is expected to be on the rise in the state. Many entrepreneurs are reported earning no less than lakhs of rupees from this business in the past.

2. Pickle Making Business

The market for pickle business is immense. Being one of the traditional food items of Indian cuisine, pickles are being used in almost every Indian home. Not only India, but the market of pickles is expanding on the international level too.

Since one can operate a pickle-making business from home, its set-up, machinery, and labour cost are negligible. All you have to do is take care of the procurement of the raw material. This business opportunity is ideal for women with culinary skills. If you’re good at it, you can make a huge profit out of the pickle manufacturing business.

3. Cell Phone Accessories Business

The smartphone market has strengthened over the years. Thus, the mobile accessories business can also be one profitable investment in the coming years. But, proper execution is important. It would help if you had the right strategies, substantial experience, a supportive team, and adequate industry research to get the balls rolling.

outlook of an urban cafe

4. Café and Restaurant

Opening cafes outside colleges, schools, and tuition centres will be a lucrative business opportunity in Bihar. These locations are ideal for running a successful café business in Bihar. You can spot many people craving for a fun moment after a hectic schedule. And there could be no better option than a café that offers a lovely ambience and tempting cuisine.

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5. Papad Making

One of the largest agricultural states with high productivity, Bihar offers lucrative opportunities for women entrepreneurs. With minimal financial investments, women can make a regular income through the papad-making business.

You can gather quality-rich raw material for papads of varied tastes. The set-up cost is low and  manufacturing is highly profitable in Bihar as it is consumed in almost all seasons by everyone. Besides, there are many snacks and appetisers where papad is used to improve the taste. It also helps in garnishing.

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6. Dairy and Sweet Shop

People in Bihar are fond of sweets and dairy products. So, starting a small dairy and sweet shop business in Bihar can be one of the high-return ideas.

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7. Honey Making

Honey is known for its organic and healthy properties all over the world. Those looking to open a small business with a minimal budget investment can opt for honey-making in Bihar. It possesses less infrastructure and low investment capital.

It would help if you started with beekeeping. Beekeeping has further additional advantages like maximising the growth of crops via cross-pollination. It also provides venom, wax, and pollen. This business opportunity also gets complete assistance from the government. Hence, taking this option will always be fruitful.

8. Beauty Salon

Starting a beauty salon is one of the most profitable businesses in Bihar. However, to ensure success, you must focus on location, skills, expertise, and business operation. In Bihar, you can either start your own business or partner as a franchise of an established brand. You must train yourself with all the beauty skills. This will be an extra benefit and will also develop a customer’s trust. Space shouldn’t be an issue because you can initially offer the same salon service at your home. And during the later stages, you may choose to hire space with the theme, colour, and other furnishings. So, if you have the passion and risk-taking abilities, own a home-based beauty salon business today.

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9. Making Sugar Bags

This is yet another profitable business opportunity in Bihar. Giving employment to an infinite number of people in Bihar, the sugar industry is on the rise. Hence, if you invest in related services, like a sugar bag-making business, your business will turn out to be profitable very soon.

10. Computer Training

The literacy rate in Bihar is improving. Thus, the need for good computer training institutes is also shooting up.

Starting a computer training business in Bihar can be an excellent investment. All you need to have is the right marketing skill. Some high-earning computer training courses you can offer are cybersecurity, digital marketing, web designing, ethical hacking, and so on.

An investment worth 2-7 lacs is sufficient to set up the entire business. In addition, you require qualified faculty, and you can easily make the most of your business. So, if you’re up for a small-scale business idea in Bihar, a computer training business can help.

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11. Ice-Cream Parlor Business

Ice-cream is evergreen. One can have it at any point in time. But, during summers, its demand goes high. All thanks to the scorching heat of the sun. So, investing in this business can be a profitable option in the long run.

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businessman holding a card written tutoring service on it

12. Tutoring Service

Education is a significant problem in India. Especially in states like Bihar, where students cannot easily access education. Why not make the most of this opportunity and launch a small-scale tutoring service in Bihar? The good thing is that there is no limitation for growth in this industry. Initially, you can start at a low-scale, and later on, you can expand it into your own business.

But make sure you’re ready with an actionable plan.

13. Manufacturing Units

There are ample opportunities for a small-scale business in Bihar. And the manufacturing company can turn into a profitable business. Hence, if you have the proper plan, skill, and strategies, you can explore profitable business ideas like homemade cookies, handmade products, smartphone accessories, cosmetic manufacturing, etc.

Things to Consider

  • Proper planning
  • Structure of the model
  • Subjects to include
  • Industry research
  • Management
  • Objectives
  • Sales and Marketing


Bihar offers a lot of opportunities for business expansion. So, if you are a person who can handle risk and invest in their own business, Bihar is an excellent place to start. With these business opportunities, you can earn very well in less time. Plan carefully and make sure whatever business idea you have can meet both your income and lifestyle goals.

From the list mentioned above, you can take up highly profitable business opportunities in Bihar. These require low set-up, low capital investment, and deliver a high success rate if planned with proper execution, industry research, goals, and objectives in mind.

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Q. How to attract customers for an ice-cream parlour business?

Ans. Besides the staple ice cream flavours, you can also include unique ones that keep people coming back for more. Unique offers like vegan, honey, lavender, cotton candies can majorly contribute to the success of your ice-cream parlour’s business. Another way is to diversify your menu and offer customers with an added iced coffee or frozen lemonade. The more unique and personalised your marketing strategy is, the better you’ll be able to retain consumers.

Q. Will a coffee-making business be profitable in Bihar?

Ans. Yes, coffee shops can be a high-income business idea in Bihar. Opt for an appealing design, menu and be careful while choosing the location too.

Q. Is there any license required for Jute bag making business?

Ans. Yes, for legal purposes, you will have to register with government departments like LLP Limited Liability Partnership. Further, you need to apply for GST registration. Also, don’t forget to take NOC local authority of your state.

Q. What is a small manufacturing business?

Ans. Small manufacturing businesses can be started at a small rental premise. Since the cost of machinery is low, this could be an exciting business opportunity for people in Bihar. You can either hire machinery or opt for a machinery loan. Hiring machinery saves on the cost of capital.

Q. How to find the right business opportunity for Bihar?

Ans. Network with other small business owners, explore your area’s opportunities, determine your expenses, craft a mindful plan, and you will be on your way to setting up a high-income business in Bihar.

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