20 Best Low-Investment Business Ideas

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20 Best Low-Investment Business Ideas

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Best Business Ideas With Low Investment

Small Business Ideas With Low Investment

Low Investment Business Ideas

Small Business Ideas With Low Investment

Best Business Ideas With Low Investment

To start any business, you need to have money, time, and the risk associated with your business idea. Many young and energetic people want to earn money by starting their own business. They always look for small business ideas with low investment. To hunt for business ideas with low investment, you need to have a solid idea, build a brand, put in marketing efforts, and must provide excellent customer service. Let’s find out the top 20 best business ideas with low investment:

1. Tea/ Coffee Café Stall

Opening a tea or coffee café is a creative business idea. You just try to maintain an attractive ambience with some decorative infrastructure. You can start this business with low investment on your own, or rented premises.

2. Children Play Area

Opening a children's park is a good business idea. Children love to spend time in children's parks. You can start your business by opening such a children's park and earn a profit.

3. Customised Gift Store

Customised gift stores are currently very popular and in-demand. In this business, you need to deliver customised products, such as T-shirts, customised cards, coffee mugs, mirrors, watches, photo albums as per the client’s requirements.

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4. Antique Product Business

An antique product business idea is a very good and unique business idea. In this business, you need to collect antique items and furniture. You can start this business by opening a small shop with antique products.

5. Game Organiser at Event

If you have excellent communication skills and creativity, you can become a game organiser at events such as anniversary parties or birthday parties. You can succeed in this business when you are extremely good at communication.

6. DJ Services

Music-loving individuals with a creative mind can think of starting this business. However, the right skills and experience are needed to start this business. You need to collect CD Players, mixtures of music, and a turntable.

7. Boat Ride Services

The boat ride service business is that type of business that is in huge demand. To start this business, you need to have skilled manpower and must make a huge investment. You can start this business in a spacious lake, preferably around a park.

8. Mobile Phone Repairing/ Recharge /Accessories

This is a very popular business idea. If you know how to repair a mobile phone, you can start this business. There are almost 750 million smartphone users in India, and as a result, the demand for people repairing smartphones is very high since not everyone can afford to buy a new phone at the first hint of trouble. Along with smartphone repairing, you can also sell mobile accessories and credit recharge to the customers.

9. Tiffin Service

This is one of the best small business ideas that you can start from your home. Most women, who love to cook for others, can start meal service or tiffin services. Delivering meals to the workplace and homes is becoming very popular day by day. You can launch this small business with low investment.

10. Network Marketing

To start this business, you have to collaborate with reputed brands offering great products. People always look for beauty and skincare products, nutritional products and supplements, etc. This is an excellent multi-level, small business idea.

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11. Childcare/ Babysitting

This is a great small-business idea for women. Again, you can start this business from your home. Very minimal investment is required to start this babysitting business. You only need to invest in buying toys, mattresses, disposal diapers, first aid boxes, antiseptic lotions, and cribs. Nowadays, most working couples are looking for a trustworthy babysitter for their kids.

12. Small Garage (Mobile Garage)

This business idea is for hardworking men. Everyone has faced cars, motorbikes, and scooter breakdown in the middle of busy roads sometime or the other. If you're willing to work hard and are an expert in repairing these breakdowns, you can open a small garage with low investment. You need to have a mobile phone and all the required tools to repair the breakdown of the vehicle.

13. Nursery and Garden requirements

People love to maintain a beautiful environment and surround their homes with small plants and shrubs. So, starting a small business of flower nurseries with various plants will be a great business idea for you. You can also sell fertiliser packets and other garden requirements.

14. Pickles, Jams, and Sauces

The demand for homemade pickles, jams, and sauces is always on the rise because people are becoming conscious about their health and hygiene. And since homemade foodstuff contains fewer chemicals, people really prefer these over store-bought varieties. So, you can start making pickles, jams, and sauces following traditional, chemical-free methods.

15. Making Fragrant Candles

Candle-making is a fairly easy business. Using your creativity, you can make scented candles in different shapes and colours. Fragrant oils are easily available in the market, and to start this business, you do not need to invest more.

16. Cakes and Baked Goods

If you are interested in baking, and you have a good oven, then you can start a low-investment business by making muffins, cookies, and cakes. This has great business potential, as consumers are always on the lookout for better taste and variety at a reasonable price for baked items.

17. Travel Agent

For making an instant profit, you can start a travel agency business. To start this business, you have to tie-up with bus services, offer online reservations for flights and trains and hotels for the clients. You can also arrange local sight-seeing and other services for your clients. This is the best business to earn huge profits.

18. Medical Sample Collection

It is a rapidly growing, low-investment business for those individuals who have done pathology courses. In this business, you have to collect stool, blood, urine samples from the patients by visiting their homes. To start this business, you need to have a vehicle and blood extracting skills.

19. Party Services

People love to organise parties for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. With a low investment, you can start party services and offer various services for organising a party, such as a venue decoration, mascot appearance, conducting games, buying and packing return gifts, etc.

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20. Photography

Glamorous photography is a very popular business idea, with very low investments. Everyone wants to appear beautiful in pictures and capture memories. Glamorous photographs are essential to apply for various job profiles, such as actors, actresses, models, cabin crew, etc. If you have a good eye for photography and you are sure that you can take glamorous pictures, then it is a great business idea for you with low-investment. You only have to buy a professional camera and other related equipment.

Before you start to invest in these small-businesses of your choice, remember you need to have ample capital. Along with that, you must have the necessary skills for the proper functioning of your business. It is also advisable for you that you must know all the legal rules and the license procedures before you enter into any business venture.

Small Business Ideas With Low Investment

Not every business requires a humongous capital or investment, to begin with. Small Businesses in India can be started with an amount of 5000 and more. Here are some of the profit-making small businesses you can start with low investment:

  1. Pickles
  2. Incense Sticks (Agarbatti)
  3. Handmade Candles
  4. Designer Lace Work
  5. Buttons
  6. Shoe Laces
  7. Ice-cream Waffle Cones
  8. Papad
  9. Cotton Buds
  10. Handmade Chocolates
  11. Disposable Utensils
  12. Noodles
  13. Staple Pins
  14. Jute Bags
  15. Handmade Soaps
  16. Paper
  17. Smartphones Tempered Glass
  18. Office Stationaries
  19. Paper Bags

Low Investment Business Ideas

Many beginner entrepreneurs struggle with the thought of heavy capital or funding before executing their low investment business ideas out in the market. Small business ideas with low investment are not rocket science that needs to be learned or mastered via some paid course. In 2021, some of the best business ideas with low investment have paid off better in the long run than big corporations promoting their products globally via paid marketing. Let us discuss some of the popular small business ideas with low investment below:

  • Coaching Classes/Tuition- A safe business that can be started from home with minimum to no monetary investment.
  • Wedding Planning/Event Planning- An all-season business that never goes out of order. Even with the pandemic wedding and events haven't been completely restricted from the same.
  • Cooking Classes- People love to develop these life skills, hence, a class concerning the same could attract many like-minds.
  • Driving School/ Cab Service- A life skill that can turn into one of the best low investment business ideas.
  • Catering- An all-time successful business, food and tiffin services are in extreme demand especially in metropolitan cities.
  • Salon & Beauty Services- This business can be started at home or in a rental space and stays in demand throughout the year.
  • Real Estate Agent or Broker- You can earn good commissions on selling and renting apartments and the occasional chance of travelling.
  • Social Media Agency- Digital Marketing is the next IT thing in this industry. A social media agency can be started from home and is one of the smartest low investment business ideas.

Small Business Ideas With Low Investment

These are some of the top 20 small business ideas in India that guarantee success with low to no investment needed:

  1. Yoga Instructor
  2. Dance Trainer
  3. Refurbishing Antiques
  4. Tiffin Services
  5. Selling second-hand goods
  6. Reseller of Ecommerce
  7. Soft Skills training
  8. Coaching Classes
  9. Tour Guide
  10. Online Store
  11. Graphic Designing
  12. Web Designing
  13. Proofreader
  14. Online Baking
  15. Blogging
  16. Travel Agency/Air Bnb
  17. Makeup Artist
  18. Youtube
  19. Social Media Management
  20. Courier Service

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Q. What is the best business to start in 2021?

Ans- These are the top 15 best small business ideas for 2021:

  1. Dropshipping
  2. Translation
  3. Home-based Catering
  4. Cloud Kitchen
  5. Virtual Assistant
  6. Online Tutoring
  7. Content Writing
  8. Career Coaching
  9. WordPress Support
  10. Takeaway meals/ Tiffin service
  11. Email Marketing
  12. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  13. Website Testing
  14. Stock Photography
  15. Digital Event Planner

Q. What business is in high demand in India?

Ans- Indian handicraft items manufacturing business is in high demand in India. It helps in bridging the gap amongst customers and artisans and can be started via low investments. Hence, guaranteeing a future monetary benefit.

Q. What are the best small-businesses suitable for housewives?

Ans. The best suitable small- businesses for housewives are tiffin service and pickles, jams, and sauce making business.

Q. What are the most profitable small-businesses?

Ans. The most profitable small-businesses are photography business, travel agency business, etc.

Q. What type of business can we start from our home?

Ans. Tiffin service business, tutoring, etc., are some of the excellent small business ideas that you can start from your home.

Q. What are the best part-time small-businesses?

Ans. Making fragrant candles, cakes, and baked goods are the best part-time small businesses.

Q. What type of small-businesses can we start immediately without any investment?

Ans. Insurance consultants or Insurance Agents are such types of small businesses that you can start immediately, without making any investment.