Business Ideas for Women in Gujarat [Best Businesses to Start]

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Business Ideas for Women in Gujarat [Best Businesses to Start]

Today, everyone wants to live an independent life. With inflation at its all-time high rate and some of the other adversities gripping human lives, thousands of business ideas for women have been brought forward by aspiring women across the globe who wish to create an impact and a name in society.

And, this has been possible because of the widespread availability of technology and technological gadgets at an economical cost and the formation of multiple regulating policies to encourage and support the growth and establishment of their businesses in society. One of the states where women are given equal opportunities to start their ventures is Gujarat.

The new business ideas in Gujarat have motivated many women to come out of their houses and make a life of their own, giving them a chance to fulfil their long-buried dreams by starting their dream business where they would be their own boss. Such women empowerment initiatives have performed exceedingly well in pushing women to come out of the four walls of their houses and make a name for themselves.

Apart from its traditional festival Navratri, traditional dance form Garba & Dandiya, traditional lip-smacking dry snacks items, such a thepla, dhokla, khandvi, papad (multiple types), fafda, gathiya, jalebi, and many more, one will also find the best business in Gujarat with critical industries, like chemical and petrochemicals, textiles and apparels, gems and jewellery, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, agro and food processing, dairy, owner, etc.

Gujarat is a state where there is no shortage of small-scale business ideas for ladies, and they can progress at par with men. Here, women are considered equally capable of running a business successfully. So, let’s find out what are some of these businesses and how they can help women in Gujarat grow and stand on their own feet.

The problem with large-scale industries is that it requires huge costs and time to start rolling finally. However, there are some business ideas for women that they can start with minimum space, capital, and workforce. Such business ideas will help the women in Gujarat uplift their lifestyle and be known for their work other than household chores.

If they can successfully face the initial challenges and maintain a steady run during their growth stage, these businesses will help them to be independent for the rest of their lives. Hence, if you aspire to be a victorious entrepreneur in Gujarat and contribute to the state’s development, start any of the following businesses today and fly high in your career.

7 Best Business Ideas for Women in Gujarat

Antique stainless steel food carrier (Tiffin food container) and spoon on wood table

1. Gujarati Thali Tiffin Services

Gujarat is a land gifted with mouth-watering multi-cuisine, and each Gujarati woman specialises in the state’s traditional cuisines. There is a prevalent saying amongst the people that dining in Surat and dying in Varanasi is the route to heaven.

To taste the delectable vegetarian Gujarati cuisine, one must eat a Thali meal, which will give you the ultimate veggie delight. This Gujarati Thali meal typically comprises of a green vegetable, a katholl, a gourd shaak or a tuber, one or two farsan, which are either steamed or fried snacks, a bowl of raita or shrikhand, rice or khichdi, daal (usually tur dal), one or more yogurt items, and a sweet, like halwa or shrikhand or basundi.

Also given is a plate of freshly chopped salad. If such thali is served out to the office goers and the tourists, no one will ever miss ‘Ghar Ka Kahan.’ This is the perfect business for ladies sitting at home who love to cook and seek happiness in feeding others.

2. Dairy Products Business

There is a special sweet dish that is served in Gujarat as a dessert, which is famously called ‘Shrikhand’ and is made in a variety of flavours. Shrikhand is popular both in India as well as foreign countries and is made using curd, a healthy dairy product.

From children to grandparents, everybody loves shrikhand after lunch or dinner. It is one of the best side business ideas for ladies in Gujarat, requiring very low investment and can be made in the home kitchen as well. Other dairy products, like khoya and flavoured milk, are used to make other traditional Gujarati sweets, which are always in high demand throughout the year.

3. Clothing Material or Readymade Garments Shop

Ahmedabad city of Gujarat is known to be the largest clothing market where retailers and wholesalers rule the market. From traditional Gujarati wear, viz ghagra choli and dhotis to western wear, like shirts, jeans, and t-shirts, one can find all types of clothes in Gujarat sold by a sea of sellers.

Gujarat is also the third-largest producer of denim in the world. Apart from this, Gujarat is also the textile hub of India, selling clothing materials (i.e., thaan) of all types at wholesale rates, like curtains, readymade clothing, and more. They even transport in huge quantities pan India.

In case you have unused space at your home, which you can turn into a small godown or a showroom or money for purchasing, this is the most profitable home business for ladies that can easily start from scratch.

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4. Snacks Making Business

Each state in India is popular and specialises in street food and snacking items by which they are famous in the world. When an outsider visits any other Indian state, he/she never misses trying the dishes for which that state is famous. Gujarat is no exception to this as the state offers a wide range of mouth-watering snack items that aren’t heavy on the stomach.

Locally known as ‘Farsan,’ the popular snack items belonging to Gujarat are Khandvi, Dhokla, Khaman Dhokla, Thepla, Fafda-Jalebi, Gathiya, fritters of various types, and more. Women in Gujarat who want to expand this hobby must invest in this one of the sought-after small business ideas for women.

5. Aachar, Tomato Pastes, and Other Condiments

When Gujarat is famous for so many snack foods, there has to be a good demand for condiments that are eaten together with the snack items. Multiple condiments are served in Gujarat along with various types of food, and the most popular ones are achar, like aam, mirch, tindora, chana methi, athela marcha, raita marcha, etc.

Also served are tomato pastes, and various chutneys, garlic, and chilly green, to name a few. Starting this best business in Gujarat will be beneficial as it requires extremely low investment and can be at home.

6. Mouth Fresheners or Mukhwas

Almost every household in Gujarat has the habit of eating mouth fresheners or mukhwas multiple times a day. They can skip a meal but cannot forget to chew their favorite mukhwas. Their day starts eating mukhwas and ends eating the same.

Starting a mukhwas retailing business does not categorise under new business ideas in Gujarat, and women can easily do it as they have good knowledge about mixing and taste. Mukhwas, which is available in multiple variants and flavours, is an economical business to start as one only needs to spend on purchasing the raw materials, which they can mix and sell from the four walls of their house. So, if you are looking for small business ideas for women, you should try this one.

 Roasted papad is an Indian traditional started food,

7. Homemade Papad Manufacturing Business

A business idea for a woman, which will never fade in terms of demand in any season, is a homemade papad manufacturing business. It is one of the best small-scale businesses that can be operated by staying home.

Gujarat people love tastes, and they find it even in papads as well, which they can even eat solely without any accompanying food. The papad, which is loved not only by Gujaratis but all over India, is the “Lijjat” papad, and if anyone can make a papad that is similar in taste, nothing can stop this small-scale business for ladies from expanding their horizons.

Therefore, the above business ideas are the most sought-after business for ladies sitting at home and also the most successful small business ideas in Gujarat that any woman can start at any point in their life if they have the will to do so. Choose the one that suits you the best and start earning.

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Q. What is GCCI BWW in Gujarat?

Ans. The Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry Business Women Wing is a branch formed by the Government of Gujarat to promote the educational, social, and cultural interests of the women entrepreneurs of Gujarat. This department encourages new and existing women entrepreneurs to become self-reliant in the coming times.

Q. Which small-scale businesses have been most successful in Gujarat?

Ans. A few of the small-scale businesses that have been most successful in Gujarat are social media influencers, traditional art & craft business, traditional readymade clothing business, and more.

Q. What are the businesses that a homemaker can start?

Ans. Businesses that are easy to start for a homemaker are providing tuition classes from home, conducting online classes, condiments business, virtual assistance, etc.