What are 20 Cruelty-Free Business Ideas?

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What are 20 Cruelty-Free Business Ideas?

Cruelty-free business ideas are those in which one does not test their products on animals or does not involve consuming products derived from animals. India has 38% of the vegetarian population has already given up on flesh, meats, and non-vegetarian food in favour of a green platter. This creates a vast opportunity for you to start new business ideas and serve this audience.

So, if you’re looking to start a vegan-based business idea but worried about which one to choose, then you are in the right place. We have listed 20 innovative business ideas that you can freely start in 2021 to support the vegan audience.

20 Unique Business Ideas to Start in 2021.

1. Vegan Food Restaurant

You can start a vegan food restaurant by renting out a place and serving the customers living nearby. As word-of-mouth spreads, people will come readily to your restaurant for a complete vegan eating experience. But you must offer a budget-friendly and value-for-money meal to retain those customers for a long time.

It is the best business to start post-pandemic in India, and the best part is, even the non-vegetarians would love to try your cruelty-free delicacies.

2. Vegan Drinks and Beverages

It is one of the latest business ideas to start with limited capital and be gradually scaled to the next level. You can serve fresh fruit juices like strawberry, watermelon, oranges, lemon, etc., and include dairy product alternatives like almond milk, coconut milk, cashew milk, etc., for shakes and smoothies.

It would cost you around 5000-8000 rupees to rent a stall, add a banner, and buy the ingredients. And you are ready?

3. Essential Oils

In India, we have used essential oils since ancient times in aromatherapy for healing effects on your mind and body. The essential oils are produced from plants. Hence it is all right for vegans to use in their everyday life.

You can start extracting the oils, labelling your brand, and then sell on an e-commerce website like Amazon, Flipkart, etc., or create your brand website. You can start it with minimum cost and scale it smoothly, because of the online presence.

4. Home-made Candles

Because paraffin, coconut, or soy wax excludes animal or animal-derived products, homemade candles are the absolute cruelty-free business ideas. So one can manufacture, package and deliver to their nearest shop easily.

5. Vegan Cake Shop

Vegetarians prefer cakes that do not include eggs for preparation, and if you can introduce such business ideas, you are free to create your monopoly in the market.

You can also work as a bakery shop and offer different alternatives or upsell them by suggesting snacks, bread, and namkeens.

6. Food Truck Business

You can start a vegan food truck business that offers vegetarian products and does not contain any animal derivatives or test their products on animals.

Selling sandwiches, patties, ice creams, burgers (no cheese), etc. would be a highly profitable business idea to start post-pandemic.

7. Natural Shampoo/Conditioners & Cosmetics

We all know the adverse effects of using chemical cosmetics like shampoo, conditioners, hair colour, and makeup kits. So can you create an alternative to the chemicals?

Because most shampoos in our home come with keratin, biotin, gelatine that is derived from animals. And to reduce it, you need a plant-based alternative shampoo that will soothe your skin and nourish it with time.

8. Organic Farm Produce Vegetables

One can sell farm-produced vegetables to their near city and grow their business, without involving animals in the farming.

You can now grow vegetables on your farm with the new technology using LED lights. In 2021, only a few startups are using this technology to produce specific vegetables like peas, spinach, tomatoes, etc.

Handmade old recycled wooden and metal furniture

9. Recycle Old Furniture

This innovative business idea can change our life because if we can reuse the old furniture, again and again, we could protect the need for cutting fresh woods and save our environment.

In that way, we can be less cruel to animals and not take their shelter, so if you love nature, you can proceed with this business idea.

10. Eco-friendly Paints

Paints contain animal derivatives that can be casein (a milk product), beeswax, etc., that are not considered vegan. It involves animals’ treatment to create this paint. Hence an eco-friendly painting would be a completely new business idea.

You can introduce paints derived from plant resins, herbs, essential oils, etc., and use them in your home and sell others. As it would have no chemical side effect nor cruel behaviour to the animals.

11. Diet Planner

You can work as a vegan diet planner for people to transform themselves from a non-vegetarian to a vegan diet.

It becomes difficult for a person to manage everything for themselves. So you can work for them and offer a weekly diet chart that would help them follow their routine.

12. Reusable Plastic Bottles

Most plastic bags contain animal fats named stearic acid, so this makes plastic bags evil towards animals.

Instead, we can use paper bags for our everyday life and reduce plastic bags to balance nature and our mother earth.

13. Plant Nursery

The plant nursery business idea does not involve any killing towards animals, instead, it gives shelter to them.

You can plant trees and urge others to plant trees that will help us create a fresh better planet to live on. Sell plants and encourage people to decorate their balconies and also educate them about the plants.

14. Plant Protein - Meat Substitute

Plant protein is an alternative to all other meats existing in the market. These innovative business ideas would help reduce killing animals and also the vegan community to try different products.

Recently, Riteish & Gelenia Deshmukh launched a startup named ‘Imagine Meats’ that offers plant-based proteins prepared from plant cells.

15. Vegan bags/shoes

Monk story, Veg Shoes, The Cai Store, PAIO, etc., are the brands that focus on providing vegan-based shoes, which avoids killing animals and testing on them.

This business idea is currently in its nascent stage, so the early you start, the better you will create the monopoly in this business.

16. Healthy Snacks Corner

Open a healthy snacks corner that focuses on providing vegan products; in this way, you are not only avoiding cruelty towards other animals but also helping others to avail those rare products.

Begin with a small corner, and slowly open your chain/franchise because veganism is the future of India. Note: Not everybody will buy your product, so to connect them for the long term, tie-up with them with a subscription service model.

17. Non-Dairy Substitutes

The vegan community cannot have milk, curd, lassi, etc., as it is derived from animals. So if your business can offer a new variety of drinks that consume no animal derivative, it would be highly profitable in the market.

18. Vegan Baby Food

The vegan food baby is the untapped market and perfect for you to start this business idea in 2021. But it would need a lot of research to start this business idea or else don’t enter it.

Natural cosmetics ingredients for skincare, body and hair care

19. Vegan Honey

Some vegans do not prefer Honey in their diet, Because Honey is extracted from bees, and it becomes similar to consuming dairy products. So offering its solution is a highly profitable business idea to start in 2021. Instead, you can begin with vegan honey manufacturing and then sell to customers.

As a manufacturer, you can sell on specific stores with an exclusive contract to drive your audience towards the store owner. In this way, you create a win-win situation for both businesses.

20. Vegan Blogger

You can make people aware of the products that contain animal derivatives and help them find their alternatives. To begin this business idea, you need a blogging website with a hosting and domain, and your purposes should be to provide vegan-related information facts, myths, etc.

In this business idea, you neither involve any cruelty towards animals nor support animal derivatives.

Final thoughts

This completes our list of 20 unique business ideas that you can start in 2021. So if you’re an entrepreneur planning to work on some hot business ideas, you can begin with it.

These new business ideas will help you easily create a monopoly in your business and make huge profits suffering no losses.

And if you feel your lack of technology, you can have us at your side. Our primary motive is to help businesses track their expenditure and increase their profits.

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Q. Which business ideas are best for me?

Ans. It completely depends on your interest, expertise, and capital to start these business ideas.

Q. What is the minimum investment needed to start any business?

Ans. You can start with a minimum budget of 10000-20000 rupees from your home and then opt for a rented space to run these business ideas in the future.

Q. Is the Vegan business profitable?

Ans. Vegan business is highly profitable, as we Indians honor animals and would love to try vegan products. We not only help our environment by turning vegan, but also are contributing towards holistic development for our own self.