How To Start Dabur Distributorship? [Cost, Requirements]

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How To Start Dabur Distributorship? [Cost, Requirements]

India is a developing country, and as in the case of any other developing country’s market, the Indian market is and shall continue witnessing an upsurge of customers, especially in sectors like - infrastructure, automobile, and FMCG.

FMCG or Fast-Moving Consumer Goods are products of our day-to-day needs. These items are in frequent demand as they are needed by the customers regularly. Due to which such items have high sales and a large consumer base.

The FMCG market of India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.9% to reach the US $220 billion by 2025. The main reason behind this speedy growth of the sector is the increased disposable income of rural India, and low penetration in the rural market offers room for growth.

Investment in these sectors attracts investors as the demand for the product is throughout the year. This is why we believe that the FMCG sector is one of the best investments for someone like you who wants to expand your current business or is looking for a secondary source of income.

You must have heard of or even used products of Dabur, right? Dabur is one of the most popular brands in India for FMCG goods, and it is hard to believe if someone hasn't heard or used its product.

Products and varieties Dabur offers include soups, shampoos, hair oil, toothpaste, honey, chyawanprash, odomos, glucose drinks, real juices, Gulab Jal, ayurvedic medicines, etc. Dabur has a wide range of products and varieties to offer to its customer base.

Considering all these facts, we believe that you would like to be part of this brand as well. You can achieve this by taking a distributorship of Dabur.

What does distributorship mean?

A distributor is a person appointed by companies like Dabur to supply their products to shops and other businesses. The main role of a distributor is to act as a middle man between shops selling the company's products and the company itself. For this, the distributor charges some commission which will be their earning.

Here, we have gathered all the necessary details, such as Dabur distributorship cost, requirements, profit, and how to apply, etc., for you to get a clearer understanding.

1. Dabur distributorship cost and investment

Dabur distributorship cost starts from INR 2 Lakhs. However, it depends on the products you decide to take distributorship for. The cost will keep increasing depending upon the products you choose like health care, home care, food, beverages, etc.

Other than this, you would need to invest in the location where you would keep and store these products as you would have to distribute and deliver these products to shops and businesses as well. Investment in godown safety will be required to preserve such items. Following are some details of Dabur distributorship cost -

Dabur distributorship cost 

Starting from INR 2 Lakhs

Experience requirement 

Applicants should have experience in running a business or prior experience of distributorship of any other brand. 

Profit Margin 

For distributor packaging material - 20%

For distributor un-packaging materials - 25%

Area Requirement 

It depends on the product(s) you take distributorship for. The area must be sufficient to store products for a period. 

If you still think that such investment and cost is quite expensive, then you must know what makes Dabur unique.  Dabur has a diverse range of products, due to which it has a huge customer base. Moreover, Dabur’s products of hair oils, digestives, Ayurvedic health supplements and toothpaste are among the industry leaders and are in constant demand. This ensures that Dabur will have a constant cash flow for its future growth and to handle adverse periods.

2. Requirements

Dabur distributorships are preferably given to a person who has some experience in running a business. If you are currently running a shop or any other brands’ distributorship, then this could increase your chance of getting a Dabur distributorship.

Dabur first goes through the applications they receive for distributorships and selects a few candidates as per their application and experience details. After that, the company’s employees contact the shortlisted candidates and discuss further procedures. If they find your experience and space requirement sufficient for the work, they may accept your application and appoint you as a dealership in that area.

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3. Profit

Dabur distributorship cost and profit depend on the shops which are under your distributorship. A distributor gets a commission-based income. The more shops you have under your distributorship, the more profit you will earn. It cannot be said how much profit you would make as it depends upon the area.

4. How to apply

You can apply for Dabur distributorship directly through their website.

  1. Go to the Dabur website and click on contact.
  2. Here, you will find an option for stockists/distributors, select which you will be directed to a form.
  3. Fill out all the details in that form, such as ownership, area of godown, etc.
  4. Select products you would like to apply for, and fill out other experience and contact details as well
  5. After filling out your form, click on ‘Submit’. The company will contact you through your email and will discuss further details and procedures.
Contact us concept with website icons on wooden cubes

5. Contact details of Dabur

  • E-mail
  • Telephone no. - 0120-3962100
  • Registered office - 8/3, Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi - 110002


Dabur is one of the leading FMCG brands in India. It has its outlets and product sales in other countries as well. As the brand is gaining recognition as a leading ayurvedic brand not just in India but also around the globe, it is profitable for anyone to take the distributorship of such a brand. It has over 6 lakh retail partners throughout the country.

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Q. Is Dabur an Indian brand?

Ans. Yes, Dabur is an Indian ayurvedic and FMCG products brand. It was started in 1884 by S.K. Burman. Its headquarters is located in Ghaziabad.

Q. What are the main product categories of Dabur?

Ans. Dabur’s products are available in categories such as personal care, health care, home care, food products, ayurvedic specialities, etc. For further details about Dabur products, visit their website and select the products option there.

Q. Does Dabur have any subsidiary company?

Ans. Dabur India Ltd. has 3 subsidiary companies -Dabur International, Fem Care Pharma, and NewU and 8 step down subsidiaries - Dabur Nepal Pvt. Ltd., Dabur Egypt Ltd, Asian Consumer Care, African Consumer Care, Naturelle LLC, Weikfield International, and Jaquline Inc.

Q. What is Dabur’s status in the consumer goods market?

Ans. Dabur is currently the 4th largest company in the Indian consumer goods market. Dabur is also a market leader in several categories such as chyawanprash, Real juices, Dabur Amla hair oil, hajmola, Dabur Honey, and homemade pastes.

Q. In how many countries does Dabur have its distribution network and offices?

Ans. Dabur’s distribution network covers 5 continents and over 50 countries with offices in Africa, America, and Europe. Dabur has its production units in Egypt, Nepal, the UAE, and the UK.

Q. Does the company provide any training to distributors?

Ans. Yes, the company will provide training to the director/partners/accountant/sales team. The company provides you with 3 staff members for 2-3 months for learning your business and securing your business.

Q. What is the role of the Burman family in the company’s management and operations?

Ans. After 1998, the Burman family stepped down from the responsibilities of the company. They did so by reducing their family member’s strength from 10 board of directors to 4 members. Burman family plays a vital role in advisory using their experience and provides advice on broad policy guidelines for growth and diversification.