What is the perfect startup team? Importance, Tips & more

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What is the perfect startup team? Importance, Tips & more

If you are a small business owner, then building a great startup team is something you might have always wanted. In addition to that, team dynamics are a critical factor in determining the success and failure of any business. Thus, it is essential to own a great set of employees from the very start.

So, what is a perfect startup team? Perfectness comes when a team can pull off a successful sale execution of every product that the business offers. To ensure this, the startup needs to hire the best employees for smooth running of the company. We have listed specific steps that are required to hire the perfect startup team. Have a look:

Understand What You Want

At the time of hiring, you must be able to answer these questions- what kind of team do you want? What would be your company’s culture? How much money will you be able to spend on employees? Further, you can create a checklist of qualities or skill sets that you’re looking for in an employee. After every interview, you can match the applicant against the checklist and know if you want to hire him/her.

Good Job Description

When you advertise a job opening, you must be specific about the job description. Applicants should be able to understand what, as a company, you are looking for. Further, be specific about the skill set you want, the employee working hours, the pay-scale and the experience you need. The more specific you are, the more appropriate the candidate would be!

Reach on Different Platforms

Try to reach suitable candidates on various platforms. You can establish your presence on LinkedIn, Naukri, Monster and other job search websites. It is better to understand where your talent exists and find them there. Plus, you can ask your colleagues for referrals.

Sell the Company’s Vision

The applicant indeed needs to sell themselves, but you need to sell your company too. You must convince the applicant on why a candidate with such experience should work with a startup? It’s a two-way process!

Right Questions

You should find everything you want to know about the candidate. Try to ask as many questions as you can about their work experience, goals, motivation, ethics and skill sets. Ensure that they would perfectly fit in the company’s work culture and ethics. Moreover, they would bring success to the company by competently working with another team member.

Call References

Every candidate that you hire has some references. You can call them and ask about their work style. Know about the contributions that the applicant has made in the past company and would he be suitable for your company or not. You should prepare the right set of questions beforehand so that the qualified applicants can be found out from the bad ones.

Take Advice

It is always better to take advice from the co-founders of your startup team about the applicant. You can consult the co-founder at the time of interview. The decision becomes much easier when there are others to help you. However, if there are no co-founders in your startup, then you can consult your associates or partners while making a decision.


Before hiring, always ask yourself, can you outsource the job of the applicant? Or can you do it yourself? If there is no requirement of a candidate for full time, then hire part-time. Think carefully about all the options you have before making a decision.

However, building a successful startup is indeed a tedious task, and most of your success depends on team members. The personalities, actions and values of team members will always influence the company’s direction. Thus, to jumpstart with chances of success, choose your team wisely. We have listed some tips to build a perfect startup team:


There is no room for people in a startup who keep things to themselves. People who do so create a toxic environment and might lead to suspicion. Further, people who do so would never be a good fit for the startup team, even though they may have multiple qualities. Thus, it is essential to communicate. Communication is the key to the success of any organisation.

Know Your Competences

When you are constructing your startup team, there are so many skill sets that you can bring on the table. There is an excellent opportunity to complement your skills with the qualities of the collaborators. For that, you need to have a look at the skills that you are best at and the skills that you lack. Then, check out the team members who have the skills that would strengthen the organisation.

Work With People You’re Comfortable Around

Indeed, you don’t have to be best friends with members of your team. You might not have a personal relationship with them apart from your professional work. However, it is crucial to surround yourself with people with whom you share a friendly vibe. This is because you will be spending a lot of time together, and you can’t make every interaction a struggle.

Find Collaborators Who Are A Good Fit

Culture fit is essential when you choose to hire people for every position. Plus, there is a certain work culture the moment you start to have your company. Therefore, it is important to have somebody who could fit into the working culture. As the owner of the company, it is you who has to decide the values on which the company operates, and your team has to abide by it.

Find People Who Are Eager To Learn

Learning is a lifelong process. Every startup has its own set of education and training for the employees. Further, the employees and partners have their own set of knowledge and experiences from which you could learn. So, you must be prepared to learn as much as you can from these experiences. There may be certain times when you have to keep your head low to complete the job. So, it is vital to choose people who are curious always.

It requires immense hard work to run a startup. With the right employees, your company can become successful. It is advisable to choose employees that fit perfectly into your business. Plus, the startup would require a perfect set of employees at every stage of business. So, hire the people who believe in your company’s mantra and would work with you for a long time. After all, a good set of employees would make the startup successful.

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Q. How to motivate your team for better execution of work?

Ans: A good team plays an important role in deciding the future of a startup. The mistake that many founders make is by not motivating the team. Thus, as a founder, it is your responsibility to execute the work culture in your startup and encourage them to work efficiently when the need be.

Q. How to deal with the competition?

Ans: When you start a business, there would be competition because it takes time to build a monopoly. The competition would always make you feel better. Thus, work harder on making your business valuable. It is advisable to start from the small market and expand your business in concentric circles.

Q. What is important for growth in a business?

Ans: To execute growth in your business:

  1. Try to work on fundamentals that are required for customer retention.
  2. Ensure that you have a reasonable customer retention rate because this would ensure the expansion of the business.
  3. Don’t forget; there are four keys for an ideal startup- idea, team, product and execution. So, execute well to ensure a great product.

Q. What do you mean by company culture?

Ans: Every company has its own principles and values on which it is working. Make sure to follow the culture while working daily. Hire candidates that are culturally fit for your company. After all the values and actions of every team member would require a pursuit company to achieve its mission.