Bindi Business: How to Start Bindi-making in India?

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Bindi Business: How to Start Bindi-making in India?

Derived from the Sanskrit word "Bindu" or a "dot," bindi holds paramount significance in the Indian culture. These days, bindi is worn as an accessory in several cultures almost all over the world. One of the standard beauty products found in every woman's makeup kit, bindi, is available in different forms. While red bindi signifies prosperity, compassion, and love, the Chandan bindi decoration is an integral part of the bridal makeup in Bengal.

Being one of the most in-demand accessories, bindi manufacturing can be an ideal choice for starting up one's own business. Owing to the rising demand for varieties, styles, colours, and designs of the bindi, starting a bindi business is an apt choice for those who aim to make good money in the market.

The best part about starting a bindi business is that the investment cost is way less than the returns. This means the bindi business can be started at very low capital investment. And not only men but women, particularly housewives and mothers, also can contribute to the bindi business and can make a decent amount of money.

How to Kick-off a Bindi Business?

If you want to start a bindi making business at a small scale, below is something you should consider:

1. The raw material

The significant investment you need to make is a piece of velvet clothing. Other essentials include decorative items like adhesives, stones, glue, beads, and so on. Next is the packaging material, which should be decided based on the customer's request.

The manufacturing process is pretty simple.

  • Glue the cloth.
  • Use dies and divides the fabric into separate pieces.
  • Paste in on a separate sheet.
  • Have the bindi printing machine in place.
  • Prepare it for packaging.
  • Pack the manufactured product into a box.

When it comes to pricing, ascertain that you set up a price that justifies the cost of raw materials and the efforts you've put into creating them.

To stand out in a competitive market, experiment with different styles, and create customised fancy bindis. You can select the categories like wedding, ring ceremony, or any other. Arrange for the raw material meant exclusive for those styles and craft bindis that could earn you huge profits and applauds amongst the customers.

2. The manufacturing machine

If you're low on budget, you may begin with hand tools. For professional and reliable work, having a bindi cutting and printing machine would serve the purpose.

To complement the needs of women in India, make sure to invest in fancy bindis too. This will help customers choose their style. Bindis are designed as per the face layout also. For example, there are Rectangular bindi, oval bindi, heart shape bindi, square face bindi, etc. So, you can try out crafting fancy bindis that sync with the face shape and attire. The more choices you have, the broader range of audience you'll be able to cover!

Bindi production requires two major types of machinery. Apart from it, you can spend on other equipment like adhesive coating machines, electrical motors, drying machines, etc., depending upon the price, operation mode, and so on.

Always choose a machine that favours your production.

3. The space you would need

Since bindi making is a home-based setup, you have an option to save in terms of the rental space. However, if you plan a large scale setup, operating from home would be a bit hectic.

You'll need a minimum of 1000 sq. ft for a vast scale bindi making business. For large-scale businesses, you also require an electrical connection.

For small-scale, a minimum of 500 sq. ft would suffice. Also, hiring manpower would lessen since you can speak to your family or friends in most cases. They can better assist you at the start. Above all, you'll be able to save more time while in collaboration with the family.

Indian woman working from home in corona virus pandemic

4. The process

  1. First things first, punch all the decorative coloured sheets. Now, apply the glue via brush rolls.
  2. In the next step, put the adhesive coating by running it through a hot air chamber. This is how it's dried.
  3. Further, the sheet is cut to craft proper bindi shapes using punching machines.
  4. Finally, the punched bindis are attached to remove the paper. The final bindis are then packed in small printed folders.

License Intended for a Bindi Making Business

  • A proprietorship or partnership firm is the first thing you need to register with. This is for small or large scale business setup. However, if you are operating individually, you need to register your business as a proprietorship.
  • Register as LLP or Pvt. Ltd. with the registrar of companies (ROC)
  • The next important thing is the GST number and GST registration.
  • Then, apply for a trade license from local businesses.
  • Trademark registration is also equally important for a bindi making business.
  • Don't skip the Pollution Control Certificate. Register for it beforehand.
  • Apply for the SSI unit. Open an account with your bindi business. Further, register for sale tax.

Tips to Market Bindi Business in India

1. The retail market

This is one most flourished option where you can introduce your products, either directly or indirectly. Either network with local retailers who can further distribute your bindis, or you can sell directly.

Another option is to choose a wholesale market.

2. Online marketing

Online marketing is booming these days. You may choose B2B or B2C websites to launch your products for your target audience.

B2B websites accept bulk orders. Either speak with wholesale shops or register with top marketplace websites like Indiamart, TradeIndia or Alibaba, or ExportersIndia.

You may also sell directly by registering with B2C websites. These websites already have a decent client base. Registering with eCommerce stores like Flipkart, Snapdeal, and Amazon will make the marketing process much more comfortable. Here, customers will directly approach you by browsing through your products.

The Scope of Bindi-making Business Now or in the Future!

Starting a bindi business is pretty easy. All it takes is a small capital investment. This is a profitable business idea, especially for women entrepreneurs. Owing to the increased demand for fancy bindis, businesses need to launch unique styles. Also, having the appropriate selling skills would add to it. Make sure you're networked with retail shops that can help expand your market.

Promote your business diligently. Leverage online platforms. They're one of the best options to market in the modern age. Your consumers are already on the web. All you need to do is be aware of your products and convert them into all-time buyers.

Lay the foundation with a website that speaks about your business, different bindi styles, and upcoming deals. Make it user-friendly so that customers can book their orders easily.

Bindi glyph icon vector on white background

Ending Thoughts!

The use of bindi has transformed significantly. These days, it's worn as a style statement with no context to age, marital status, or religion and is well accepted across the globe. Being one of the prominent fashion statements, bindis are manufactured in various colours, shapes, and designs. It is no more limited to the forehead. You'll find bindis worn as tattoos too.

Investing in a bindi making business is a win-win idea. Go ahead, try creating a couple of different styles together. Make sure you give equal emphasis to the marketing tactics and emerge as a leader in the bindi making business.

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