How to Start a Car Detailing Business? Car Detailing Shop!

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How to Start a Car Detailing Business? Car Detailing Shop!

Table of Contents:

1. Is Auto Detailing A Good Business?

2. What Is Automobile Detailing Business?

3. How To Start A Car Detailing Shop?

4. Tips For Automobile Detailing Business

5. Profits From Car Detailing Shop

1. Is Auto Detailing A Good Business?

Have you ever heard about a car décor or car detailing business? It is one of the fastest ways of making money because car detailing is an important task done on special vehicles. Car detailing or auto detailing can be a great way of making a living and running a successful business venture. Fortunately, it does not require a lot of training or huge capital investment. But for running a successful car decor business, you can always take help from an expert before starting. Let us help you know all about how to start a car decor business.

2. What Is Automobile Detailing Business?

Car detailing is the process of cleaning and polishing a car keeping in mind the minute details. It involves special touch-ups that will repair the car’s paintwork and enhance the overall look. The main focus or aim of this process is to restore the existing paintwork by getting rid of scratches or other marks to make the car appear brand-new. Car detailing is categorised into exterior and interior detailing:

  • Exterior detailing: It is a process that includes degreasing, washing, paint correction, paint protection, and using other tools and products. The different parts of a car are also detailed in this process by using special products.
  • Interior detailing: Interior detailing is the exact opposite: cleaning the interior parts of the car. It involves vacuuming, leather polishing, and also cleaning the inside surfaces of the car. In short, car detailing gives your car that brand-new look it had when you first rode your car out of the showroom.

3. How To Start A Car Detailing Shop?

If the business of car detailing sounds appealing to you, then you can start one yourself. But starting your car detailing business can be a challenge. This business is quite unknown and somewhat complicated, but if you know the exact steps to start and run one, it might not be as difficult as it sounds.

1. Get the proper training

This industry does not require you to have a specific degree or certification, but you must know the correct methods and techniques involved if you want to become a successful detailer. But chasing the best polishing machines won’t suffice if you do not know the methods and do not practice. So you must find a car detailing training institute that will offer you hands-on training to learn and practice. You can also look out for an online course if you do not have the time to go to an institute. Try to learn about the industry, the audience, the pricing of services, and other essential details before entering this industry.

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2. Practise and become a professional

Watching online classes won’t be enough if you do not practice and try things yourself. If you want to start with car detailing, then the best way to practice is to apply it to your own car. If you do not have your own car, then you can approach your friend or neighbour and ask them if they want to get their car detailed from you. Once you practice and deliver, ask them to give their opinion so that you can understand what could be improved and can be made better. Even if you do not intend to do it yourself and hire people, you still need to know the process and the techniques involved.

3. Find a good location

If you want to become a car detailer, you must find a good place to set up your detailing studio. Make sure that the location allows easy passage for cars. Also, keep in mind the drainage system and electrical connections required for setting up a successful car detailing shop. If you plan to set up a mobile detailer, you do not need to worry about these factors as much.

an open tool box full of different tools
Is Auto Detailing A Good Business?

4. Get the right tools and equipment

You must understand where you must invest and what products you must purchase to start your business. Depending on the niche you wish to specialise in - interior decor, exterior decor, steering wheels, flooring, and so on - you can choose the desired tools and equipment for your car detailing business.

5. Hire a workforce

No matter what the business is, you will always require employees. Even if you work on the process yourself, you will require help to service more cars simultaneously. You do not need to hire someone who is thoroughly trained, but a trained worker will have a lot more experience and be comfortable doing the work. Train your employees so that you can get better results and can deliver consistent service.

6. Promote and advertise

Show off your work on social media. Use the power of social media because it can create consumer awareness. Not many people know about car detailing in India, so you must educate them as much as possible and convince them to opt for your services. If you deliver quality results, you will get a solid customer base who can become your lifelong customers. Try putting your business on Google and ask people to give honest reviews to promote your services efficiently. You can also offer seasonal offers, discounts, and other offers.

7. Keep growing

When your business starts growing, you must try to make further investments and expand your business to work on more cars. You can also hire team members so that they can expand the operation. After a certain point in time, you can also offer pick-up and drop-off facilities.

4. Tips For Automobile Detailing Business

Try to get licensed as soon as possible. Most people tend to forget some essential parts of the business, and getting licensed is one of the most important things to do. Try to get a professional who can help you get your business licensed to operate in a completely legit way. Create a strong marketing strategy. As most people are unaware of the car detailing business and services, you must create a strong marketing plan to get some new customers and promote your business. Start by creating a good website and having a strong social media presence. Put up content regularly and start getting out online ads that can get you new prospects.

Stay in touch with your customers. If you think that getting customers is enough, you must understand that customer retention is equally important. To stay in touch with your customers, you can add them to an email list and send them regular emails. If necessary, you can also create a list to talk to people who haven’t used your services. Be well informed of new methods. The car accessories business or the car detailing business will constantly evolve like any other. Hence, you must keep yourself updated and try to grow your business. You can train yourself on any new updated features and add them to the services you offer.

hands cleaning the steering wheel of the car
Is Auto Detailing A Good Business?

5. Profits From Car Detailing Shop

If you want to become successful and make good money from this business, you must offer different service packages for different people. Try to create customised packages for individuals, companies, families, or fleet owners. Try to come up with annual or biannual packages to establish trust and have loyal customers. It will ensure that you have a steady income. Try to invest and get the required materials of premium quality to offer them to high-end clients. Remember that people are always willing to pay some extra money if you offer them some exclusive services. It can be highly beneficial for your business and will help you make money consistently.


Now that you understand what the car detailing business is all about, it will become much easier for you to start. Make sure that you take the proper steps and do everything at the right time to get more customers and have a successful car detailing business.

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Q. Should I apply for a loan at the beginning of the business?

Ans. Although you do not require a lot of money upfront, you can always apply for a loan. Try saving money by purchasing items from wholesale markets.

Q. How to boost sales for your car detailing business?

Ans. You can consider the following points:

  • Understand what attracts the customers
  • Come up with a detailed offline as well as an online marketing plan
  • Promote your business to solve customer’s problems

Q. How to hire the right team for your business?

Ans. Upon starting your business, you might require a team right away. However, with gradual progress, you should aim at hiring specialists or industry experts to expand your business.

Ans. You should check into the respective environmental regulations and local laws about starting your car decor or detailing business. You can contact a lawyer to understand the laws and regulations.