How To Start A Chocolate Business In India? Chocolate Business Ideas.

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How To Start A Chocolate Business In India? Chocolate Business Ideas.

Table of Contents:

1. How To Start A Chocolate Business?

2. Chocolate Making Business

3. Chocolate Business Ideas

4. Chocolate Making Business License

5. Marketing For Chocolate Business

1. How To Start A Chocolate Business?

If you plan on starting a handmade chocolate business, then there are several ways to execute this plan. According to various stats, it has been observed that approximately 228 thousand tonnes of chocolate were consumed in 2016 worldwide. This is a statistical report dating 5 years back, and it shows how much people love munching chocolates. If you are determined to bring your passion mainstream, this article will tell you what is necessary for you.

2. Chocolate Making Business

Raw Materials Required for the Business

Chocolate Flavours

Though you will have to arrange for many things to make your handmade chocolate business successful, the first and foremost thing you should have is the chocolate flavours. There are several types of chocolate flavours available in the market. Either you can buy them all or get the ones of your choice. The flavours will make your chocolate delicious, and you can easily buy them from the market for your handmade chocolates.

Chocolate Colours

If it was for home use, you might want to skip this requirement. But when it is about your handmade chocolate business, you would have to keep these colours by your side. Surely, you can opt for the organic ones. You agree or not, for attracting your customers, you need to play with colours. You need to display your variations and bring better combinations for people to like your chocolates.

Equipment Required For Chocolate Business

Yes, you read that, right! The next step in your list should be to get all the equipment you require for starting your handmade chocolate business. It includes getting a chocolate mould, forging tools, refrigerators, a display case, and other essentials like heating sheets, bowls and more.

2. Way of Packing

Although you might consider it a bit early to discuss this point, handmade chocolate packaging plays an important role in making your business better. There are various packing foils available in the market. You can wrap different shaped handmade chocolates in different wrappers.

This would give versatility to your presentation. How you present your products is also crucial for the handmade chocolate business. Now let’s talk about the steps you need to follow to establish, run, and expand your handmade chocolates business.

3. Chocolate Business Ideas

Once you have the raw materials and a full-proof homemade chocolate recipe, the next step for you to research well for starting your business. You need to take out time and research your competitors. Understand their strengths, weaknesses, strategy and then plan something better. Once you have done your research, plan your establishment accordingly to make no mistakes and perform better in the market than your competitors.

Location Always Counts

Many business owners neglect the importance of a good location, but you don’t make the same mistake. Though you might have already planned for your handmade chocolate online business, your shop’s location will also be very important. Based on the handmade chocolates price list you decide, make sure of locating your shop in a region where that price tag would work. Also, make sure to get a place near or on a busy street. The more eyes you catch, the better it becomes for you.

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4. Chocolate Making Business License

A very important step that you should do in the beginning is getting a license and your registration. As soon as you finalise a location for your handmade chocolate business, complete your registration and obtain the license for your shop. This will make your presence legal in the area. Once you get your chocolate business registered, you will then have to obtain an FSSAI license, trade and GST license, import-export code, trademark registration and more. Your business will be legal and function smoothly only after registering and getting the necessary licenses and certificates.

Check your finances

The above-listed steps need a lot of money to get done. Once you are through with all these, you then have to check your finances. This time you will have to check whether you have a sufficient amount to run the business or not. If not, you can then check for business loans. When you look for loans to get your chocolate business going, check the lender’s credibility. It is very important to check that. Also, consider comparing the interest rates of various banks to get the best one for your business.

5. Marketing For Chocolate Business

Most people do not keep marketing in their business strategy for some reason. This is one of the biggest mistakes that you should not repeat. Marketing your chocolate business, showcasing your homemade chocolate recipe’s potential and taste needs to be done.

It is a vital part of your business, and doing it right from the starting will benefit your business a lot. Marketing your products and business will help you get the much-needed traction and attention from your potential customers. So, make sure that your marketing is done in a good way, and it’s you who has to take all the pains; after all, it’s your business.

Preparation handmade chocolate candies
Chocolate Making Business

Consider shipping

If you are planning on starting your online business or handmade chocolates wholesale business, you should also check the service providers’ shipping charges. Make sure you come on the same page with them and sign the papers with a provider that keeps up with the pacing world because a service provider will also play an important role in your business afterwards.


If you were about to start a handmade chocolate business, you are now well-equipped with information about what needs to be done. Consider all the above-listed points while getting this business started. They will help you in the long run and make your business boom in no time. Isn’t what you wanted right from the beginning? Good luck with your chocolate business.

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Q. What all licenses should I be having for my chocolate business?

Ans. One of the most important licenses is the FSSAI license which shows your products are edible and made in a hygienic environment. Apart from that, there are trademark, GST, import-export, and few more licenses that you can obtain for your business’s smooth functioning.

Q. How many flavours should I keep in the beginning?

Ans. To have varieties in your business is something that should be of your utmost concern. You need to think about having several varieties right from the starting. If you have any issues with it, consider having at least 4-5 varieties.

Q. Is it easy to start an online business once my offline shop gets the boost?

Ans. Although you will get a lot better result in this case, keep in mind that you will have to work as hard as you did in your offline shop. Also, you can now register on various online portals to help increase your sales.

Q. Can I get a loan for my business?

Ans. Once you register your shop, it will be very easy to get a loan against that shop.