How to Start a Small Business in Patna?

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How to Start a Small Business in Patna?

Best business ideas for Patna

Patna is the capital city of Bihar, with a population of about 2.4 million people. The Bihar economy is witnessing good growth for the past few years, mainly driven by the service sector with an estimated contribution of almost 60 % of the state GDP. Sugar is traditionally grown in the state and has created associated industries in processing, packing; Dairy, Food processing are some of the other fast-growing sectors of the local industry.

In terms of per-capita GDP, Bihar presently ranks low among other Indian states but is rising fast. The background scenario indicates a good business scope in Patna or Bihar; a large population base, a growing economy, and increasing income offer small businesses enough scope. Therefore, if you wish to take the plunge, this is the right time for you to explore business ideas for Patna.

What are the best small business ideas in Patna? Before we evaluate the choices, let us find out the procedural requirements of doing business.

Types of Business

There are several ways of starting a small business; Option one is an Individual setup, preferably home-based, and engaging in online activities. An individual freelance operation does not require registration or permits.

The other option is an individual operating a home-based business-like, a homestay, a food delivery kitchen, a coaching centre, or a property rental or leasing business.

All these activities will need necessary permission and registration for conducting the activities legally.

Then there is the startup, both brick and mortar setups or online. The need here is for onboarding people, equipment, facility, higher funds and an organised effort.

Forming a company, obtaining licenses and mandatory registrations are the requirements.

Forming a business entity is another option; you can create either a partnership firm or a limited liability (LLP) company. A registered company is needed when you plan a full-fledged organisation within the scope of a small business.

All mandatory registrations, licenses as applicable to the product or service category will be required.

Procedural Requirements for Starting a Business in Patna

(A word of caution: Information provided here is indicative and gives the reader a perspective.)

You need to check the details of the actual requirements for trade license, Income tax registration, PF and ESI enrolment, GST applicability, and food license. Pollution control clearance and the like, with the concerned authorities at the time of executing your business plan.

a man hands holding registration stamp

Proprietorship Registration

The most prevalent type of registration for small businesses is less complicated and requires minimum compliances. You can start your business quickly. Registration can be done under the Bihar shop & establishment act or MSME act.

Documents required:

  • PAN/Adhaar Card of the proprietor
  • Photo
  • Address proof of the business premises (copy of electricity bill)
  • For rented property, a copy of the agreement is needed

Advantages of Proprietorship Registration

  • Simple procedures – easy to follow
  • Quick start
  • Minimum compliances
  • Low registration cost
  • Audit not required
  • Selection of names is more accessible in the case of proprietorship firms – there is no need to check availability with the registrar of companies like in a partnership company.

Company Registration

Documents required:

  • Name of the firm to be confirmed by the registrar of companies
  • PAN card in the firm's name
  • Address proof
  • Photographs
  • Your KYC details as Proprietor/director/partner
  • Articles of association along with the memorandum of the proposed firm
  • Letter of authorisation/NOC from other Directors/Partners (if any) in your favour for all official dealings
  • For a partnership firm, the deed (of partnership) on Rs.500 stamp paper.
  • Proof of fee payment (fee structure is based on the authorised capital of the firm.

Having understood the procedural requirements, it is time now to explore new business ideas in Patna.

Online Knowledge-Based Choices

These home-based jobs do not require much investment and can be started with Rs.40000 to 50,000 only. Cost of digital tools (for work improvement) and access or membership fees for some freelance work sites, considered only. It is assumed that there is no additional spending on account of equipment, place and furniture.

1. Content Writing and Blogging

If you have the right aptitude for writing and analysis, you can enter this in-demand profession. Scriptwriting is another writing skill that has a high demand.

The requirement for commercial scripts in local languages is growing fast due to many TV channels and OTT platforms.

2. Graphic Designing

You can start as a home-based individual, but you can plan a complete design studio catering to different segments once your client base and business increase.

man working on his laptop and doing coding on it

3. Web Development

If you know the required languages like HTML, Python, Javascript and am confident handling complex issues, web development could be the best business in Patna for you.

Many other knowledge-based business possibilities are available, and one needs to research the internet to understand the demand possibilities.

Other Home-Based Businesses

1. Homestay

You can use spare rooms (if there are some) in your house for starting a homestay business. Patna attracts both tourists and business travellers who can be potential customers. Many families today prefer homestays to hotels when touring.

The average investment may be Rs.3 to 5 Lakhs depending on the infrastructure upgrade needed for the rooms.

2. Coaching Centre

An evergreen business concept; you need to select your segment (secondary, +2, graduation, engineering or medical entrance, and others). The requirement of space is around 500-600 square feet.

This business's criticality is developing your pool of teachers and promoting your centre to prospective students. This business depends a great deal on the perception and trust of students and their parents.

More Business Ideas for Patna

1. Digital Marketing Setup

In the era of the internet, online promotion has become a key input today. Practically every business in Patna, from the sugar manufacturer to the neighbourhood bakery and the local transporter, wants a significant digital presence.

An investment of around Rs.10 Lakhs can give you the ideal startup option in this field at Patna. The vital issue is hiring people with the necessary skills and promoting your brand.

2. Beauty Salon

Rising urbanisation in Patna drives the demand for hair and beauty care, which could be among the best business ideas in Patna. The investment could be in the range of Rs.7 to 10 Lakhs depending on the salon's location and profile.

Criticality in this business is finding and retaining trained staff, service level, and how fast you can generate customer loyalty.

hand holding a jigsaw puzzle texted as product service

3. Product Servicing

The population of all appliances and cell phones are increasing fast in Patna. There is a large gap between the company-operated service centres and the local ones regarding service quality and customer confidence in both categories.

A proper setup will cost Rs.5 to 7 Lakhs in terms of investment, considering the shop's location in a residential area. Criticality in this business is maintaining service quality, delivery schedules and developing the trust of the customer.

Patna likes several other attractive business ideas - starting a food kiosk, restaurant, a bakery, plastic waste management, and manufacture of micronutrients, among many others.


A modern metropolis like Patna offers enough opportunities for starting a business, and there is no shortage of small business ideas for Patna.

It is now up to your passion, drive and perseverance to begin the journey. Remember that your hardship, adaptability, leadership, and communication only can give you a smooth and memorable journey.

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Q. I hear about departmental delays in Patna for clearing new business applications. How to handle the situation?

Ans. The issue of delays is more of a perception today. Every state, including Bihar, has made the business registration process simpler and more manageable.

Details, including application status, are now available on the websites of many public departments.

Q. Is it profitable to start a food kiosk in Patna?

Ans. A food business is consistently profitable provided your business is in a good location and enjoys customers' confidence. Maintaining the quality of food is essential for success.

Q. How good is the bakery business for Patna?

Ans. The demand for bakery products is high at Patna – your success will depend on how fast you can establish your brand in the locality.