10 Major Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid

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10 Major Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid

Entrepreneurs live a glamorous lifestyle. They create jobs, design products, innovate technologies, empower people, and whatnot. They are always running on the wheels of innovation and creation. But very few get to see that silver lining. That is because they end up making the mistakes that we have discussed.

Learning from others' experiences is the best way of avoiding those struggles, and once you know what you should avoid, you will be more clear about what you should do.

So if you are starting a new business or already have stepped on this entrepreneur journey, avoid these common mistakes made by many entrepreneurs.

Here is a list of 10 common mistakes to avoid as an entrepreneur.

1. Not considering your competition

Most entrepreneurs live in a delusional world. They think they are creating the best products or offering the best services in the market. And they tend to forget about their competitors. It is the biggest mistake you can make as an entrepreneur.

How to avoid it?

Analyse your competitors. Watch out, what product or service they are creating, what their prices are, where they are offering their services or products. Once you know these things, plan and act accordingly on your product or services.

2. Not setting goals

Many new business owners have no idea what they want to achieve in a month or a year. They keep working blindly. It creates a lot of confusion in their systems.

How to avoid it?

Make a habit of creating goals for a week, a month, and a year. Get a clear vision to take necessary steps in the direction of the goal.

Set goals for yourself, your company, and your employees also.  

Pro tip: Set both short and long-term goals. Prepare vision boards.

3. Spending too much money.

A lot of entrepreneurs have a misconception they need a lot of money to run a successful business. But the reality is, you need to be smart with spending money.

How to avoid it?

To avoid this mistake, you should have a well-defined cash flow process. Make sure you have a business plan in the beginning stage of your business. Save money for unforeseen circumstances, make a priority list, and invest in quality people and products.

Not Hiring Sign On Door

4. Hiring too soon or not hiring

The one mistake entrepreneurs make, they think they can do it all by themselves. And they avoid hiring people then feel burnt out and exhausted in the business.

Some think they need a luxurious office and lots of employees in the beginning stage. This way, they spend a lot of money on unnecessary things.

How to avoid it?

Make a list of things you can and can’t do. Based on the list, hire people for the jobs you can’t do. Create systems and procedures in your business. That will keep everyone on the same level. And you can focus on things more important for your business.

5. Not having a marketing plan

Promoting your products or services is the best way to acquire more customers. You are doing injustice to your business if you are not marketing your product or services.

How to avoid it?

If you want to acquire more clients or customers, create a strategy for marketing; create a marketing plan focused on your target customers. Promote your services in places where your clients are spending more time.

The best way to do this is, create a plan, execute, analyse, and revise. And keep doing this every few days.

Pro tip: Attract the right customers with strategic marketing and retain them with world-class service.

6. Not listening to your customers

Not taking feedback is the worst thing you can do to your business. Feedback is a way to know what your customers expect from you. You might be having the best product, but it does not satisfy their needs, who will buy it?

How to avoid it?

Always have a customer-first mentality. Create products designed for your market and target audience. Do your research about the market, other businesses offering the same products, and target audience. Having satisfied and loyal customers are the key to getting wealthy in the long term.

7. Undervalue your product or service

Many new business owners think they need to lower their costs to attract customers. But this is a misconception. You need not decrease your costs but increase your quality to attract more customers. If you undervalue your product or service, you are making low margins for yourself. Also, when you want to increase your prices in the future, your customers will hesitate to buy from you. So, avoid lowering your costs in the beginning.

How to avoid it?

Take a look at your operational costs and calculate what the flexibility is and set a reasonable price. Choose higher profit margins. Make sure you do market research before you decide on the price.

If you want to beat your competitors in price, add more value to your product or service.

Pro tip: Do not decrease your costs; instead, add more value.

8. Avoiding Contracts

Many of your first customers will be your friends and family members. So you might think, signing a contract is unnecessary. But it will only create problems in the future. When you have a contract, you pre-decide on the services you will offer. It will avoid confusion for both parties. The same is for employees.

How to avoid it?

Be very clear with your clients and employees from the beginning. Sign contracts that clearly state what services you offer and what you do not offer. Be clear about the price in the contract.

Prepare a separate contract for your employees. Mention their job responsibilities, salaries, leaves, etc.

9. Not testing your product before launch

Imagine you created a product, spent tons of money on research, launched it without testing it in the market, and it turned out to be an absolute blunder. So to avoid such situations, always test your product in the market. Take feedback from clients, make necessary changes, and launch the final product.

How to avoid it?

When you have created a new product, give it for free to your family and friends. Ask them to use it for some time, observe their journey, take notes from them, analyse how you can improve, make changes to your product, and launch the final version.

Running a successful business is a lot about trial and error. So do not be ashamed of asking for feedback. And do not worry about the criticism. It will only help you build a strong business.

businessman touches the virtual chart of mentoring

10. Not having a mentor

Many people take a lot of pride in saying we did it on our own. But feeding your ego and not asking for help is going to ruin your business. When you have a mentor, they will guide you about taking calculated risks. When you have someone who has done it before, he/she will make sure you do not repeat their mistakes.

Almost all of the above mistakes can be avoided when you get a mentor.

How to avoid it?

The best way to get a mentor is to ask for it. Find people in the same industry. Find people who have started early in this journey. People who have more experience will be able to guide better.

Do not hesitate to ask for help. You can ask your friends, acquaintances, or relatives. Do not let your ego play you.


As a final note, entrepreneurship is not a piece of cake for everyone. To run successfully is exciting and daunting. But keep yourself away from distractions and rush the process. Be consistent with your efforts, and your journey as an entrepreneur will be highly rewarding.

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Q. What is the number one mistake to avoid as an entrepreneur?

Ans. Not asking for help is the biggest mistake you should avoid as an entrepreneur.

Q. Is being an entrepreneur a tough job?

Ans. No, being an entrepreneur is not a tough job. But you have to be smart with your work.

Q. What are the deadly mistakes entrepreneurs make?

Ans. Hiring too many people too soon is the deadly mistake one can make.