Featured Market-5: Commercial Market, Bangalore

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Featured Market-5: Commercial Market, Bangalore

Most cities have a popular market spot that attracts tourists and residents. Customers swarm the place in large numbers and make these spots ideal for new businesses to thrive. If you have ever walked through Delhi's Janpath, the enthusiastic screams of hawkers and the immense persuasive skills of vendors of various kinds wouldn't be an alien experience for you. You would feel the same while strolling through Mumbai's Crawford Market or Fashion Street, Delhi's Sarojini or Lajpat Nagar markets, Kolkata's Esplanade, and the very famous Commercial Market located in Bangalore.

We're sure you often wonder, what is so special about these spots? What makes them so attractive?

Why is the Commercial Market so famous?

If you ask a Bangalorean about markets in Bangalore, Commercial Market will surely cross their mind.

One of the liveliest streets in the city, this market is an absolute delight for youngsters. It has one of the best markets in Bangalore. Street food joints, shops selling antiques, clothes, accessories, famous food chains, and some of the city's most famous restaurants -- one can find all this more at Commercial Market.

Full of intertwined streets, this market is a famous hang-out spot for most people visiting and residing in the garden city of Bangalore.

What makes Commercial Market one of the best markets in Bangalore is that it gives shoppers a large variety of items all located within a few metres of each other.  

Why should you visit the Commercial Market?

Here are some attractive spots at Commercial Market Bangalore that make this area a favourite amongst city dwellers.

1. Stationery lane

The stationery lane is a small lane joining Vashi's House Of Jeans and the Old Lane. It has the most popular stores with cheap and attractive stationery items. You can grab some very interesting things here even if you are low on budget.

2. Book stores

This part of the Commercial Market is a bookworm’s haven. There are a lot of second-hand bookstores here that cater to the small pockets of young students. With a rich collection of many valuable books -- academic and non-academic -- the plethora of bookstores at Commercial Market is a special feature here.

3. Street food joints

This place is a favourite spot for foodies. From panipuri and ice cream stalls to Chinese food and kebab joints, this area has the most amazing mix of street food joints compared to other markets in Bangalore. No wonder that college students, families, and tourists make a beeline here!

4. Knick-knacks

This street shopping hub for clothes and jewelry is both pocket-friendly and trendy. Many shops have been here for years and there are a few new additions as well. The latest designs in various styles of clothing are available here. Many small carts sell kurtas and tops for women. The market also has some outlets of famous clothing brands making it a shopper's paradise for everyone. These factors make this area the best cloth market in Bangalore.

5. Hang-out spots

Commercial Market hosts an abundance of places that happen to be favourite joints for the student crowd of Bangalore to have a drink and hang-out with their friends. Bars, lounges and fancy restaurants -- one can find them all here.

This market definitely bags the tag of one of the best markets in Bangalore.

6. Gadget shopping

When talking about Commercial Market, its famous gadget stores can't be ignored. Tech lovers love to shop for appliances and devices here. A lot of shops scattered around the streets between Commercial Market, MG Road, and Shivajinagar house the latest gadgets. There is a narrow lane adjoining Russel market that leads to Commercial street which has a big complex offering lightning deals on the latest devices. Apart from being one of the best markets in Bangalore, this place also fosters a vibe that suits tech-savvy people.

Insights for Small Business Owners

When it comes to starting a new business, there are various considerations to keep in mind. Some of them are:

  • Availability of resources
  • Capital
  • Locality
  • Prevailing market trends
  • Customer base
  • Consumers demands

By observing the different kinds of shops at Commercial Market, new business owners can understand a lot about prevailing market trends and customer demands. Accordingly, they can choose the type of product they want to deal in.

Locality plays the most crucial role in determining the success of a business. The kind of customer base you attract depends a lot on where you open your shop. Commercial Market hosts the most versatile consumer base of Bangalore. Opening a business here gives you tough competition but also an equal opportunity to excel. If you manage funds right, and work around other expenses, spending a little extra to grab a spot in this locality would be worth it.


Since Bangalore is the IT hub of India, a lot of youngsters from all over the country have arrived here to work. Hosting some of the famous historical sites and beautiful gardens, this city is popular amongst tourists as well. For all those people who visit places like Hampi, Mysore or Ooty, Bangalore is a sure-shot stopover. This makes this city a prime spot for people who want to open a new business.

The Commercial Market in Bangalore is one of the most famous spaces out of all Bengaluru markets. There are many opportunities to start new businesses in this locality. Entrepreneurs should engage in proper market analysis before starting out.

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Q. Is the Commercial Market a good place to start a business?

Ans. Yes, It is a prime location and is a good place to open new businesses.

Q. What kinds of businesses can succeed in the Commercial Market?

Ans. This market has a lot of avenues. You can open eating joints, bookstores, or clothes and accessories shops.

Q. Is the rent high at the Commercial Market?

Ans. Yes, being in a prime location, commercial rent is quite high in this area.

Q. What kind of customers mainly visit the Commercial Market?

Ans. Commercial Market mostly hosts a young crowd from Bangalore as the place is near the prime colleges.

Q. What are the other prime markets in Bangalore?

Ans. The other prime market areas in Bangalore are MG Road, Russel Market, Shivajinagar, Garden Road and Rose Garden Market.