Best Masala Brands in India [Top 10 Brands]

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Best Masala Brands in India [Top 10 Brands]

India is known world over as the ‘Land of Spices’. The grandeur of Indian spices makes food special and fingerlicious. From the north to the south of India - take any recipe, and you know that it’s the spices that truly add flavour and make it special. Any Indian kitchen - be it in India, or abroad, is incomplete without a cabinet full of spices!

Need For The Spices

Spices are not only used in cooking and seasoning but they also have medicinal importance. According to nutritionists, there are more than 100 popular spices used in cuisine across the world, with some proving to be rich antioxidant sources. Wouldn’t it be better to have a list of best masala brands available in India? Here is a list of the best masala brands, so you can choose the best and impress people with your cooking skills. These brands are tried and tested and would definitely help you pick the right masala to spice up your kitchen. These masala brands are easily available at your nearest store and if you are worried about the expenses, use Okcredit app to manage your masala and other expenses.

Top 10 Masala Brands in India

  1. Everest Masala
  2. MDH Masala
  3. Badshah Masala
  4. Catch Masala
  5. Ramdev Masala
  6. Goldiee Masale
  7. Patanjali Masala
  8. MTR Masala
  9. Rajesh Masala
  10. Mother’s Recipe

1. Everest Masala

Everest brand is one of India’s most popular brands. It is easily available in any local grocery store. Everest Masala is India's most selling spice brand, with over 45 masala varieties available in both pure and blended forms. Vadilal Shah, the company's founder, established Everest Masala in Mumbai, Maharashtra, in 1981 and never looked back. The brand is very successful across borders, reaching every non-resident Indians household and kitchens of many restaurants in more than 58 nations. It is loved not only by foodies in India, but also by people all over the world, and since its beginnings, it has become a prominent brand in the United Kingdom, the United States, Africa, Australia, Singapore, and many other countries.

2. MDH Masala

Who doesn’t know the beloved grand old man of masala Mahashay Dharmpal Gulati, the face of “asli masale sach sach: MDH”? His father Mahashay Chunnilal Gulati founded the masala firm in 1919 in Sialkot, British India, which is now part of Pakistan's Punjab region. Being one of the largest manufacturers of spices, this brand has a separate fan base. “Mahashian Di Hatti masala” or MDH masala purchases raw materials directly from the production hubs to preserve consistency in flavour and quality. With varieties of 62 products of both blended and pure masala they provide options to consumers. These spices are easily available across India.

3. Catch Masala

Catch Sprinklers, which supplied table-top Salt and Pepper dispensers with a rotating top, debuted in 1987, giving birth to the Catch brand. Indian customers were introduced to a sophisticated and effective way of garnishing their dishes for the first time. Catch Spices was motivated by the success of Catch Sprinklers in the Indian market to release further varieties in the following years. Today, the Catch brand provides an impressive selection of whole, pure, and blended spices, as well as sprinklers for Indian and foreign cooking. The spices from Catch are aromatic, fresh, and meet the highest quality requirements, which include the best manufacturing, packing, and delivery methods. Make your kitchen modern and spicy with Catch Masala.

4. Ramdev Masala

Ramdev Food Product Pvt Ltd, founded in 1989 by Shri Hasmukhbhai Patel, has expanded and evolved from a tiny business in Ahmedabad to a worldwide trusted brand in Indian spices. The organisation believes in “Reaching our customers’ hearts through their taste buds”. Ramdev masala has succeeded in bringing Indian spices and flavours to millions of households throughout the world. They have been awarded all the required quality certification on national and international level. Known for quality and locally available, Ramdev masala is a must try brand.

5. Badshah Masala

“Swad sugandh ka raja, Badshah masala” Their slogan in deed justifies their flavour. Since 1958, Badshah Masala has dazzled exquisite cuisine lovers with the finest spices skilfully gathered from all around India. Jhaveri Industries has slowly evolved Badshah Masala into a globally renowned power brand in the spice arena from its humble beginnings. Through creative research methodologies, new flavours and smells have been consistently developed throughout the years. Their spice blend formulas are a tightly kept family secret. You can have a restaurant-like taste at home with Badshah Masala.

Indian Garam masala powder in bowl and it's ingredients colourful spices

6. Goldiee Masale

In 1980, the present owner Akash Goenka’s  father and boyhood friend Surendra Gupta founded Goldiee Masale. Spices like Asafoetida (Heeng), Blended Spices, Papads, Curry Pastes, Curry Powders, Ready to Cook Spice Mixes, and much more are among the many spices  offered by Goldiee. They have also entered into the food business now. Goldiee masale can be found on kitchen shelves of many north indian kitchens. Everyone loves Goldiee masale. Try it today.

7. MTR Masala

MTR was founded by P Sadananda Maiya in 1924 near Udupi in South Karnataka. It  has evolved into a prestigious enterprise today. MTR Foods stands strong as an Indian heritage brand as its history approaches the century mark. The firm is currently a part of Orkla and delivers real flavour, taste, and scent in Paruppu Podi, Rasam Powder, Puliogare Powder, and exceptional high quality Garam Masala. Can you find a better brand for south Indian flavours! MTR is also known for ready to eat food items which are life lines of bachelors and students.

8. Rajesh Masala

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Agrahari founded the "Rajesh Masala" brand in 1997, and it has since become a symbol in Uttar Pradesh for being the leading manufacturers and sellers of all kinds of basic and compounded spices. Made using the finest ingredients. Buyers and consumers all over the world have praised the products. Turmeric, Chilli, Meat Masala, Coriander, Black Pepper Powders, Shahi Paneer masala, Meat Masala (for mutton), and Garam masala are among the company's high-quality food spices. This brand has made a place for itself in the Indian market quickly because of its unique masala blends. Definitely recommended.

9. Mother’s Recipe

Mother's Recipe was founded in 1901 by Shri Haribhai V Desai. Desai Brothers Limited began with tobacco and bidis and has now evolved into a household name in the culinary business.It is due to the high quality of its spices and pickles. It is not only a dominant name in the Indian ground spice industry, but it has also established itself as an exporter to the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Australia, and the Middle East. Mother's recipe brings the traditional taste of Indian grandma's kitchen, representing the delicious union of authentical taste with rich tradition.  A loving blend of taste and tradition into each pack of pickles, pastes, ready-to-cook mixes, papads, and ready-to-eat dishes using only the best ingredients. Definitely worth trying.

10. Patanjali Masala

Who doesn’t know “yoga Guru Baba Ramdev”? Known for ayurveda and yogic cures, when he associated himself with the brand Patanjali, millions of household kitchens shifted to this brand. Patanjali is unquestionably one of India's most popular brands. The brand specialises in spice, and other ayurvedic products. Sabji masala, chhole masala, garam masala, and chaat masala are some of Patanjali's spices. Patanjali masalas are one of India's leading masala makers, with a wide range of goods. Each of the masalas, which come from an ayurvedic source, is painstakingly produced and mixed at the proper temperature to preserve the deliciousness. They have made their place in the Indian market with their cost effective and availability. Patanjali brings taste with trust of yog Guru Baba Ramdev, go for it.

And There it was. We hope this list helps you set up your kitchen well. The brands can only provide the spices but it is ultimately up to us to make the best of the given spices. Stay safe, stay healthy.

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Q. Is garam masala and kitchen king the same?

Ans. The ingredients of garam masala and kitchen king are different from each other but they tend to produce the same effect.

Q. Which Indian spices are gluten free?

Ans. Most pure indian spices are gluten free but blended may contain gluten. It is advisable to check before buying.

Q. Which masala contains gluten?

Ans. Asafoetida (Hing) is one of the spices that contains gluten.

Q. When should I add garam masala to the gravy?

Ans. Garam masala may be added to the gravy at the end of cooking.

Q. Is chat masala healthy?

Ans. Yes! While chat masala is healthy, it is suggested that it be used in small amounts to avoid a stomach upset.

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