Mother Dairy Franchise Cost in India

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Mother Dairy Franchise Cost in India

Are you looking to set up a mother dairy franchise within your city in India? Starting its business in 1974, Mother Dairy became the prime manufacturer and seller of dairy products, including milk, yoghurt, paneer, etc. The company comes under the exclusive department of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB).

Mother Dairy, over time, has diversified its portfolio in edible oils, frozen vegetables, pulses, processed food items such as fruit jams, juices, and more. It has more than 1500 retail outlets and 1000 exclusive shops that meet the daily requirements of each household. It alone tells the effectiveness of this brand and the benefits you will get by acquiring its franchise. This article will tell you everything about Mother Dairy Franchise Cost In India, including its benefits, requirements, and profit margins.

Benefits of Starting a Mother Dairy Franchise in India

Before we go any further into how you can start a Mother Dairy franchise in India, it’s important to analyse some opportunities and what all benefits you can get. We have listed the benefits of creating a Mother Dairy franchise in India below:



Brand Value

Mother Dairy is a well-renowned brand and the first choice of many consumers of dairy products. Owning a Mother Dairy franchise will give you loyal customers, which is the central aspect behind earning good profit.

Daily need products

The company deals with a variety of items from dairy products to frozen vegetables and processed foods. It covers the items that are purchased and consumed daily. Therefore, it’s profitable to start the Mother Dairy franchise as soon as you can. 

Ease of business

You don’t have to consider colossal infrastructure or retail space to own this franchise. Therefore, the investment cost becomes much lower than other business franchises, so it’s suitable for all types of people looking to buy this franchise.

Assistance and support

The support team will help you set up your business after you’ve successfully owned it. There is no strict requirement about the location of the outlet from Mother Dairy. You can set this franchise across India at any location of your choice.

To sum it up, Mother Dairy Franchise cost in India is quite nominal, plus you’ll get assistance from their support specialist in setting up your franchise. Moreover, you’ll be serving the daily needs of the people plus the brand reputation is a cherry on top. So all in all, it’ll be a profitable deal for you.

Requirements of Owning a Mother Dairy Franchise In India

Here we have covered all the requirements of starting a Mother Dairy franchise in India. We will look into the details of investment required, area or retail space, and additional requirements.

1. Mother Dairy Franchise Cost in India

The investment required to set up a Mother Dairy franchise depends on the location and city. The franchise consists of multi-layered units; therefore, there is a variation of Mother Dairy franchise cost in India.

The average investment for this franchise would be approximately between ₹5-10 lakhs. In addition to this, you have to pay a franchise sum of ₹50,000 to the company. However, the best part is you need not pay any type of royalty money every month.

If you want to set up multiple (5 to 10) units, it can cost up to ₹1-2 crores depending on the location/area.

2. Area Requirements for Mother Dairy Franchise in India

Although there is no location requirement to open a Mother Dairy franchise in India, it has specific area requirements.

An individual must have an area of 500 sq ft or more to become eligible for starting the Mother Dairy franchise. This space will be utilised in storing the products and equipment. Moreover, the area requirements might get more prominent as dependent on the city and state. But, investments will be higher for these requirements.

3. Staff Requirements of Mother Dairy Franchise in India

There should be at least 1 to 2 staff present in your retail outlet. However, the required staff member may vary if the unit has a large area. More importantly, you should train all your staff members and ensure they have the necessary knowledge about the products and brand.

Well, this is all about the requirements of starting a Mother Dairy Franchise In India. If you want to know about its profit margins, we have covered it in the next section.

Profit Margin and ROI of the Mother Dairy Franchise in India

The returns on Mother Dairy distributorship are quite impressive. You can expect a minimum profit margin to be around 30% in the first year, which is considered a great return.

Being a reputed brand, you can expect to achieve the return of investment (ROI) by such profit ratios within two years. But, more importantly, it all depends on the location you’re serving and your ability to manage the business.

Now that you know the Mother Dairy Franchise profit margin, we will look at how to apply for the Mother Dairy franchise in India.

How to Apply for the Mother Dairy Franchise in India?

Once you’ve understood all the requirements and fulfil every one of them, you can apply for the Mother Dairy franchise. Here’s how you can go through their application process:

Step-1: Visit the official website of Mother Dairy at Here you can gather all the details about different products and store options around India.

Step-2: Go to their Contact Us page. Fill in all the details of your inquiry, such as your concern, name, phone, email, address, etc., on their application form. Mention all the information you want to give in the Additional Information box below. Once done, click on the Submit button.

Once you have submitted your application, their representatives will reach out to you via email or phone in a couple of days. The process will be taken forward if you’re eligible.


Mother Dairy has been providing quality products to its consumers for many years. The growth of the company is an indication of its brand reputation and continually adding loyal customers. Such stats related to its low investment, daily consumable products, big brand and high-profit margins make Mother Dairy a perfect investment choice for people.

We hope that this article has answered everything you need to know about India's Mother Dairy franchise cost. If you have any questions on your mind, leave a comment below or send a query to us, and we will surely answer them.

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Q. Is the Mother Dairy franchise profitable?

Ans. The expected profit margin of a Mother Dairy franchise is 30%. Therefore, it’s possible to have your ROI covered within two years. It all depends on the location of your store and how you are managing your business.

Q. What happens after the franchise application gets accepted?

Ans. They will send their officials to help you set up your franchise along with the necessary training and handling of the products.

Q. Do I need to pay any type of security deposit or a monthly royalty fee?

Ans. No, you don’t have to pay any sort of security deposit or a monthly royalty fee. Mother Dairy franchise cost in India is calculated to be ₹5-10 lakhs. However, depending on your location and city, the prices may vary. You can read the article for more details.

Q. Can I apply for the franchise by visiting their office?

Ans. No. First, you need to inform your interest in buying the Mother Dairy franchise by submitting an inquiry form on their website. You can also send an email to the officials at or call them on 18001801018. Wait for some time and they will get back to you.